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Do you do your own taxes, or have someone else prepare them for you?

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03/07/12 6:04 am

Always "other." It is always to the advantage of the self-employed to have a tax professional do the job.

02/29/12 2:41 pm

Neither cuz u have to have a job and theVa law says that u hav to be 14 plus to get a job

chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:19 pm

uhhh... I do my own taxes by paying taxes

02/25/12 11:13 pm

Parents do ours. Can't say mine cuz I only really pay sales tax.

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/25/12 9:49 pm

same tax prep girl for years and it "ain't" me! Laura rocks!!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/24/12 2:51 pm

First year in 7 to do my own. Small biz owner for 5, partner paid buyout for 2. Not as complicated any more.

02/24/12 7:10 am

@GunnySgt thanks for the defense. I wouldn't consider myself a deadbeat, it's just that, as someone in the service industry, I don't get paid enough by my employer to cover my tax obligations (I'm a waiter,I used to get $ nightly). Now that my tips are on a paycheck, it's easier to keep up with it.

dlyliny1 New York
02/23/12 10:18 pm

Hey BobC, how much do u pay in taxes? I bet I, who am pretty socially liberal, pay more in taxes each year than u earn. Pls stfu.

02/23/12 7:52 pm

holy babble that is the 52% that do not pay taxes. Liberal entitlement jerks.

02/23/12 5:13 pm

my uncle dos my parents taxes for free!

02/23/12 9:03 am

sorry babbler you are totally wroooong!

02/23/12 9:01 am

My tax guy comes up with a lot more deductions than I could ever think of or remember. Well worth his fee.

02/23/12 7:56 am

I used to go to liberty tax years ago. I got mad one year when the lady listed my student loans as additional income. I didn't let her submit it and I left and have been using turbo tax since.

wearetheworld Illinois
02/23/12 6:01 am

Ummm, holybabble, you do realize this is all about OPINIONS, right? And there is no right answer for OPINIONS. Just saying.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/23/12 4:13 am

52% answered "self".
Congratulations, that is the correct answer.

02/22/12 9:30 pm

I highly recommend going through a CPA to anyone who doesn't already. Do it yourself services usually rob you blind. They may say "free" but they're pocketing a large portion of your money, I'd not just half adding your write offs.

EarlyBird Portland
02/22/12 8:35 pm

Gunny, re-read Topguns comment. If he's never done taxes, he's probably a kid asking a legit question. I think you were harsh. That's all.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
02/22/12 8:10 pm

A lot of people owe the IRS and it does not make them deadbeats.

Some people underestimate the tax they owe and don't withhold enough. Sometimes their employer doesn't withhold enough. Some people fall into a higher tax bracket due to higher income and don't anticipate the additional withholding.

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 7:52 pm

@AFFD, agreed...very I/LDM (income/life damaging move). Still, good to know ;)!

02/22/12 7:41 pm

@dlyliny never said it was a smart move lol

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 7:28 pm

I owe back taxes & am def NOT a deadbeat. I pay $250/mo for the old taxes & will pay approx $56K to the Feds and $12K to the State of NY for 2011 income taxes (about a 45% tax rate). Some ppl fall on tough times (I lost my job and had a lot of medical bills); it doesn't make them deadbeats.

02/22/12 7:24 pm

Congratulations, RJ1969.. I want to be where you are soon!

RJ1969 SoCal
02/22/12 7:13 pm

taxes.....done. return.....nice!!!!

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 7:13 pm

Oops, in my defense of Mr Gunny, I mistakenly mentioned EarlyBird. That shb Roughashlr. Apologies to EarlyBird.

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 7:11 pm

@DenverDM, AWESOME! I always said I want my ashes sprinkled over an Aston Martin or kept in a Chanel purse (I have champagne taste but a beer budget, so that's as close as I'll get 2 either), but I have to rethink my plan. I only hope I'd give everyone at the IRS an "ash rash" by "landing" on them!

02/22/12 6:52 pm

@GunnySgt, someone that states that the IRS finally caught up with them makes it sound as if it was intentional, especially given how long of a period it was for. It sucks having to pay taxes, but how else are we to enjoy the privileged lives we as Americans enjoy?

