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Praetorianus June 2nd, 2014 1:27am

Would you be able to take good care of a baby without advice from anyone, including books?

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bstokosa Connecticut
06/04/14 3:11 pm

Before my son came along in 2001 I would have said no way. I killed every plant and goldfish I ever had. He's made it to almost 13 and he's not dead YET !!! :-)

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 1:34 am

No. Babies scare me. O.O

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
06/03/14 6:33 am

Step 1: Drop baby off at nearest fire station.
Step 2: Lunch

06/03/14 6:01 am

Had my 1st niece when I was 10 & fade became the main family babysitter.

rons Thanks America
06/03/14 4:56 am

The diaper would never get changed.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
06/03/14 3:29 am

We have a source for child rearing. Our parents took care of us and their parents took care of them. Works for us.

mitchman399 Oregon
06/03/14 2:00 am

I can barely handle taking care of myself.

Happy Hong Kong
06/02/14 5:25 pm

Does advice from my own childhood count?

06/02/14 2:54 pm

How long are we talking 1-2 hours or 1-18 years.

06/02/14 8:37 am

Since I've already raised mine, I'm saying yes. The advice I received was never helpful anyway.

closed Lol hi
06/01/14 10:34 pm

Probably. I've taken care of my baby niece a couple of times. I can just put on Dora and she loves it lol.

Goldiemol dry side of WA
06/01/14 9:52 pm

I've got three Littles running around 6 and under. I've not read many books but feel that I've got a handle on it. the only thing is have to figure out is how to make a bottle but I'm sure I can do that.

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
06/01/14 9:22 pm

Nonononono. So much no. Don't like kids, don't like holding other peoples' kids. Can barely deal with animals. I would break it. Expeditiously.

Arananthi Literal Ninja
06/01/14 9:02 pm

Based on the fact that I've already done it once and read a hella lotta books, sure, I'm pretty sure I could do it again.

RoDe Latinus wordsus
06/01/14 7:12 pm

That baby would be absolutely screwed

krayzewolf New Hampshire
06/01/14 6:52 pm

Nope. Don't care to learn. Not having kids.

b4mytime Orange County, CA
06/01/14 6:42 pm

I'd probably keep looking for the mute button.

gallae Michigan
06/01/14 6:37 pm

Would I be able to consult the father, or would I be alone. Either way the child would be fine, but with him and I both the child would be given great care.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
06/01/14 7:04 pm

This is more about the "technical" aspects than time invested.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/01/14 6:33 pm

Absolutely. Would it be conventional? Absolutely not! Hey! Do babies like tuna salad?

Maj Worth Economist
06/01/14 7:35 pm

My son liked won ton soup and steak.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
06/01/14 6:30 pm

Last time I interacted with a baby on a regular basis was 45 years ago (sister). Ok, I'd feed it handwarm formula when it wails and could figure out the science of changing diapers, the baby would survive, but GOOD care no.