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rynefrompf June 1st, 2014 7:47pm

Is the two-party system failing America?

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comppete Las Vegas
06/02/14 2:33 pm

No, just the people in those two parties.

06/02/14 2:15 pm

Is it the two party system that is failing or a president who defiantly defies a two party system?

rons Thanks America
06/02/14 2:32 pm

I guess I don't know what the rules are for debate with the networks. Problem is there's not enough support. you had Nader and Perot at one time.

rons Thanks America
06/02/14 2:05 pm

I always thought there were other parties but they are losers!

krayzewolf New Hampshire
06/02/14 2:08 pm

Because they are silenced on the national debate stage. It's easy to portray an opponent as a loser when they are denied to speak.

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/01/14 3:14 pm

We are basically a one party state. Both parties suck and could basically be considered two wings of the same party.

rynefrompf Kingsport, TN
06/01/14 4:05 pm

We're far from a one party state

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/01/14 5:20 pm

I said it is almost LIKE a one party state. No matter what, most elections are won by either the Democrips or rebloodlicans

06/01/14 2:58 pm

How many parties does India have?

krayzewolf New Hampshire
06/02/14 2:04 pm

Letting the other American political parties enter national debates. Let the best ideas win, rather than voting the lesser of the crap candidates. ;)

Maj Worth Economist
06/02/14 2:43 pm

How do you prevent the problems with first past the post systems?

Axl752 Boycott local farms
06/01/14 2:34 pm

How can 25% not think so??

Arananthi Literal Ninja
06/01/14 2:52 pm

As of yet, no one has proposed an alternate system that would prevent a small minority from taking control the way the extremists did in Egypt. When 1/6th of the population agrees on "nucking futs" and they're the largest plurality, we all lose.

06/01/14 10:00 pm

Have runoff elections until someone gets a majority

skinner Jersey City
06/01/14 2:24 pm

Yes, and it has been for some time now

truspec Texas
06/01/14 2:06 pm

They're essentially the same party and the system puts every other party at a serious disadvantage

06/01/14 12:54 pm

It's been failing this country for years.