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Show Of Hands December 15th, 2011 12:00am

NCAA Football bowl season, or NCAA Basketball March Madness?

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12/30/11 6:08 pm

Hoops, IU is way way way overated

KyHeff Kentucky
12/17/11 1:55 pm

Connor N. , if u r your reading, I TOLD U SO! USA. LOVES BOWLS!!!!!

oriole Indiana
12/16/11 10:04 pm

Bowls are so dumb. March madness is my favorite sporting event! I gotta go with my hoosier home state and rep basketball!

ncbuc Get Over It
12/16/11 8:54 pm

Jedi. You are correct. I did not properly convey my position. I would support bball since it is a playoff. But do not like bball. I would watch col Football but the BCS is a joke. Which is why I said I don't watch either.

Dumanehu North Carolina
12/16/11 8:35 pm

As a resident of NC, hoops is not the surprising answer... -@hitchens valid point, I agree with you

hitchens Ann Arbor, MI
12/16/11 3:51 pm

If this question were asked in March the results would be unanimously basketball. Football hype is in full swing right now.

Melon No Ducklips
12/16/11 12:58 pm

I'm with Tex Med. I'd rather watch bowling.

12/16/11 12:47 pm

@ncbuc: umm, March Madness is a playoff format. am I missing something here?

Texmed Texas
12/16/11 8:19 am

The best part of basket ball is when it is over!!

12/16/11 4:56 am

Hoops because the bcs bowl season isn't really playoffs or in a playoff style

12/15/11 11:25 pm

Asking wrong time of year.... Bowl games R starting. Ask it again this summer!!!!

ncbuc Get Over It
12/15/11 9:24 pm

I support a true playoff format where legit teams face one another. The BCS is a joke. So I don't watch either. NFL and racing. But the current NASCAR system is a joke as well. NFL is the only system that works fairly. And it has flaws as well. Ah shit on it. Pull for your team and screw all the bs.

12/15/11 9:22 pm

Is this even a question? March madness by a long shot college football bowl games are meaningless. The tournament is the most exciting tournament besides nfl playoffs, world cup and olympics

erw331 New York
12/15/11 8:16 pm

I prefer college football over the nfl but the bowl games are meaningless, especially when you get a bunch of teams that are l only 500 or less. Give me March Madness, it results in a legit National Champ, and that is the only time I watch b'ball of any kind.

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
12/15/11 7:06 pm

I love football but NCAA tournament brackets are much more fun!

12/15/11 6:39 pm

the fact that va tech & Michigan is in the BCS game over kstate or Arkansas proves how horrible the BCS is. don't even get me started on the big east getting into the BCS every year

12/15/11 6:35 pm

and I actually prefer football to basketball

12/15/11 6:35 pm

basketball, cause at the end of it all u know u have a legit champion every time. plus there trend to be more close games in the tourney than the bowls which often present blow outs.

12/15/11 5:08 pm

I voted bowls, but I honestly don't care

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/15/11 3:56 pm

Bowl games baby! Hoops is for northern free people.

12/15/11 3:50 pm

I like football more than basketball, but I pay a lot more attention to march madness than the NCAA bowls. Usually cuz I make a march madness bracket

12/15/11 3:30 pm

@fox=evil & bmc You guys are both right!!

Nerdz Texas
12/15/11 3:07 pm

basketball for 2 reasons: 1st because I'm better at playing basketball than football, 2nd is because someone who is dear to me likes basketball

12/15/11 1:07 pm

I couldnt care less about basketball and football is my favorite sport so go figure.

yepnope Maryland
12/15/11 12:33 pm

BMC has the best comment so far.

rosebud. Ohio
12/15/11 12:28 pm

I don't understand why people like basketball and I get some fun socializing in during the football season (tailgating at friends). Plus sometimes I actually like football... Especially going to the games. And I think I have it figured enough to follow...

Liberatheist Mustafar
12/15/11 10:37 am

I enjoy watching football more than I do basketball but I think both are great. I do prefer the bowls over March Madness but this year the bowls prove why the BCS is a joke.

12/15/11 10:04 am

Docnitro obviously doesn't play basketball

valeriejo ramble on
12/15/11 9:55 am

I chose bowls just bc I like football better, but really it's neither. The only sport I religiously watch is baseball.. And football but only when the eagles aren't pissing me off too much to watch.

12/15/11 9:31 am

As a Duke alum, it's bball all the way. Not surprising that NC is a basketball state!

12/15/11 9:21 am

This poll proves how stupid we are. "Basketball is racist. No thanks" -- what a jerkoff comment. I assume this is a dumb person attempting to invoke reverse racism. Bowl season is the worst excuse for competitive sports in the history of competitive sports. March madness is the exact opposite.

cato Santa Barbara, California
12/15/11 8:16 am

All the states with poor football programs like basketball more. Ha, no surprise.

12/15/11 7:36 am

I am not surprised at all by the regional differences.

golfer golfing
12/15/11 7:14 am

Neither, but these bowl games are so stupid. There are so many of them it's like at the end of a kids' sports season when everyone gets a trophy just for playing.

12/15/11 7:08 am

Basketball is racist. No thanks.

yepnope Maryland
12/15/11 7:05 am

The bcs system is terrible. March madness is the best possible way they could have set up the playoffs for college hoops.... Sooo i say basketball is better!!

jooshmond Illinois
12/15/11 6:48 am

I find watching sports very boring

Wert A picture of my junk
12/15/11 6:43 am

If I really had to choose, hoops. But realistically, neither.

12/15/11 5:06 am

@docnitro Basketball is not a girls sport. Now a days they don't call that a foul. They only call a foul if you elbow the guy or just run into him.

12/15/11 5:04 am

MARCH MADNESS!!!!! The bcs bowl games are so stupid and they don't mean anything. Its like any other game just with a name. March madness gives smaller schools a chance to win.

funkdat Maryland
12/15/11 4:18 am

Bowl season sucks. I have 0 interest.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
12/15/11 1:33 am

The BCS sucks, but I'd rather watch football than basketball.

cup0pizza .
12/15/11 12:34 am

Basketball blows. NCAA football needs a playoff system SO BAD.