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Did/do your grandparents play an important and active role in your life?

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monkeyy Ohio
09/10/12 6:38 pm

Ya they live down the street from me. I see them at least once a week. We're super close!

StaffSgtKip Florida
09/07/12 9:26 pm

They are my adoptive parents so yes.

09/07/12 8:26 pm

No for me, Military brat, moved a lot as a child, joined the USAF and served for 21 years, so there were only a couple weeks every few years.

09/07/12 6:09 pm

Not daily/weekly, but did visit them as often as we could, most were out of state.

09/07/12 4:36 pm

They raised me; still a big part of my life.

09/07/12 4:35 pm

My grandfather died when my mom was 10, but my grandmother lived right next door so she would watch us a toddlers while my mom went to work. I remember small stuff like her practicing speech with me and scolding me (b/c I was a pretty bold kid!) She was very important in my early life

09/07/12 4:02 pm

She had her heart attack in 8/04 and her first words were get me my absentee ballot for the presidential election. " No damn Democrats gonna steal my vote!". We did and she died a week before the election but we made sure her vote was cast..

09/07/12 3:57 pm

My grandma lived independently until the ripe old age of 102. When she had the big one that took six weeks to take her down. she was a major part of my life and my kids too. Gotta love dem dar feisty stubborn Wisconsin/German farm girls

Destroyer Instillation 04
09/07/12 4:09 am

No. But Florida and Ohio are pretty far apart...

09/06/12 11:09 pm

No I bairly know them

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
09/06/12 10:22 pm

Yes, paternal were a positive influence, but material were mostly a negative influence.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/06/12 9:13 pm

The memory's remind me if a little girl where I work. She told me " You remind me of my Grandma. She died before I was born.". Strangely we are both Joyce the girl asked me to be her grandma to her and her sister. What a honor.

dbrat East Coast
09/06/12 9:12 pm

Important yes active not so much. They were influential. It they lived far away - I saw them every Sunday.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/06/12 8:54 pm

They were my sole source of love and acceptance. I would not have survived if not for them. I still miss them very much. My beloved granddaughter looks a lot like my grandmother.

ugafan Southern by choice
09/06/12 8:27 pm

They were the greatest people I ever knew. They not only impacted my life, but they also greatly influenced my own children.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/06/12 8:14 pm

My grandparents on moms side are very important to me. They do sooooo much for me and my family.
We don't associate with my dads side.

09/06/12 8:12 pm

Realistic, that is not a very realistic point.

09/06/12 8:12 pm

Do I see them as often as I wish I did? No, but my Nonna is like my best friend.

09/06/12 8:04 pm

They rAised me birth-2 while my parents were at medical school

09/06/12 8:03 pm

I really wish my grandparents had. I feel like I've missed out on a lot because they were never an active part of my life like the other kids.

Hawkn Texas
09/06/12 7:59 pm

I disagree. I respect both sides of the political spectrum

09/06/12 6:55 pm

Anyone who votes republican is an idiot and does not understand the world

09/06/12 6:16 pm

Both of my grandfathers were veterans, one WWII and one Korean War. I respect them so much

Daveo5 Texas
09/06/12 6:08 pm

No. Not at all. My parents have changed that and are very active in both mine and my sisters children.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/06/12 6:05 pm

Great-grandfather was an old, white racist Texan. Me being bi-racial kind of got me and my mother banned from his house. I visited a couple years ago, he said I was the greatest man he's ever met and he'a deeply sorry. People really can change.

09/06/12 6:03 pm

One grandmother is 92, one will be 101 in October. The fathers of both fought in WWI. Great history lessons encompassing most of the 20th century - a very savage time; so much death in the name of "new social order."

09/06/12 5:57 pm

But my kids get that great opportunity.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/06/12 5:00 pm

My maternal grandmother died when I was 17, but I had not seen her since I was 7. She had a stroke and had accelerated dementia afterwards. She was not very friendly or personable to me as a child. But, it's alright.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/06/12 4:58 pm

My maternal grandfather passed 8 months before I was born. My paternal grandfather passed when I was 12, he taught me so much about being a good person, the value of a hard day's work, and about a man living by his word. He was the most amazing man. I cherish my memories of him.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/06/12 4:53 pm

I only have one living grandparent, and I love her dearly. We are not close, we don't go places together or anything like that. But, I talk to her on the phone and see her 6 times a year. She told my father I was her greatest accomplishment. It meant a lot to me.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
09/06/12 3:16 pm

No, I don't see them too often, they don't live near me.

Itabliss Hello
09/06/12 3:08 pm

I'm 28, and until this year, I had 2 great grandmothers, 2 grandmothers and a grandfather. I've been extraordinarily fortunate in the respect. both of my great grandmothers passed this year. I was very close two one of them.

09/06/12 2:52 pm

one did, the other three didn't care.

09/06/12 2:36 pm

Mine DID until they decided to fall off the deep end and disown the rest of my family for no apparent reason. I was 13 and really close to them before that. Trust issues ensued...f'd me up. Sad.

beamie Michigan
09/06/12 12:55 pm

My grandma is like my mom. She has been there for me, supported me, taught me respect and love. To work hard and have fun and so many other lessons. She now even watches my girls so I can work. I'm 32, and cherish everyday of her and hope my girls will have great memories of her way down the line.

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
09/06/12 12:51 pm

Yes, but they all died by the time I got to high school.

09/06/12 12:49 pm

I never had any they died before I was born.

lmurder MDK
09/06/12 12:16 pm

Grandma and Grandpa taught me everything about the stock market.
Valero has made me over 80k this past month.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/06/12 11:53 am

Wow, I feel bad for the people that had older parents. I guess having a "teen mom" has it's perks. Teen being 18/19. Not really TOO young, but young nonetheless.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/06/12 11:49 am

My grandmother taught me about nature, life, theory, thought, religion, respect, kindness, why the caged bird sings and so much more. My grandfather......payed for everything else. I was so close to them, till she died early and he moved away, broke my heart.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/06/12 11:08 am

My grandmothers were both great, but we didn't spend enough time together to get really close. One grandfather taught me how to tie flies and handle a canoe, and I wish we'd have had time for more. The other grandfather was a career minister - we had nothing in common.

09/06/12 10:28 am

No. And I'm glad. One grandfather was a child molester who died before I was born. My other grandfather was a wife beater. Both grandmothers are old and set in their ways. Too awnry to live, too stubborn to die.

snafu Washington
09/06/12 10:25 am

No. My parents had me when they were in their 40s so my grandparents were really old when I was young, with the exception of my mom's mom they were all dead before I was 12 and my maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's so I basically I had no grandparents growing up.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/06/12 9:28 am

No. Not really. My Grandma did a little for my first few years, but everyone else in extended family was either dead or didn't play a very important role. They were important, but nowhere near as influential as my parents.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/06/12 9:14 am

I miss my Grandparents!!! I lived in the same town for my 1st 5 years but then moved away and only saw them 1-2X/year. In college, I lived with them on all my holidays and breaks. My Grandpa died in '94. Grandma in 2005. I still think about calling her then realize I can't. They taught me so much!!!

09/06/12 9:12 am

my grandparents played an integral role in my life. unfortunately, i can't say the same for my children. so sad. i, however, can't wait to be a supportive and loving grandma.