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Show Of Hands December 27th, 2011 12:00am

Are you planning on going out on New Year's Eve?

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12/29/11 9:57 pm

@satchmo...we're bonded together by circumstance. genuine empathy and understanding at the depth and breadth of your loss.

mme Iowa
12/29/11 11:11 am

I have to work from 11am til 1am.

12/28/11 8:15 pm

Its cold in Jersey. Im stayin home

cowboy Proud Father
12/28/11 8:12 am

No way. And hang out in a bar, I can't even smoke in, with a bunch of drunk twenty year olds. No thanks. I'll stay home.

mamita Alabama
12/28/11 1:58 am

Sure will! Ready to dance some bachata, duranguense, reggaeton n more with friends.

12/27/11 10:05 pm

Nope. Just drink alone...

jakejanse Texas
12/27/11 9:23 pm

Surprised that New York is at a "no" majority. Maybe more votes to come?

12/27/11 8:21 pm

Cool Brooke, Happy Birthday!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/27/11 6:56 pm

Satchmo I'm so very sorry. I was hit by a drunk. Remember flying through the air. But I did not feel any pain at the time.
Were going to the senior center and play bingo. Whoo hoo.

12/27/11 5:48 pm

Went out when I was in my 20s. Now I'm happy to go to bed at my usual time. :)

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
12/27/11 5:39 pm

I get back to the states on new years eve. In scotland right now.

12/27/11 1:56 pm

Planning to go out to supper with family and friends then come back and have a partay

12/27/11 12:24 pm

New years eve is my birthday xD

12/27/11 10:17 am

If I do go out, will be to a local bar w/ch is 3 mins away. Othr than that...I'll most likely party, but will be in doors at mine or friends house. 2012? Yea, I think some ppl are going to be "more stupid" an "more drunk" than usual..(I could easily turn N2 that person, so much easier to stay away

one80 California
12/27/11 6:40 am

Wealthy people and older people can cause accidents on NYE too. They may tend to stay home more because they have nothing better to do or because they are frightened.

12/27/11 3:27 am

Will be on a Cruise to the Bahamas! One big Party :)

12/27/11 1:04 am

The survivors of that event are the old ones who are staying home instead because they know better and that they experienced that consequence

12/27/11 1:03 am

Obviously the teens and young adults and the impoverished will go out and get hammered, then most unfortunately get killed while going home.

micahbaile Ohio
12/27/11 12:39 am

I wish I could go to new York when the ball drops!

Hope Minneapolis
12/27/11 12:08 am

Satchmo~I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to find peace

12/26/11 11:52 pm

No. I don't want to be out on the road with all the drunks.

Jayla Florida
12/26/11 11:01 pm

I have to work until 11 something... Closing the store... Bleh.

12/26/11 10:14 pm

Watch tv and stuff my self before he holidays are over

12/26/11 10:06 pm

As a general rule, I avoid being on the road on holidays that are notable for large numbers of drunken people behind the wheel.

12/26/11 8:13 pm

Sweetie, thank you - but as they say, There but for the Grace of God go I. Every day that I drank and drove I'd pray to God 'Please don't let me kill anyone else'. Satchmo's post brings it all back, though it's been 13-3/4 years.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
12/26/11 7:52 pm

@satchmo. I so agree w/ the last 2 posts. @DenverDM. God bless you too.

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 7:38 pm

@satchmo, I'm so very sorry for your loss. This must be an especially tough time of year for you and your family. I hope u can remember all the wonderful things about your son and try not to think too much about the senseless way you lost him. Be well.

12/26/11 7:15 pm

Satchmo, God bless you and your family. Did the drunk driver get put away, is s/he off the streets? I ask as a recovering alcoholic myself.

softball1? Florida
12/26/11 7:11 pm

Nope because none of my friends are doing anything so I will be stuck home at home with my parents like now.....

12/26/11 7:09 pm

I love that people under 21 were the majority that said yes. Ha.

satchmo Florida
12/26/11 6:58 pm

My son was killed by a drunk driver on New Years Eve. It was 53 days before his 21st birthday. We stay home.

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 6:51 pm

Ha, we old ppl (40+) have "been there, done that, had the hangover to prove it", I guess! I've stayed home for the past 4 or 5 yrs, but do have low key plans (at friends' house) this yr. I'm nervous about driving that nite, not bc of my condition but bc of others. Luckily it's only a 20min drive.

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 6:43 pm

@GunnySgt, sounds like a party (just please don't end up shooting your wife, dog or...your eye out (LOL))!

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 6:41 pm

@BubsGOP, WOW that's going 2b a truly memorable night! Lucky u...enjoy! I lived in the city for 11yrs & avoided Times Sq like the plague. I found it more fun & "real NY" to watch the fireworks in Central Pk, (but then again, I never had the option to party like a rock star (like u have ;))! So cool!

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 6:28 pm

in the accident who r not drunk who get killed or badly hurt. So short answer: yes, bad idea 2 b driving then.

dlyliny1 New York
12/26/11 6:28 pm

@GreatOne, do u really want a serious answer? If so...depends where u live but as ppl have said, NYEve is amateur night. The ppl most likely to party that night are younger and may not "know their limit". BC of that, there tend 2 b more drunk drivers, esp betwn 1 & 3am. Sadly it's often the ppl

12/26/11 6:19 pm

does taking out the garbage count?

12/26/11 6:12 pm

No way. Even before I got sober I wouldn't go out. In my AA meetings we call it Amateur Night.

Jzz California
12/26/11 5:24 pm

too many drunks and idiots out there. home with a shrimp cocktail and bubbly. if I stay up late enough