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Show Of Hands December 8th, 2011 12:00am

Does the gift at the top of your personal Christmas wish-list require batteries/electricity to work?

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phalanx Ohio
12/18/11 2:04 pm

One hardly needs batteries to operate "The Complete Works of John Donne" :)

12/15/11 3:56 pm

Technically yes. Bass guitar plugs into an amp, but it kinda isn't necessary.

12/15/11 11:29 am

Not unless i get an amp which isn't necessary. I want drums

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
12/14/11 10:45 am

no. I buy that stuff myself. can't trust others with that.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/11/11 5:48 am

@icematthew you're welcome.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/11/11 5:47 am

@SoloPocono I don't know about third parties, but if you go to a local Apple Store or Apple Store online you'll know that you're getting what you want. You could also try 1 (800) MYA-PPLE and ask what they think, try searching by serial number, or *maybe* try Best Buy or Radio Shack.


Jzz California
12/10/11 11:02 pm

have my best friend $500 pre- paid visa. she just got today. she cried and said she will be able to buy her kids Xmas gifts. that is my present.

Jzz California
12/10/11 11:00 pm

ice if you don't mind the bulk I love my Bose with or w/o batteries. w/o at work with at home.

Jzz California
12/10/11 10:52 pm

cure for Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer. if it required batteries I would buy them all.

peaceandpi Massachusetts
12/10/11 10:00 am

The thing on the top of my list is the Encyclopedia Britanica. It is so sad to see books and encyclopedias becoming more and more scarse...

12/10/11 8:21 am

Already got a new iPod 2 days ago. Thats my gift. Its all I wanted

12/10/11 12:55 am

Quick question, (since some were commenting on headphones):
I lost my Apple mic/earphones & I want to order another headphone/earphone with a mic. I saw 5-6 on Amazon and eBay last night-but they didn't say if they're compatible with Apple devices. ANYONE know of a "generic" set that's compatible?

12/09/11 8:42 pm

I want a car, but I don't think I'm gonna get it... But the only other things on my list are clothes, shoes, jewelry, a purse, and a Betsey Johnson wallet!

icematthew Texas
12/09/11 6:20 pm

Thanx for all of your suggestions for my Christmas present! Everyone at the SoH community is so helpful.

Nerdz Texas
12/09/11 5:48 pm

no I want contacts, then an iPod, and the rest I haven't thought about

niklorrain Illinois
12/09/11 9:31 am

@fiat yes it is. I know that they use electricity and probably batteries but giving to them does not.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/09/11 5:22 am

must remember that you can still hear outside noises, just not as loud. If you can make a custom adapter, that HS-1 can be used for audio in as well. Probably those refurbished HS-1s are gone now though, so it'd be a HS-1A now retailing for somewhere from $100-$180.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/09/11 5:22 am

So, as an example, because this also has about 24 db of sound blocking, I'll plug it into my iPod Touch when I vacuum! ;) You'd have to try them out to see if they're worth your money, but there are also active noise blocking headphones for probably about $200 that work pretty nicely. However, you…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/09/11 5:22 am

@danni what market? Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ, or what?

@icematthew well, here are some ideas. I got a HS-1 headset from ASA for $75 a year ago, designed for airplanes (and this was refurbished btw), though with a little adapter (probably $10) you can use it with your iPod, computer etc for audio out…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/09/11 4:59 am

@niklorrain isn't that the children's cancer research hospital?


emsies Seattle
12/09/11 12:06 am

I just want a book of awesome drawings for Chanukkah...
And maybe a new pair of gloves and some socks. :)

12/08/11 11:00 pm

Cash doesn't need batteries XD

HeloKelsey Illinois
12/08/11 10:44 pm

First time in a long time, but yes. :P a new sewing machine!!!

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/08/11 10:14 pm

@icematthew. I like my Woodies (or something like that). the ear speakers are great and the mic doesn't pop and has great sound. got mine from amazon, I think.

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/08/11 10:07 pm

nope! don't have to recharge a Glock! ;-)

flip Michigan
12/08/11 10:00 pm

icemattew...whatever you do, do not get Skullcandy headphones.

12/08/11 9:23 pm

lol - youngsters love their gadgets (typed in a grumpy old man voice)

icematthew Texas
12/08/11 8:49 pm

Thanks. I owe you one. If someday somehow we meet..... I will buy you McDonalds:)

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
12/08/11 8:47 pm

Icematthew I love my beats by dre. I have the solo beats. I hate things inside my ears and these are a cooler version of the old school headphones my grandfather used to have. Check them out at best buy.

icematthew Texas
12/08/11 8:39 pm

HEADPHONES!! And btw if anyone can give me good advice on what kind of headphones ate good it would be GREATLY appreciated. Price Range 50-250!

12/08/11 8:29 pm

the stock market hitting 18000. good for everyone...I need nothing.

swimguy Illinois
12/08/11 7:14 pm

Gift cards to things that can be played with things with batteries

BadBadger Georgia
12/08/11 7:08 pm

applestar, good lord! Mighty big wish! Can I crew for you if you get it?

BadBadger Georgia
12/08/11 7:04 pm

Privacy, what is wrong with you? 15 and reading books? Haven't you heard of Cliffs Notes or Hollywood? Much better and shorter versions! Geez! LOL Seriously, it warms my heart to see young'uns reading. Merry Christmas!

12/08/11 6:42 pm

No- my #1 things are steve madden boots and a juicy couture purse

12/08/11 6:23 pm

No, 14 year old asking for contacts, Juicy Couture jewelry, crocs and money...