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Show Of Hands August 17th, 2011 12:00am

Would you vote for a candidate whose economic views were different than your own, if he/she perfectly represented your social views?

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GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:38 pm

I would sooner vote for the candidate who represented my social views but only in matters of my own representative in matters of state (i.e. I don't want to be considered a nazi empathizer by proxy just because I voted for one)

08/21/11 7:32 pm

8500 votes is still 5x larger than the average daily poll, of course polls don't PROVE but still more valid

08/21/11 4:02 pm

I voted for Obama because he is wise and stays calm and focused in a crisis. He also is good at seeing both/many sides of an issue and finding common ground. American ppl elected him at a difficult time and no matter who was president now, ppl would have to deal with consequences of past decisions!

08/21/11 3:19 pm

It's impossible for those two to happen in the same candidate......

08/19/11 11:39 pm

Obamas black. That's why we voted him in

08/18/11 6:21 pm

no one said it, I read a study about addictions and that was something that stuck with me.

08/18/11 6:01 pm

Who said that pot was the focal point? You're right though... To an extent.

08/18/11 4:58 pm

by the way if something is the focal point of your life it's an addiction, just Sayn.

08/18/11 2:54 pm

Jxs I agree. I don't remember the name, but there's a documentary on YouTube that talks about pot. It's great about breaking down common myths.

08/18/11 2:53 pm

Jopat, it's more a want than a need. Pot is basically the least addictive thing you can do. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to release stress, and you need a way to release it. Imo it's better to smoke a joint than to punch something and hurt yourself or cut or smoke a cig or drink.

08/18/11 2:52 pm

You can over dose on alcohol.. And it's still legal. Hell you can even die from drinking too much water at once. Peoples claims on how "dangerous" pot is are just unfounded

08/18/11 2:50 pm

@jopat there isn't a "need"... Some people just like it.. Some see it as a natural way to unwind. Like a natural Xanax. Some just do it for fun. What's so wrong with smoking... Feeling good, hungry, maybe sleepy, and having a good laugh? Plus you can't overdose.

08/18/11 1:50 pm

jxs23; maybe I should have said altered state of mind, I get the difference, I still don't get the need for any of it!

08/18/11 1:40 pm

@rosebai we have plenty of prostitutes here anyway. Lol. And there are parts of the US that are down right filthy. Yet if everyone just smoked a little... Less murder and other violent crimes. World peace. Lol ok not world peace. But less crime rates I'm sure of.

08/18/11 1:38 pm

@jopat you don't get high on alcohol, you get drunk. Alcohol is worse for you than pot. I know many useful members of society that smoke pot on a regular basis. I think drugs like coke, X, meth should stay illegal but pot is harmless. People shouldn't get high & drive, but that's it.

08/18/11 12:38 pm

to me it's sad that there are so many people that feel they need to be high on something. my mother and step dad used to like to be high on alcohol, it was a great life. wednesday, Friday and Saturday night at the fights.

08/18/11 12:07 pm

Jopat- no, but it's good money so they do it anyways.
Jxs- I aree with you but on one point- I've been to Amsterdam. Very weird people and tons of prostitution and very dirty. I'd rather not be just like them. Something wrong with approaching 15yo kids with ex.

08/18/11 11:26 am

They should legalize it for the economical benefit. People would open weed shops or cafes like in Amsterdam. Do you know how LOW the crime rate is there??? Lol. Very. Then they could be taxed. Win win. People are going to continue to smoke. They should just legalize it & help the economy too

08/18/11 11:24 am

you can do that legally?

08/18/11 11:21 am

Jopat- you can grow it in your house and sell it. A lot of kids I went to high school with did.

08/18/11 10:58 am

where do Americans get the majority of marijuana? I'm just curious....

08/18/11 10:33 am

Jopat- marijuana should be legalized. Harder drugs that are actually dangerous should stay illegal.

08/18/11 8:11 am

I guess what I'm saying is maybe it's time to legalize it for the sake of all that are dying across the border. or maybe you drug users could just quit and end the need for all of the death and destruction. I'm just wondering out loud here.......

