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Should we try to send astronauts to Mars?

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09/08/12 6:55 am

No we already know its inhabitable why waste the time and money

09/07/12 10:36 pm

There are so many better things the government could spend the money on.

ishady 86451132020
09/07/12 1:14 am

We should try to send Michele Bachman to mars.

09/06/12 11:15 pm

We've done that already, it's called Florida!

Ogias2012 Virginia
09/06/12 9:32 pm

I think we should send people to the ocean floor

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
09/06/12 8:38 am

Why not use all that money and do something productive with it.

09/05/12 3:21 pm

I'll go sign me up even if there is almost no chance of coming back...totally worth it

09/05/12 9:59 am

@pinkyusuck - thats so irrelevant of a chant it's not even funny

KommsWife Indiana
09/05/12 7:08 am

Deathsheep. They just landed a space ship on mars the size of an SUV. I'm pretty sure that means if a couple people were in there they would be on mars now. Thus the tech exist.

DeathSheep Michigan
09/04/12 7:55 pm

Ummm if we had the technology, sure

09/04/12 11:26 am

I'd rather use the money to wipe out malaria or AIDS.

09/04/12 3:57 am

If we refers to the US gov, then no, but as the human race with privatized business and finances, yes

bnnt Los Angeles
09/03/12 10:56 pm

It would be expensive. Just keep sending robots!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/03/12 10:29 pm

I am not smart enough to know if it can be done safely or not.
I trust the players here to know best. I think our tax money is being well spent on space exploration.
I am proud of our countries accomplishments.

09/03/12 9:05 pm

Once we figure out a safe way, heck yeah!

09/03/12 8:13 pm

Not yet. Long a$$ trip. And if they have problems we don't know until 15 or whatever minutes later

09/03/12 7:32 pm

I don't see the point of it.

calloveca California
09/03/12 5:42 pm

We should. We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the universe.

09/03/12 1:42 pm

i can think of a lot if people I'd like to send to Mars.

Justus Pensacola, FL
09/03/12 12:30 pm

Yes BUT NASA should be privatized.

09/03/12 12:13 pm

I think sending an astronaut to mars would be kind of pointless, I mean it's impossible to live there, it would take at least 6 mo this to get there, Maybe send trash on there to help with pollution. That's just my opinion.

EnginE3r Texas
09/03/12 9:59 am

First we should do a few more trips to the moon and maybe install a science station too

EnginE3r Texas
09/03/12 9:55 am

Sending astronauts to Mars - yes we should, though now may not be the time, wait till the economy comes back and the price of everything drops and NASA's budget increases to start planning for it.

volcanic_butt West Virginia
09/03/12 9:37 am

@commonsense. Mine was better, keep trying.

2katz I live in Nebraska
09/03/12 8:37 am

Yes, but not until we get our debt under control. I'm ok with continuing to work on the goal though.

commonsense America isnt racist
09/03/12 8:05 am

Volc, most democrats are white folks. may here this from Dems
"oh Buffy, that pretty negroid in our white house is great and destroying the economy. It allows us to buy expensive stock. Do me a dear and fetch my slippers"

volcanic_butt West Virginia
09/03/12 7:09 am

You would think most repubs would welcome private industry taking over future space travel, since, let's admit, they hate govt control of anything and the shuttles were expensive to maintain and outdated. Instead all you hear is "that nagger Obama ended the space program!..God bless Merica!"

aardvark10 New Jersey
09/03/12 4:22 am

Cut some of the $800,000,000 defense budget. NASA only used $17,000,000. We are not even using most of it. Leave it to lobbyist to let money go down the drain

09/03/12 4:08 am

Should the government? No.

Should the people? if someone wants to raise the money for the trip, sure.

09/03/12 2:31 am

Not even having pitched a tent on the moon yet, we've already come close to wiping ourselves out a few times. what exactly are the chances were going to colonize mars? And who'll hold the land rights? Whoever sticks a flag in the dirt first?

Planoneck Guam
09/03/12 1:23 am

In any case it's definitely something that should be done at some point because come on guys it's freakin' MARS we can't just ignore it forever.

Planoneck Guam
09/03/12 1:22 am

In other words, pretty much exactly what Emsies said. Although 50 years seems kinda long when you think about it - 35 to 45 maybe?

Planoneck Guam
09/03/12 1:19 am

Without a specified timeframe, I have to answer yes. Within the next 20 years? Probably not. Within the next 50 years? Hopefully we will have gotten enough of our earthly shiz together by then to make it a possibility.

09/03/12 12:36 am

There are plenty of Americans with big enough ball to go for it even if they knew there was a 50/50 chance of dieing and that is what makes our country great.

Quinnipiac Here
09/03/12 12:29 am

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09/03/12 12:20 am

Maybe in the future, but not until we fix our economy and balance the budget.

09/02/12 11:51 pm

I think our finances need to get back to order first. Medicare and social security are killing any hope to go anywhere.

09/02/12 11:35 pm

@all : I go to sleep.
I hope by 2035 we do have people on Mars.

09/02/12 11:04 pm

Phycoz - and that's why we don't let religion run science anymore.

09/02/12 10:49 pm

@Lmurder : you've had enough time - defend yourself against the Mars project arguments I posted or hold your tongue henceforth ;)

nice_atheist Connecticut
09/02/12 10:18 pm

Wedaslaves yes however with plasma propulsion systems we can shorten the travel time to and from mars to two months each from two years with conventional rockets.

09/02/12 10:08 pm

@bear : what - another useless bailout versus a whole new world?