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04/20/12 12:57 am

Every now and then, they both have interesting stories. But didn't dateline spawn "To Catch a Predator?" :)

tizzle17 North Carolina
04/19/12 9:40 pm

I would have picked 60 minutes but it wasn't a choice.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/17/12 6:47 pm

That gray haired guy on dateline us creepy

04/17/12 2:38 pm

Now Stossel, he's a funny ****er.

04/17/12 2:37 pm

What are these television shows you speak of? 20/20? Dateline? People watch this drivel? C'mon, tell me you're joking.

04/17/12 7:20 am

Both have agendas...neither really represent who Americans really are anymore.

cowboy Proud Father
04/16/12 6:21 pm

Neither. After being caught editing and blantanly lying about Zimmerman's injuries and 911 tape, I don't know how anybody can take either of these networks seriously.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
04/16/12 5:33 pm

liberal garbage talking points for the most part. however NBC is totally co-opted by the way far left and I refuse to tune in

04/16/12 4:29 pm

I enjoyed 20/20 when John Stossel was on it. Now, I just watch him on Fox News.

04/16/12 8:24 am

I watch American greed hehe

BriD Illinois
04/16/12 6:43 am

sheriboo need 2 take her meds...

hacim Michigan
04/16/12 4:37 am

Keith Morrison (the narrator for dateline) makes the show so dang hilarious that I'd watch it over 20/20 any day. He sounds like he is reading a dr Seuss book to children at his local library as he relates the tale of murder

04/16/12 4:28 am

there should have been a neither pick! I agree with sheriboo, those two stations try to tell use how we should think and are very slanted on how they present the news.

04/16/12 3:36 am

ugh, crappy choices today. if I had to pick I'd say dateline. I try to avoid the All Barack Channel.

04/15/12 9:13 pm

Neither. But I had to vote

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/15/12 7:41 pm

Dateline! Who doesn't love "To Catch A Predator"?!?! Lol
I'll never get tired of watching those fools lol

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
04/15/12 7:33 pm

20/20 has John Stossel so..... Dateline

EarlyBird Portland
04/15/12 7:30 pm

I have to agree w everyone else, I don't watch either. I voted 20/20 just to read comments.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/15/12 7:20 pm

I picked ABC just so I could comment. I do occasionally watch bits of 60 minutes. I used to watch John Stossel's segments on 20/20.

mzungu Washington
04/15/12 7:20 pm

Where's that third button that says "none of the above"?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/15/12 7:16 pm

honestly, neither I just randomly picked one.

TideGal CFL
04/15/12 7:06 pm

neither, they are both a bunch of libs

04/15/12 6:58 pm

I used to watch both, but I cut my cable and haven't watched Tv in 3 years!! I get all I need to know from the Internet, and I watch lots of movies.

Nerdz Texas
04/15/12 6:17 pm

honestly, neither but i chose ABC

Pre Michigan
04/15/12 5:40 pm

I think they're both kind of opinionated/biased.

hippiedude fields of green
04/15/12 5:17 pm

20/20 because its the only one I've seen with a count of 1.

04/15/12 4:49 pm

I love "to catch a predator"! Dateline all the way!

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
04/15/12 4:47 pm

Neither. I picked 2020 just to comment that they both are poor examples of media.

04/15/12 4:41 pm

Hubby works for ABC so I have to support and go with them. ;)