02/22/12 6:52 pm

Gunny, my friend's Dad, long gone now, apparently had horrendous IRS problems. My friend, who'll himself have been gone 14 years tomorrow <3, said his Dad wanted to be cremated and have his ashes put into the ventilation system at the IRS office. Quite the visualization lol.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/22/12 6:41 pm

While the government blows through money like drunk sailors in a strip club on payday. They go after the little fish while General Electric pays 0 taxes.

applestar Florida
02/22/12 6:41 pm

tax codes change all the time I don't want to keep track of one more thing!

applestar Florida
02/22/12 6:40 pm

mortgage, 1099, retirement funds, regular income taxes... yeah, I'm NOT doing that on my own!

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/22/12 6:38 pm

@catman, how do you know roughasir is a deadbeat? You don't. Maybe there is a legit reason they didn't file for 10 years. Who knows, but I know that having to pay 500 a month to the goons @ the IRS would be on par with French kissing a mountain lion.

They don't care if you eat or not.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/22/12 6:31 pm

His "what level math do you need to do taxes" comment pissed me off. Probably a lot of other people who have small businesses and don't have the time or patience to decipher the ****ing tax code we have. Hence the "dumb arse know it all" award.
I call it like I see it. He is deserving.

02/22/12 6:28 pm

@32no .. we need lower rates and lower taxes. When the government takes more money out of the private sector they harm job creation and increase national poverty. no. Giving more money to the government is not a morally superior alternative.

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 6:28 pm

@AFFD, really? Wow! I guess the key word isn't IF, but WHEN they catch u. Problem is usually ppl don't file bc they have no $ to pay what they owe. When IRS finds them, they prob still can't pay (& after 10 yrs, they'd owe about 2x orig amt w/ interest & penalties). Time to move to Argentina ;)!

02/22/12 6:16 pm

It's actually not illegal to skip out on taxes. However if you're caught and ordered to pay and you still don't... Then it's illegal

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 6:14 pm

@Catman, I don't want 2 speak 4 GSgt but think he meant he "empathizes" with Earlybird re: the $500/mo 4 back taxes. One can empathize even if they disagree w/ the circumstance. He's polite & didn't judge. Don't be hatin'. G is 1 of the best on here w regard 2 intelligence, sense of humor & heart.

02/22/12 6:12 pm

Tax CPA's, thank God for them! We have to file in eight states, do depreciation & depletion schedules (major pain!), etc... What do you think, Topgun? Lol - but don't worry, age will round out your corners too, then you'll understand what we're laughing about and snicker with us.

02/22/12 6:01 pm

At least for the rich guys.

02/22/12 6:01 pm

Roybiker, lower rates? Really? You hate the rates even though you live comfortably enough to own a smart phone or device? Especially when our country is in trouble? The rates are extremely low, the lowest they have been in years, but the standard of living has gone up. Maybe the taxes should to.

02/22/12 5:20 pm

So @gunnySgt is sympathizing with a deadbeat who hasn't paid taxes in ten years? Seems like misguided sympathy to me...

02/22/12 5:15 pm

The complexity in tax preparation has nothing to do with math complexity. It has to do with complex & often contradictory tax laws. These often drive businesses to take actions that would make less sense in a totally free market world. This is not good for the economy, not good for jobs.

02/22/12 5:10 pm

The cost of tax preparation was evaluated in 2005 by the federal government (GAO office). They estimate the cost at $250- $300 billion per year to prepare business & individual taxes. The cost to prepare is about 20% of taxes collected. We need less complexity & lower rates.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/22/12 5:00 pm

@earlybird, the ouch was meant as in pain giving IRS 500 a month. Sympathy...

02/22/12 4:57 pm

The tax code has been set up to promote politicians' favorite pet projects. If we can wipe out all of the deductions & reduce rates, we will be better off as Americans plus complexity will be reduced.

EarlyBird Portland
02/22/12 4:46 pm

Gunnysgt: why personal attacks?!

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/22/12 4:44 pm

I do our taxes. I itemize everything and have never had a problem (knock on wood) I am a little OCD when it comes to receipts and file them all year long in a file folder. Makes it easy come tax time. From our investments to our purchases, I am able keep up with the tax codes thanks to the computer.