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Were you ever a Boy Scout or Girl Scout?

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GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 8:58 am

To be clear, homophobic means to be afraid of homosexual behavior or homosexuals. Not everyone who sees gays as deviant is afraid of them. Some of us are simply sickened by their behavior, and saddened by a society that is now preoccupied and predominated by the discussion of their sexuality.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 8:54 am

Boy Scouts is a wonderful organization! I'm proud of them for not bending to every deviant behavior that comes along. Whether it's gay rights or NAMBLA, or whatever other deviant behavior becomes in vogue, stay strong scouts!

07/22/12 8:47 am

Just read older comments. What the hell people?! Just because the national council is homophobic doesn't condemn the whole freakin program. I have learned valuable skills, made great lifelong friendships, and became a better person because of scouts.

07/22/12 8:43 am

Still in Boy Scouts as a Life Scout. I saw a post on reddit about a straight man who sent back his Eagle badge in protest of the treatment of gays. I want to follow in these footsteps, it's a horrible thing. Some of my friends are gay and they're still normal people, if not better people from it all

ning99 Neverland
07/20/12 1:52 pm

I was a brownie.... But I highly disapprove of the Eagle Scouts due their exclusion of homosexual people... What's wrong with them?!?!?!?

ning99 Neverland
07/20/12 1:52 pm

I was a brownie.... But I highly disapprove of the Eagle Scouts due their exclusion of homosexual people... What's wrong with them?!?!?!?

dylansl Texas
07/19/12 4:52 am

Regretted the 3 years I was there. Bunch of self-righteous pricks.

07/19/12 2:00 am

Both! I was a girl scout as a child and a boy scout leader as a parent.

07/19/12 1:30 am

I'm an Eagle scout... But Boy Scouts has really gone downhill ever since the Mormon church pretty much took it over. I'm atheist, but I wasn't allowed to tell them that... Or at least I felt pressured not to, given we started every meeting with a prayer...

07/18/12 9:30 pm

haha jagger I plan to. shouldn't even take much work. eagle scout -- more college options, and more money. go troll elsewhere

07/18/12 7:57 pm

Fun fact: Keith Richards was a boy scout

07/18/12 7:36 pm

I was (technically still am, but don't participate) a girl scout. Their leaders can be gay, they don't really care.
The boy scouts obviously are different...

07/18/12 6:39 pm

Yup. Dropped it when I was 15. Couldn't stand it anymore after 7 years

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/18/12 4:35 pm

It was a great experience as a kid. I learned a lot about self determination and following a code of conduct. Camping, archery, horseback riding, canoeing ........what kid wouldn't like this?

wirenerd Somersworth
07/18/12 2:28 pm

I never did, because the scout troop leader in the one for my town was really creepy, and very obnoxious.

07/18/12 1:56 pm

That's girl scouts, you know the one that actually supports all kids

07/18/12 1:55 pm

Yup 12 years as a girl and now I have my life membership

07/18/12 1:27 pm

The LDS Church is the driving force behind modern day Boy Scouts. As a result, scouts mirror the Church position. The Church attempted to co-opt the Girl Scouts too, but the Girl Scouts refused to change their policy of inclusion. As a private organization, BSA can discriminate as they like.

adalla Virginia
07/18/12 12:49 pm

They stand firm on their values. They don't accept atheists either. I can respect that.

EarlyBird Portland
07/18/12 11:42 am

FakeSound- i'm just trying to understand why the no homosexual policy is in place. Are they afraid homosexual boys will get heterosexual boys to indulge? Are they afraid the gay boys will get beat up? What could the reasoning be?

Slyadragon North Carolina
07/18/12 10:08 am

I was in boy Scouts, but my specific experience was the kids whose parents never took them anywhere enjoyed it. The kids who actually were outdoorsy and active didn't because it was ridiculous.

yepnope Maryland
07/18/12 9:27 am

Arin, what's your stance on gay people? Do you think the scouts should let them in?

07/18/12 8:34 am

As a kid and, now, as an adult! I work for the Girl Scouts! Best job EVER!!

07/18/12 8:33 am

Homophobic organization!
Girl scout cookies are good though... But very over priced!

adalla Virginia
07/18/12 8:14 am

Seems scouts make more money later in life...

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/18/12 8:08 am

@PartyFree despite having had a younger sister in the Girl Scouts, I had not heard about the Gold Award. I bet I'm not the only one that had not heard of it, but having an equivalently valuable opportunity available is great and resolves one of my concerns. Thanks for making me smarter. :)

07/18/12 5:44 am

Bop- get a masters degree and a great career and live the playboy life like me and we can talk

07/18/12 5:38 am

There is a great deal of bigotry, ignorance and intolence on this thread, from people who probably tell themselves that they are open-minded, informed and tolerant.

@Fakesound - youth no not change in front of adults.

O13 Alabama
07/18/12 5:35 am

You do know that there's nothing preventing a group of like minded ppl from creating another private organization similar to the scouts without the same entrance requirements. Instead of complaining, just start your own group. It's like an atheist complaining they can't go to a religious function.

07/18/12 4:34 am

Tried to become a Boy Scout, but my mother and the local troop leader didn't get along. In the long run, not a BFD.

peacenskis Alaska
07/18/12 12:12 am

It's so unfortunate that their polices can't change with the rest of the nation. Aside from their politics, I can't think of another program that has as much to offer.

peacenskis Alaska
07/18/12 12:04 am

No. If I had children, neither would they. I'm not religious and I'm not a homophobe and I wouldn't allow my child to participate in any organization that actually promotes both. I do camp, hike, boat, ski, tie knots, etc. Guess I'd have to teach them on my own how to survive in the REAL world.

PetePuma Oregon
07/17/12 11:59 pm

I was never a scout, but oddly enough, I did become a scout leader for several years, through my church at the time.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/17/12 11:23 pm

I was a brownie. My son got a top national award. Was kicked out when he came out of the closet. I do not support the scouts. Girl Scouts, to my understanding, are much less bigoted.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
07/17/12 11:03 pm

@Zod - the Gold Award is the equivalent of the Eagle Scout, or a least it was 15 years ago when I earned mine as a high school sophomore. I always have it on my resume and had I been able to enter the military I would have gotten the same benefits as an Eagle Scout in regard to increased rank etc.

07/17/12 10:30 pm

Yes, but never made my eagle. I got a full time job at a young age and wish I had finished. My scout friends were some major f***ing heathens. I was to because I a follower back then. What a shame.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/17/12 10:21 pm

My husband is an Eagle Scout. Gave him great knowledge on animals, survival, nature, and camping. It is probably one of those clubs where you get out of it what you put into it.

paperboat Boston
07/17/12 10:15 pm

Was in boy scouts growing up, left due to bullying. I wouldn't be welcomed back anyway due to their descriminatory policies.

qwerter Its a trap
07/17/12 10:07 pm

Philmont was a whole lot of fun. And I'm so surprised at how useful knowing knots and basic outdoor skills is.

FakeSound Arizona
07/17/12 9:51 pm

Homosexual =\=Pedophile

In fact, peds are more often straight... soooo, by your logic, maybe it would be better if we had more gay scoutmasters.

Anyway, here's a question: What the hell are little boys doing changing in front of adults in the first place? ಠ_ಠ

07/17/12 9:49 pm

one a hole down there said he played sports and had girlfriends. so did I, and I'm an eagle. do I guess I'm better at life than him?