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goalie31 June 2nd, 2014 2:57am

Battle of the Bands! New one as often as I remember (hopefully daily).

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madeit Houston Area
06/01/14 9:38 pm

Journey-no contest.

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
06/01/14 9:02 pm

I don't like that genre of music, but I have to go with Journey

06/01/14 8:25 pm

Don't Stop Believing gets me every time.

jackietheman Just Stop...
06/01/14 8:02 pm

Don't stop me know, I'm having a good time!

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/01/14 7:59 pm

Just a small town girl...

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/02/14 4:01 am

she took the midnight train goin' anywhere.

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/01/14 7:57 pm

Is this the real life?

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/02/14 1:23 pm

Open your eyes... look up to the sky and see...

Equinox Talk nerdy to me
06/02/14 1:27 pm

I'm just a poor boy. I need no sympathy

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/02/14 1:28 pm

because I'm easy come easy go... little high little low

Equinox Talk nerdy to me
06/02/14 1:33 pm

Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me...

Equinox Talk nerdy to me
06/02/14 4:24 pm

Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he's dead

goalie31 Byzantine Catholic
06/02/14 4:42 pm

Mama, life has just begun and now I've gone and thrown it all away.