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Facch29 New York
05/22/12 3:31 pm

Both are/were great, but I love the Cltics

HolyBabble Mississippi
05/22/12 9:00 am

I hate sports, especially basketball, but I voted for Bird; because he's white.

05/19/12 2:01 pm

Bird is better coach and gm. Both amazing players.

05/19/12 11:10 am

I love both players but to me Magic has such a dynamic personality that he brings an entire city into the game with him. With him EVERYONE seems to buy in.

05/19/12 8:21 am

Why the whole race thing? I am republican and HISPANIC...and no not White-Hispanic...if there is even such a thing. Crazy people...this is a simple poll of opinion and preference.

Rhymez Alaska
05/19/12 4:10 am

Both were amazing players, both top 5 all time. I respect both styles of play but I just think IMHO Bird was a better player.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
05/19/12 2:46 am

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05/18/12 10:48 pm

Oscar Robinson averaged a triple double for the 61/62 season

veritas1 Panda
05/18/12 9:40 pm

@H50noObama. Umm…Jason Kidd. He had over 100 for his career.

05/18/12 7:19 pm

Both were great. Comparing stats is really apples and oranges... one was a point guard, the other a forward. It is true that Magic had Kareem, but it wasn't like Bird was doing it all by himself. He had McHale and Parish.

05/18/12 7:16 pm

h50NoBama - Oscar Robinson averaged a triple double in 61..

dabrat East Coast
05/18/12 3:09 pm

Bird and the Celtics all the way!

ladestra Urban Conservative
05/18/12 2:55 pm

I come frm an Irish family and we've always had Celtic's, Notre Dame stuff around. get real dude people wouldn't see color so much if everyone stopped saying "the only reason u don't like me or him is our color" maybe cause he has HIV or you're an idiot.

ladestra Urban Conservative
05/18/12 2:52 pm

@kendell, get out with that shit. "race thing", most of the country doesn't like the "Hollywood" image of the Lakers or a million other reasons other than race.

05/18/12 2:27 pm

Magic is the only player in history who routinely got triple-doubles.

05/18/12 1:13 pm

magic - 19.5ppg, 11.2 assists, 7.2 rebounds. Larry- 24.3 PPg, 6.3 assists, 10.0 rebounds. I would lean to Larry. magic had the best scorer of all time on his team, lary had to lead his team.

05/18/12 10:30 am

looks like a race thing

05/18/12 9:22 am

dang look at the Laker-haters east of the Pacific

BigUgly Texas
05/18/12 7:18 am

Jared, I'm with you. If someone told me to hand pick a team from any era both of these guys would be in my starting 5. If I had to choose between them I'd choose Bird. Magic is the guy that passes the ball to Bird for the game winner.

05/18/12 6:59 am

Anyone that try's to make this political or racist is an idiot. It's a questions about sports lets leave it about that. I voted Bird because I hate the Lakers. I think both players are better at the game than anyone playing today. They could both play defense and we're team players which is gone now

05/18/12 6:57 am

Bird was respectful of the game and the situation.
Magic screwed around on his wife and family and got AIDS.
Not someone I'd like my sons to emulate.

DamageInc California
05/18/12 6:36 am

Who has more rings? That is always the lamest argument. Bird won three with a mediocre support team. Magic had Kareem and Worthy. Bird had an aging Parish and McHale.

05/18/12 5:23 am

Larry Bird every time.

05/18/12 5:15 am

Magic has 5 rings, Larry has 3

05/18/12 5:13 am

Which player has more rings?

05/18/12 4:49 am

I picked bird because I hate anything Lakers.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
05/18/12 2:54 am

Bird is funnier than magic? I think not.

05/18/12 2:08 am

I picked bird because he has a funny name. basketball sucks.

2Bfree New York
05/18/12 2:05 am

Oops, I was looking at it wrong. Still close to even though. Stop the race baiting!

2Bfree New York
05/18/12 2:04 am

Funny how 36% of republicans picked Magic, a higher percentage than of democrats who picked Bird, yet the attitude here is "no surprise" that reps choose Bird. That's a real bigoted and hypocritical way of thinking.

2Bfree New York
05/18/12 1:58 am

Bird. He was a hard nosed player.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
05/18/12 12:58 am

I'm a white democrat who doesn't give a shit about bball. I picked the white non HIV guy.

BigUgly Texas
05/17/12 11:49 pm

Magic was flashy, fun and a hell of a passer. Bird was a point scoring, dive for the ball, knock your teeth in competitive grunt. I'm voting on the basketball player not the character or race.

DamageInc California
05/17/12 11:23 pm

@prterri - that doesn't make sense and you got the parties backwards. Here is the reason for the split. Republicans tend to be white and middle to upper class. Hence they vote for the white guy. Dens tend to be minorities and vote for the black guy.

05/17/12 11:04 pm

I can explain the Dem/Rep split: Boston is the heart of the country's Democratic party, and Celts fans throughout the country tend to be Dems. LA has always been the cool team for the rich to root for, so it makes more sense for Reps to like the Lakers.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
05/17/12 10:25 pm

This was a hard one. I said magic only because he won the most championships. Both were class acts and today's players could learn from them.

05/17/12 10:09 pm

Can someone please explain to me why republicans and democrats vary so much on this one?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/17/12 9:22 pm

@mahmann: what's that got to do with anything??

05/17/12 8:58 pm

magic: aids, bird: not aids

05/17/12 8:41 pm

Screw Magic Johnson! Bird all the way.

jamesmay Tampa
05/17/12 8:40 pm

Wow, the party's are interesting!

05/17/12 8:13 pm

One of the hardest questions for me to answer. I went with magic but that could be the toughest question I've answered in this app haha