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RPEPB June 1st, 2014 8:38pm

I find it ironic that the prisoners at Gitmo are taking care of better than our Vets.

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06/01/14 4:21 pm

Me to but they're both being treated unfairly.

RPEPB Pebble Beach
06/02/14 7:46 am

The Vets yes.

The Terrorist? No.

But, how would you handle it?

06/02/14 8:29 am

I have never believed that everyone locked up in Guantánamo Bay is a terrorist. There have been numerous instances where this is not been the case. Since they have no lawyer or access to outside contact, it's impossible to know unless they are...

06/02/14 8:30 am

released. I do not believe locking people up based on what they might do is a smart move.

With regard to the veterans, they should receive the best medical care available. If the current administration cannot offer this then a different solution..

RPEPB Pebble Beach
06/02/14 8:35 am

They just announced that the five being "swapped" for our POW are the part of the Taliban Thus negotiating with terrorists.
Oh, TOP officers!

06/02/14 8:47 am

I heard the announcement. I disagree that they should've been released. However, I tend to withhold harsh judgments until I hear an actual full and true story which is very rare.