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Show Of Hands November 13th, 2012 12:00am

Would you volunteer for a mission to Mars if there were only a 50 percent chance of returning alive?

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EarlyBird Portland
11/21/12 6:01 am

Mars is a great place to send criminals from all over the world.

ishady 86451132020
11/20/12 7:55 am

Same here. It would be a blast while it lasted.

11/18/12 10:16 pm

Bet your ass I would! I'd go if there was a 100% chance of dying! Going down in the history books as a pioneer!

11/16/12 5:54 pm

Not dumb at all! We'll get there! It's human nature to be very inquisitive ..... Thank god, how boring without exploration! I would go in a New York minute.

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
11/16/12 3:13 pm

I'm a Baby Boomer. Long gone is that adventurous spirit which made me do crazy things.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
11/15/12 9:44 pm

I said no, but it is because I have a family that depends on me. 10 years ago, I would totally go.

11/15/12 9:35 pm

Hell no! But I would admire anyone who would!

Bulleiver Earth
11/15/12 9:14 pm

Almost a 3rd of all men say yes, only 1 in 10 women. :(

11/15/12 6:46 pm

It's illegal to smoke weed here. Almost impossible on mars. I'll take illegal for 200 Alex.

MiKEY2012 Florida
11/15/12 3:34 pm

An just send Willard. He doesn't have anything to do now

11/15/12 3:07 pm

Fuck ya I would, most of u guys are a bunch of pussy's

NotAsheep Nevada
11/15/12 11:32 am

I would be willing to relocate permanently. This planet is doomed.

11/14/12 7:41 pm

It would be an honor, but i have too much living left to do on earth!

11/14/12 7:16 pm

I'd take it at a 30% chance!!!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/14/12 6:42 pm

It's because we crave adventure! Mars or bust!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/14/12 6:30 pm

Weak sauce. Where's your spirit of adventure?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/14/12 6:28 pm

If I were still single? Hell yeah! I'd be first in line!

ronfromcny New York
11/14/12 6:08 pm

Definitely! Sign me up!!

ronfromcny New York
11/14/12 6:08 pm

Definitely! Sign me up!!

liberalD Massachusetts
11/14/12 3:53 pm

Yes!!!! No question!!! Even if i died, dude.. I died on mars!! Haha how cool does that sound?!?!?

BadWolf The Library
11/14/12 11:21 am

I wouldn't want to do that to the people that care about me...

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/14/12 11:17 am

can I volunteer Pelosi, Reid or Boehner???

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/14/12 7:32 am

I wouldn't be able to tell people all about it if I didn't come back alive, and I would probably be without my friends and family. I'm fine staying here on earth.

maverick7 Tennessee
11/14/12 6:51 am

Pretty sure the part about "returning ALIVE" means survival. But maybe I misread ALIVE.

kmurph205 Charlotte NC
11/14/12 6:05 am

What an awful question, thats like saying "would you saw off your own leg for no reason if there was only a 50% chance you would survive?" If the chance of survival was 100% I would not volunteer to go to Mars, or the moon, or anywhere else in space.

11/14/12 2:27 am

What if its like Ridley Scott's "alien"?

11/14/12 2:25 am

I would join you, so long as you are not Austrian, and you be back :)

11/14/12 2:24 am

Wait, scratch that. I just realized retina display is 2x as powerful as human sight. Nm my last comment ;)

11/14/12 2:23 am

Seeing on a retina display and seeing with your own 2 eyes are two totally different things

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/14/12 2:21 am

The red planet is a nearly airless, cold, dead, desert, wasteland. Mars sucks.

11/14/12 2:18 am

Do they have Wi-Fi on Mars yet?
No, but seriously, alot of you read the question wrong. It is not a 50% chance of survival, it's a 50% chance of return. I am hard right wing libertarian and I would go without hesitation so long as I could take my iPhone, iPad, MacBook pro and my collection of DVDs.

natejgardner Edmonds, Washington
11/14/12 1:19 am

I'm a roboticist. Why would I want to go in person?

11/14/12 12:34 am

a manned mission to Mars is possible. however, the entire mission will take a very long time because of Mars' orbit.

11/13/12 11:44 pm

I'm going to secede to Mars.

11/13/12 11:34 pm

There's never a proper scenario to use YOLO

At the very least use Carpe Diem so you don't sound like a tool.

brianparks69 charlotte
11/13/12 10:43 pm

The chance to be one of the first humans to set foot on another planet. To see the magnificence of space, and get away from all the mess here on earth...absolutely. My parents have lived full lives, my brothers are married with kids, but I am single with no chance of having kids, so I'd jump on it!

11/13/12 10:29 pm

If you go without a thorough training you are just freight - a glorified dog Laika.
If you go at an advanced age, you may be unfit.
You should be fit and receive the training that makes you a useful part of the mission.

11/13/12 10:20 pm

Would love to I would do it in a heart beat

pashn4rshn Virginia
11/13/12 10:19 pm

If I was still single and without kids, sure. But they are my first priority nowadays.

11/13/12 10:15 pm

If I had no family to care about I would certainly go

11/13/12 9:23 pm

nope, I like it here in the United States of America!

wkingsbury89 Colorado
11/13/12 9:11 pm

Good geography. That would be Wyoming.

Comet? Tennessee
11/13/12 9:00 pm

NotA...why are you talking like a tarzan? If you do not like what I said, obviously I am not mentally disabled.

JennaF sunflower state of mind
11/13/12 8:50 pm

I wouldn't go if there was a 100 percent chance of returning!

hazel Tennessee
11/13/12 8:39 pm

Yes! I'm over 60.....why not?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/13/12 8:39 pm

Due to this nation's decidedly atheistic attitudes, I doubt it, but indeed it does sound like a good idea.

snuffulufugus Missouri
11/13/12 8:37 pm

God isn't in a physical place. You would be closer to Him by growing in your faith.

snuffulufugus Missouri
11/13/12 8:32 pm

Way to be mature - both of you