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Redacted June 2nd, 2014 2:58am

Have you ever checked the expiration date on your sunscreen/sun block?

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dale41 FIRST to 2022
06/03/14 4:14 am

I noticed it yesterday for the first time ever.

susanr Colorado
06/01/14 9:05 pm

Yeah, but not the stuff I bought most recently. Which apparently wasn't all that recently. Says it expired in June 2013. That sucks, since I only bought it in 2012.

I'm betting the titanium dioxide part still works, at least. Will the rest kill me?

06/02/14 3:21 am

I've read it should be okay for ~3 years unless it smells funny or you can tell its separating/crystallizing but I'd use it with caution.

Ivyra Earth
06/01/14 8:48 pm

I never thought to do that, but then again, I don't use it often and it's usually borrowed.

06/02/14 3:22 am

I haven't either and apparently mine is still okay, it expired in 2006 and I'm not burning when I use it.

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 7:14 pm

I wonder what expiration dates are for, then.

06/04/14 2:39 pm

Expiration dates just mean the company had evidence/test results that at that age the product is still effective. Usually, companies only test as long as required instead of spending the money to test a product's actual life span.

Ivyra Earth
06/06/14 8:28 pm

Ah, well that makes sense. Very interesting. I wonder if there's any way to speed up the process.

comppete Las Vegas
06/01/14 8:47 pm

No, I have never used it on my self.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
06/01/14 8:46 pm

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06/02/14 3:25 am

Maybe, expiration dates just mean how long the company tested it and can prove it is effective. If it doesn't have a date it still should be good ~3 years but from what I read as long as it doesn't look or smell funny it may still be okay just less

06/02/14 3:26 am

effective. Use more or more often or toss it.

06/01/14 8:00 pm

Sunscreen loses effectiveness after ~3 years. I just noticed mine expired in 2006.