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03/06/12 9:35 pm

Old American Idol (with Simon) > The Voice > The present day American Idol

abrakadabra Ohio
03/05/12 4:07 am

The voice cause Christina is the best! But Adam & Blake are freaking HOT!!!

flips Kansas
02/29/12 6:52 pm

I couldn't choose really. I went with mainly because I love scotty

02/27/12 2:59 pm

I don't watch either so I voted for the original one. idol.

willwonka Missouri
02/20/12 7:42 pm

voice at beginning of season and idol towards the end of season

02/20/12 6:54 pm

Idol became stupid ever since Simon quit.

hermione Indiana
02/19/12 5:21 pm

I don't like the voice for some reason, so I say Idol

02/19/12 11:58 am

I think the voice is better, but american idol is more famous. I like both. I think j-lo is cool.

JAMinATL Georgia
02/19/12 8:14 am

My favorite thing about the Voice is they don't put people on who are really bad so they can make fun of them. Well, that and Adam :)

tuvwxyz New York
02/18/12 7:52 pm

Both but voice is better bc it's all the voice not the look and they dnt make fun of them and stuff

coolguy77 Alabama
02/18/12 2:55 pm

British Voice not the american one, it sucked

02/18/12 8:49 am

I only watch american idol cause of steven tyler haha!! J-lo is annoying as hell. But the voice is def better, i looove christina!!

02/18/12 12:50 am

I think Christina is a hater. She ruins the show for me. American Idol has a fine pool of talent this year. Plus...Voice doesn't have Steven Tyler!

dawnydark Arkansas
02/17/12 5:10 pm

@Crazy Apple I don't want any trouble,but your comment is offensive.

02/17/12 4:25 pm

The Voice has more talent. American Idol is not as good as it used to be.

josb23 Kansas
02/17/12 2:38 pm

ai cuz the voice already weeded it down so really its just like the l8 episodes of ai and the drama is funny but a lil overdone ps i h8 christina ????

tracylynnn Ohio
02/17/12 11:18 am

American. idol. started the trend

dreamy Arizona
02/17/12 10:06 am

same. I get nothing from either. big waste.

raywygo Pittsburgh
02/17/12 7:41 am

There both horrible. I just picked the voice cause it's actually based on talent. Not who America likes

Lovatic Indiana
02/16/12 10:37 pm

I love the whole concept of The Voice, but some parts seem so scripted. I've been an Idol fan longer, so I went with American Idol.

02/16/12 10:15 pm

The voice may have the most annoying hosts of all time. C lo just needs to die of diabetes already and Christina can go deep throat a road flare.

xhugz92x St. Louis, Missouri
02/16/12 9:58 pm

American idol is old now. Plus, you don't get to see half the auditions until Hollywood cause they're too busy showing all the sucky people. Half the people who watch it do it cause they like watching the sucky people. The voice is more about well...the voice. Now how they look.

02/16/12 9:31 pm

The X Factor is a million times better than both of these shows. but between the two the voice.

02/16/12 9:26 pm

well..... They both are bad but the voice is probably better because it gives people a chance to sing

02/16/12 9:02 pm

Hey don't have to answer all of the questions.

02/16/12 8:56 pm

how come I had to pick a show I would never watch so I ould comment that I have never watched either and don't plan on doing so ever.

AxeBitten Ohio
02/16/12 8:49 pm

Funny half the commenters are haters lol

02/16/12 8:49 pm

Love the voice!!! People are never judged on how they look on the show :)

Nerdz Texas
02/16/12 8:02 pm

idol got old, the voice is new and different

rangeman Lafayette IN.
02/16/12 7:53 pm

I'm with Gunny, Bornoflash that's 3 Votes against You. Your not going to an Idol or the Voice. lol

ncbuc Get Over It
02/16/12 6:57 pm

Funny, because of this poll. I decided to turn to it. Just in time to see that one girl is from Stolesdale, nc. Where I live. Pretty funny.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/16/12 6:49 pm

@bornofass, this useless comment is just for you.

02/16/12 6:44 pm

Wow surprised by this one.

02/16/12 6:32 pm

I like the judges on the voice. Adam, Blake, & Christina are all a lot of fun & have good chemistry. I could do without Cee lo tho he's kinda weird

ncbuc Get Over It
02/16/12 6:20 pm

American idol auditions. Only time i'll consider watching. Funny stuff.