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Show Of Hands October 30th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think America’s best days are in the future, or in the past?

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/10/11 10:13 am

My friends and I were talking about the coming holidays. We spoke of our sons and grandsons and their partners. How we looked forward to being with them. Even ten years ago that conversation was less likely to have happened.

jesshol090 Iowa
11/09/11 5:20 pm

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" America!

TheKilling New Jersey
11/06/11 9:23 pm

the past as in women couldn't vote? how about slavery, those were some great American days, huh?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/02/11 1:15 pm

@ Steve & Stoner way to go. 

11/02/11 12:11 pm

you think past?!? well why don't you people go out there and make a difference!!!

11/02/11 9:48 am

Kaik12, there are many issues like that in every generation. But it is up to those who hold dear the morals, ethics and priorities to try and help everyone they can. Not to preach them, but to use them and become an example of what you can do while still being a decent human being

11/02/11 12:22 am

theStal: where you been the past few years?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
11/01/11 11:49 pm

Socially and culturally? We're doomed. My generations morals, ethics, and priorities are so skewed it's pathetic, and rather frightening.

11/01/11 10:34 pm

if any of these republican candidates become president (lookin at you Bachman) it's pretty self explanatory. doom awaits.

FearToFall what is this for
11/01/11 5:04 pm

I think that our country had some great times in the past, but there's sure to be some more great times in store for our future.

username Virginia
11/01/11 2:12 pm

I really do believe that things can only get better from here on in time

11/01/11 8:46 am



11/01/11 8:46 am

slams acne: maybe in 2013 things will be better.

11/01/11 7:19 am

What?? In the PAST?? C'mon, you pessimistic people! YOU'RE the problem! You're bringing the rest of us down!

11/01/11 5:30 am

We climaxed during Shock N' Awe back in 2003.

10/31/11 10:42 pm

defiantly the past. the us is collapsing. it's politics and corporate greed!

Jzz California
10/31/11 9:10 pm

cautiously. you are entitled to it.. does change my opinion that i think you have an eeyore award for a piss poor attitude. we all have our chains to carry. i do hope you find some hope.

10/31/11 8:36 pm

We peaked in the 50's and again in the 80's.

10/31/11 8:17 pm

wow... accounting for the fact that these are not America's best days by a good margin, this country is less than 250 years old. I think we've done more in less time than any country on earth. Unless Christ shows up soon I believe we have a really solid shot at our best days being ahead.

cautiously lost
10/31/11 8:14 pm

@ Micky oh I'm sorry for my opinion. perhaps dealing with deadbeats all day and victims of society has tainted my attitude. my bad

10/31/11 5:10 pm

JohnnyMick; you act like the US was the only country involved in slavery. yeah we do have business cycles some get extended by our leaders, like now and when FDR was president but we have some great boom times also after WW 2 and 30 years father Reagan....

oriole Indiana
10/31/11 5:01 pm

Lol all the repubs are conservative so look to the past. Like me

10/31/11 4:55 pm

the whole world will be better off when it blows up or gets hits by a comet or whatever

Nerdz Texas
10/31/11 4:28 pm

the future just to be optimistic

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/31/11 10:23 am

Look for the good side count your blessings. If you can afford an iPhone and to keep it dry and useable then you have blessings.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/31/11 10:20 am

Common guys. Strawberries all year. More accepting of others. We can do with less things. Try smiling at people being kind. Chocolate is good for the soul. So is walking. Listen to something up beat. Take up knitting. It's relaxing. Once you read it. If you look for the glum side you'll find it.

10/31/11 8:37 am

The past, just like your mom's best days.

RJ1969 SoCal
10/31/11 12:35 am

I think America's best days are Saturdays and Sundays.

erida Georgia
10/30/11 11:25 pm

I believe our greatest time will be when the shit hits the fan. But I suppose that's just my outlook on life.

ohVaNiLLa New Jersey
10/30/11 10:45 pm

Won independence from one of the greatest nations of the time. Kicked butt in ww2. Hard to top that hope we don't have to.

10/30/11 10:25 pm

Considering our past is full of slavery and economic depression, I'm gunna go with future

Jzz California
10/30/11 9:00 pm

rose time to reset your brain yet again.

14573 Scary Numbers
10/30/11 6:03 pm

After the great depression America rebounded we will again and again and however many times we need to. Our past is 600 years, our future is infinite

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
10/30/11 5:05 pm

I refuse to be pessimistic about the greatest country in history no matter how bad things are now. It will get better as soon as we get that lummox out of the White House.

Jzz California
10/30/11 2:18 pm

@hipster you are very kind. ty.

10/30/11 12:08 pm

My bad. It was late. Mommy brain... Living in the 20's would mean i lived in the Great Depression.
That was the point I was trying to make.
But my Great Grandma was young then. Living at home young. She remembers a little, plus what I've learned... Sounds amazing sans the racism

Jzz California
10/30/11 11:01 am

@cautiously. you reap what you sow. you my friend get the Eeyore award for having a pss poor attitude.

cautiously lost
10/30/11 10:29 am

@ spoiler when was the last time thinking positive and being hopeful filled the gas tank? as far as working hard? if only others shared this opinion, lived within their means and paid their bills. they didn't point a finger at someone else and said its their fault I'm in my situation

cautiously lost
10/30/11 10:19 am

@ Micky congratulations. now i'm convinced we're screwed.

scottstots Georgia
10/30/11 10:16 am

Republics don't last forever. Looking historically, I think America makes one more huge comeback and dominates another century on the world scale. I think America lasts another 100 years as we know it and then another 100 years in an altered state, then is broken apart like Europe over the next 200.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/11 10:12 am

Jest. I went to grade school in the 50s often covered with bruises, torn and dirty cloths. It was a parents right to beat their own children then.
The struggle for civil rights was going on. Remember dogs and fire hoses being turned on people. Besides that only rich kids got Davy Crockett hats 

10/30/11 8:29 am

as long as there are folks like ODB who are proud of his welfare scam, down we go

spoiler Michigan
10/30/11 8:09 am

Pessimism and a negative outlook will manifest our positive, be hopeful, and work hard

10/30/11 8:06 am

Meat packers would make 20+ and hour in the past, they would all go home spend that money on tvs and save some and start a small business after which in turn creates more jobs. We built this huge middle class to consume but since those companies sent jobs overseas to save they deprived our economy

10/30/11 8:02 am

Past-so much inequality and divide between rich and poor you either have to know some one to make it or already be rich Even if you have a great idea or good business no one is giving loans out to young adults to start something new. It takes money to make money and no one can get ahead wit min wage

10/30/11 5:19 am

@Micky like omg i totally agree with your statement. Its so fabricately good that you deserve a nobel peace prize for art of rhetoric.

10/30/11 4:00 am

Where's all your optimism people?

Jzz California
10/30/11 3:47 am

sorry all for as a customer of mine used to say "i have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the mind" i am a bit tipsy.

Jzz California
10/30/11 3:43 am

cautiously. that is the reason why peeps feel this country is declining. what is in it for me. as jfk once said ask not what my country can do for me. ask what i can do for my country. imagine that? from a democrat!