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dajafa June 1st, 2014 9:42pm

Just upgraded from my old iPhone 4s! I betrayed Apple and went with the wonderful sound of the HTC One M8. Have you made the decision to switch either way, to or from Apple?

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susanr Colorado
06/01/14 4:58 pm

No. I started with Apple (my 1st computer in 1990) and I'm happy to stick with Apple (computers, iPhone, iPad, now).

Pericles8th Mayport fL
06/01/14 4:08 pm

Left apple years ago, best decision ever! I love the HTC that I had and the LG2 that I have now.

06/01/14 3:10 pm

Started with Android, switched to iPhone 4 & 5, then back to a Note 2 for larger screen, now back with iPhone 5s because I missed integration with my iPad. Expect I will get iPhone 6 if it has the rumored larger screen.

06/01/14 2:55 pm

No , but several times I hear people going from apple and complaining, mostly about battery life. I love my iPhone 5 :)