08/18/11 8:07 am

the drug thing is a stolen wicket, we all know Mexico is having a drug war and many people are being killed. we also know who they are trying to supply. our fellow country men and drug addicts and casual users. cont

08/18/11 1:01 am left the d off and.

08/17/11 11:55 pm

What someone does behind closed doors is their business. Social views I can't get behind are ones that try to force people's religions and personal views on people.

08/17/11 10:22 pm

There are some social issues more important than economic, and vice versa. So it depends on the differing economic views just as much.

08/17/11 10:17 pm

For someone with an opposite view of. Legalizing pot- I'm for it. If your against , big flipping deal. But abortion and others related to morals, I can't vote against my beliefs because they are too strong.

08/17/11 10:15 pm

Ok as far as gay marriage- the thing that bothers me is gay sex. (straight sex weirded me out before I had it though too). So I say let gays get married. Everyone knows the longer you're married the less sex you have. Problem solved :p
Seriously though, there are some social issues I couldn't vote

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/17/11 10:06 pm

Nude gay rights parades? Where has the discussion gone? :/

08/17/11 10:03 pm

@Benny- HAHAHAHA Democrats are "morans"? Spell correctly first, then you can insult other's intelligence.

08/17/11 9:57 pm

The social issues are always less important than economic issues, except abortion

08/17/11 9:50 pm

whatever you do, do it respectfully and you will be treated the same way.

08/17/11 9:42 pm

As for the parades... The majority of them don't include nudes and such. Plus it's in a designated place.. Ours here takes place where the gay bars are so little chance of anyone who doesn't want to be there being there.

08/17/11 9:38 pm

@jopat I could agree with that. As a lesbian I don't want to see lesbians gays or straights in public being overly sexual. Time and a place.

dotnetdev Georgia
08/17/11 9:34 pm

Congratulations! @satan is sounding more and more like Obama. If I dont agree with you, i'll call names and ask why ppl cant see things MY way. Or is Obama sounding more and more like Satan??

08/17/11 9:31 pm

@section10 We've only surveyed a small, selective group of the population. These results may suggest some things, but they don't PROVE anything.

chrismisen atlanta
08/17/11 9:19 pm

in the end, the united states has it's social issues well enough in order compared to econonic issues that the latter should be the focus. and, im sorry to say it, but you're an idiot if you vote just toget your say in on gay marriage. america has much bigger problems. even if you are gay.

08/17/11 9:03 pm

this two surveys proves democrats care more about social views than the economy.

08/17/11 8:51 pm

there not their.......geeezzzzz

08/17/11 8:51 pm

are not acre.....sorry

08/17/11 8:50 pm

I just think there are ways to act in public without being sexually explicit just to make a point. you can't get respect from anyone if you go obscene. I don't think we have to get into semantics about dress codes just remember their acre kids around.

jjplol North Carolina
08/17/11 8:36 pm

You know I kind of like Ron Paul's stance on gay marriage... Let the states decide. Wait Ron Paul is a loon, my bad.

Rousseau Illinois
08/17/11 7:49 pm

Jopat, you mean like cheerleaders at a football game? are you suggesting that we ban gay pride parades? or just that a gay pride parade is ok, so long as you dress conservative

jates Houston, TX
08/17/11 7:48 pm

@ jopat I don't get the parades but it's nothing you wouldn't see at the beach, water park or Mardi Gras. They seem happy.

08/17/11 7:39 pm

jxs23; you know parades where half of them are naked or next to it. mainly just what most normal people do when kids are present. I don't care if they hold hands kiss on the cheek just be sensible.

applestar Florida
08/17/11 7:18 pm

pursuit, not presume. autocorrect!

applestar Florida
08/17/11 7:17 pm

presume of happiness actually refers to the right to own property in the original draft. it was changed before the final print

applestar Florida
08/17/11 7:16 pm

many times they go hand in hand. elimination of certain social programs for economic reasons...