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Do you have a household pet other than a dog or cat? (UserQ)

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Dyl Virginia
10/16/11 4:24 pm

we have 3 pet snakes and a guinea pig. in different rooms. and we also have a cat and two dogs.

10/16/11 3:01 pm

I used to have dog named Bo-Bo when I lived with my family. But I'm on my own now and I'm too lazy to raise pets lol.

10/15/11 3:57 pm

Fish! But you really can't "pet" fish...

Jarky Illinois
10/12/11 8:24 pm

2 dogs, 2 cats, had 5 fish, and had a rat! I love or loved them all very much!

10/12/11 10:36 am

pig cow sheep goat turkey rabbit chickens

10/12/11 1:18 am

Rat, snake, squirrel, ferret, fish, bunny, bird, cat, 3dogs, hedgehog, a newt aka lizard type thing. I love them all!

blancchato Virginia
10/11/11 7:04 am

Fish, guinea pigs, lizards, and had a hedgehog

10/10/11 10:29 pm

Right now my family has a dog,a cat, and a rabbit, in the past we have also had fish, hermit crabs, hamsters, snakes and I'm sure there's more but I'm drawing a blank at the moment

moosey Texas
10/10/11 12:24 pm

My boyfriend would like to get a rat but that probably wouldn't be a good idea since we already have a cat.

10/10/11 8:19 am

Wife has a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and loves him like a son

10/10/11 12:42 am

Gecko named Teffi (short for Teflon because he doesn't stick like geckos should...)

10/09/11 1:59 am

No... But I plan on getting a gecko soon

BadBadger Georgia
10/07/11 11:35 pm

The most fun pet I ever had was a ferret. A true pink-eyed albino. She was cute ... and a vortex of mischief and unlimited energy.

BadBadger Georgia
10/07/11 11:04 pm

Badgers don't keep pets. At least not for long.

everingham North Carolina
10/07/11 7:34 pm

@Riley there so amazing. and reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyy soft

Piper? Texas
10/07/11 5:17 pm

I have a gerbil. I really want a bird. I used to have a cockatiel.

10/07/11 3:28 pm

well done homesick, well done.

10/07/11 3:28 pm

well done homesick, well done.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
10/07/11 11:13 am

The most perfect horse in the entire universe. In case there are horses on other planets.

Valis California
10/07/11 7:45 am

Had? Yes. Currently? Nope, just a dog and a cat right now. But I have had hamsters, iguanas, rabbits, turtles & fish at some point in time.

PetePuma Oregon
10/07/11 2:18 am

Zebra Finch, one frog, and various spiders that catch other bugs so I don't have to.

10/07/11 12:39 am

@does my sister count: What are you saying? o.O

10/07/11 12:38 am

In Montana they have pet wolves ;)

defender Austin, TX
10/06/11 11:45 pm

two cockatiels, one amazon parrot, and a cat the gets bullied by the birds....... go figure!

10/06/11 9:33 pm

I have a pet human! hahaha

Uni-cow Ohio
10/06/11 9:28 pm

It's really sad this many people don't have a fish of some kind, I love my fish

valeriejo ramble on
10/06/11 8:38 pm

Whats with all the people wanting and having ducks for pets? I had no idea anybody did that. What is the point? And how the hell do you keep it from flying away?

10/06/11 8:16 pm

my sisters guinea pig, and my sister

BabyBoomer Illinois
10/06/11 7:57 pm

Of all the polls which should be taken, why this? Does anyone really care?

10/06/11 7:52 pm

black widows under the front porch...they keep the entrance bug and solicitor free

10/06/11 7:37 pm

African Grey parrot and a horse!!

10/06/11 7:23 pm

@everingham I'm jealous. I want a chinchilla.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/06/11 7:05 pm

Fish on top of a dog and 3 cats. Have had ferrets, snakes, birds, mice, hamsters, rats and iguanas.

10/06/11 6:12 pm

Hamster, two hermit crabs and a fish. I'm hoping to get a turtle or a gecko soon. (I also have to cats, but they don't count for this poll)