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rynefrompf June 1st, 2014 11:16pm

If America had never revolted against the British, or if the Revolution had been squashed, do you think America would be significantly different than it is today?

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BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/01/14 7:01 pm

America wouldn't be here. We revolted from them, kicked their ass, kicked their ass again and then saved their ass.

Vincere Seattle
06/01/14 7:07 pm

To be fair, 1812 was mostly them kicking our ass until their foot got sore. Except for that glorious whooping from Jackson at the very end.

skinner Wisconsin
06/02/14 4:50 am

Jackson was kind of a dirty fighter I don't know if I would call it glorious. Although I did like the story about how the British sent Jackson a letter saying that his military tactics were impolite and Jackson responded by saying it was impolite for

skinner Wisconsin
06/02/14 4:51 am

The British to be invading his country

Vincere Seattle
06/02/14 11:00 am

Lol. I was actually being sarcastic there. Jackson was a brutal guy.

Vincere Seattle
06/01/14 4:21 pm

We'd all be speaking British. We'd also probably be less ethnically diverse and much of the southwest/west coast would probably have remained under Spanish/Mexican control.

droo Santa Barbara
06/01/14 5:16 pm

Wow I heard British was super complex compared to English, too. Good thing we won the revolution.

Vincere Seattle
06/01/14 5:19 pm

Oh yes, a language from a remote island known for it's liberal use of the letter "u" and consistently patronizing tone. I'm glad we speak in Freedom language here.