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blutuesday California
08/24/11 7:48 pm

...but hubby gets free dry-cleaning through his work, so I do send out quite a bit of the stuff that needs to be hand-washed or requires ironing!

Unicorns California
08/21/11 12:52 pm

sometimes but I dont like to so I make my mom

emsies Seattle
08/21/11 1:11 am

My parents do the laundry... O_o

08/20/11 1:16 pm

If the clothes I want to wear are dirty I sometimes do it, it just depends.

08/19/11 12:28 am

I wash and dry the clothes (8 ish loads a week) and the kids (10, 7, 5) put it away. I do take all dress shirts and slacks to the cleaners weekly because they have a machine that irons them in about 2 minutes.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
08/18/11 10:37 pm

My ma does mine because she had to buy the most complex washer and dryer ever

08/18/11 9:59 pm

Do my own and my husband's

Zack100 Tatooine
08/18/11 9:42 pm

I started folding my laundry when I was nine and started washing it a year ago. I'm 15.

08/18/11 8:52 pm

Ha ha, just kidding I am 10 but I do my own laundry.

08/18/11 8:51 pm

Sometimes, but I'm only 10........

08/18/11 7:36 pm

Kids, help your mom do the laundry! what a thankless job!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/18/11 5:07 am

@ravenous I'm bot Tony, but nonetheless NO that is NOT supposed to happen. Maybe if Tony answers he'll give more details.


sighcy Eugene, OR
08/18/11 3:28 am

Erryday since I came out the womb

kitten2cat Unknown
08/17/11 11:27 pm

I'm 14. I learned how to do laundry when my parents got divorced...

dlyliny1 New York
08/17/11 7:48 pm

Is there anyone on here that will do my laundry....? Hello...? Beuller...?

08/17/11 7:29 pm

As a wife and mom, I do more laundry then I ever dreamed of. Well laundry and dishes are seemingly never ending tasks.

kandykane California
08/17/11 5:23 pm

I know how, but my mom does most of it. I mostly put it in the dryer and fold it.

08/17/11 1:41 pm

try it with dish soap...makes better bubbles...

08/17/11 9:20 am

I do my own, my husband does some, but after he ruined a few of my sweaters I have asked him not to wash my clothes ")

08/17/11 7:44 am

Hey Tony, random question but my responses reset every time I refresh the page. As in, refreshing makes all the poll questions appear as though I haven't answered them. Is that supposed to happen?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/17/11 5:31 am

My dad taught me how to do the laundry when I was seven, although at 14 I have a TON of chores as it is, so therefore I rarely do my own laundry—thanks Mom!


08/17/11 3:17 am

Just me and my mom. It would be a waste to do extra loads just to give me a job, so she does it all.

m!a California
08/17/11 1:08 am

Of course I do my own! Well um ... Actually........

08/17/11 12:22 am

Do you wash your own dumb butt. Do you physically put it in the washing machine? It's nit vague. It's either yes or no. Lol. And these people will elect the next President? No wonder why the country is F'ed

sickofit Illinois
08/17/11 12:16 am

I think this question was too vague. Do I think a small percentage of folks pay someone or a service to do their laundry -yes. But do the majority of people do their own??? No way. The vast majority have someone in their household do it....most likely the wife or dear old mom!!!!!!

matsmama Texas
08/17/11 12:11 am

Wow. I remember my dad teaching me to do laundry before I was 5 years old. I did my own for most of my life, or it didn't get done. Kids don't realize how much their mothers do for them, including teaching them to live on their own someday. THIS INCLUDES LAUNDRY!

Happy Hong Kong
08/17/11 12:02 am

for a dollar a pound why do it yourself?

08/16/11 11:56 pm

I don't do my laundry because it gives my mom a reason to live. Besides, what are mothers for?

lagirl99 California
08/16/11 11:38 pm

Never done laundry a day in my life

Lawdawg123 Alabama
08/16/11 10:41 pm

My mom made a deal with me to get to do laundry. She would clean my room whenever I was gone, and I would do Everyone else's laundry. Pretty good trade I think :D

08/16/11 10:40 pm

Cobs what does politics have to do with this?
And go anyone who does their own!

08/16/11 10:15 pm

people find it strange that I do not do my husbands laundry. I do mine, he does his. I of course also strip the bed. I also keep my bathroom clean, and he does his. As for the rest of the house, it's all me!

softball1? Florida
08/16/11 9:48 pm

Nope I do my bed sheets as part if my chores but my mom does my clothes(: I'm 12 1/2 though lol

David01127 Ohio
08/16/11 9:41 pm

I've been doing my laundry since I was twelve. My parents taught me relatively early.

wickedgian Kansas
08/16/11 9:40 pm

I would but there is always stuff in the wash and I will do mine but not someone else's so sometimes

08/16/11 9:10 pm

74% of the richest people here do their own laundry. I'm impressed. Is it their strong work ethic or too much trouble finding maids still willing to do laundry? I wonder if Bill Gates remembers to empty his pockets before he throws his clothes in the hamper or if Melinda lets him slide?

CobsG West Virginia
08/16/11 9:05 pm

Here we go again....more Texans needing the chair! Lol. Perhaps we could use all of that laundry store coin to make Texas football even better? Hahahaha..... Perry, another idiot from Texas. I bet he'd bite on the laundry tax act, clean clothes for unemployed texans! Lol.

Nerdz Texas
08/16/11 8:51 pm

mostly as a chore I put it in the dryer. but my mom is trying to teach me. I already know how but my mom says that it is very delicate so she only trusts herself on using most of the time. but when I do wash my clothes she always tells me I'm doing it wrong :(

Nerdz Texas
08/16/11 8:44 pm

sometimes I have to but most of the time no cause I'm only 12

08/16/11 8:34 pm

thats woman work. i do my part by dirtying it

Hazel2 Minnesota
08/16/11 8:07 pm

My mom washes it, and most of the time I fold!

08/16/11 7:29 pm

Laundry is one of my chores......bleh.

08/16/11 7:20 pm

Yes. I do mine and my kids and my husbands too. :)