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Show Of Hands January 6th, 2013 12:00am

In-dash navigation system or app-based navigation?

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01/10/13 4:27 pm

The socially powered WAZE App is way more helpful than anything in dash. Go Wazers!

01/08/13 9:56 am

I have both and find we use the app more often than not. It's integrated, always up-to-date and easier. In dash is nicer for large screen.

Thinking about aftermarket iPad integration in my next car.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/08/13 8:59 am

Actually, Garmin is the way to go!

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
01/07/13 5:59 pm

Long trip, mostly highways... Dash gps. Short trip, where the heck is this place? Google maps app.

susanr Colorado
01/07/13 4:41 pm

I don't drive. But if I'm traveling outside of our town with my daughter & son-in-law either she or I will navigate with iThing apps. The son-in-law needs no help when he's alone in town; he delivered pizzas for some years & has been a postal carrier for about 10. He knows every address in the city.

leary Dulag Luft
01/07/13 2:35 pm

All my vehicles have back seat navigation.

01/07/13 1:40 pm

I only have app version. Super lame and hard to use while driving. Not very safe either, fumbling with it while driving... I'd rather have in dash.

01/07/13 1:26 pm

I have seen an in-dash navigation system where the screen was projected over the instrument panel, if I could have that then I'd choose the in-dash nav.

01/07/13 8:51 am

The richies know better because they can afford the cars with them. But seriously, dash is usually better and safer, especially on complicate highway systems.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/07/13 8:38 am

Now if they could just make a car that would let you adjust the climate control using an app...

>>runs to the patent office>>

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/07/13 8:31 am

Compasses don't work close to the poles, but then again GPS doesn't either.

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 6:34 am

Quit smoking and you could easily afford it.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/07/13 6:30 am

I pressed "In-dash", because I already have it. It was an option I selected when I ordered my Jeep.

cowboy Dog Father
01/07/13 6:06 am

That's great if you're rich and can afford a fancy car or can blow a couple of hundred dollars on a digital device, like a Garmin or an IPhone. I'm sure its awesome.

01/06/13 9:31 pm

How about a map and compass? It's easy to use, reliable, works anywhere, and doesn't need batteries! All it takes is brains

01/06/13 8:28 pm

I have a portable GPS that I love. My hubby now only uses his iPhone app, but I hate it! I find mine much easier to use. I also hate the 3d maps. They are difficult to read while your driving. It's much easier to look up places with my GPS than on the tiny complex iPhone app.

xplayman New York City
01/06/13 7:47 pm

If I could get Waze in my dashboard then I will be happy. Otherwise I'll settle for the Waze app.

jmw7477 Indiana
01/06/13 7:28 pm

I don't need it very often, so an app on my phone is fine. Plus, I always have it with me -- no matter what vehicle I'm in

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/06/13 6:42 pm

Well, I'm stuck with the annoying voice all the time (my wife).

SouthernG Man Cave
01/06/13 6:38 pm

This is where a mid sized 4G/LTE tablet can replace EVERYTHING in the vehicle console.......knocking car companies out of the over priced in dash NAV/sound system business

SouthernG Man Cave
01/06/13 6:36 pm

Car companies are always 5-7 years behind incorporating new technology. When they do, they would rather lock you in with their proprietary systems. Just paid $160 to update the maps on my in car Nav system. A 2006 vehicle does not even have an external audio jack!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/06/13 6:25 pm

Plus I have somewhat of a photographic memory. so if I don't know it, Ill just take a look at a map prior to. I don't need annoying voices or moving pictures to distract me.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/06/13 6:24 pm

I don't like nav systems at all. But it comes in handy SOMETIMES, so app. I don't to waste car space for something I don't use. I can get around the city and get to any major city, so Im set.

01/06/13 5:43 pm

Waze is the best nav available!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/06/13 4:18 pm

Mobile, effective, flexible and transferable.

01/06/13 3:47 pm

I've seen people with a huge paper map in front of them while flying down the road. That's super safe better than spending 2 minutes inputting the info on the GPS or app before starting the drive.

RJ1969 SoCal
01/06/13 3:41 pm

Ha! Income filter.

01/06/13 3:40 pm

The apps do drain the battery but I use my app while charging and it's ok.
My next car will have Bluetooth and sat nav.

illinois217 Illinois
01/06/13 3:26 pm

Dash doesn't drain battery like a app drains a cell phone

Asterix Florida
01/06/13 3:24 pm

i have both, but prefer the in dash since it is less distracting. it is larger and less steps to get results. however, if I need a specific function like traffic warning I prefer Waze.

01/06/13 1:23 pm

And of course you get the voice commands, you collect points for using the app and sending alerts and it's just a nice app all around.

01/06/13 1:21 pm

Waze app baby! It's the best nav app, users share information like alerts about traffic, accidents, debris on the road and my personal favorite, speed traps.
It's free and pretty accurate, if there's something wrong with the map you can send a msg and the app ppl fix the problem.
I love it!

01/06/13 1:18 pm

Are in-dash navigation systems not application based?

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/06/13 1:17 pm

Smoking and drinking while I'm driving. I have to steer with my knee. Of course I don't have time to touch my phone. I'm not an octopus.

01/06/13 1:09 pm

I use Waze all the time. Best app I have found.

01/06/13 1:07 pm

Lmurder, he's clearly joking...

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/06/13 12:41 pm

When something comes along that makes it easier to do your job, you gravitate to that new technology. It's a lot easier to read a digital display of where you are when you are traveling at 4 miles per minute. Especially given the fact that you don't have to find out where you are first.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/06/13 12:35 pm

I pull out my old fashioned map, choose a route then I program my in dash navigation system to see how close it'll get me to my chosen route. I also keep my paper map with me while traveling, never know when electronics will fail.

01/06/13 12:28 pm

Well, cowboy, please give me a warning the next time you are in Ohio, so I can stay off the road.

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
01/06/13 12:17 pm

I tore my pants last time I tried to put the dashboard in my pocket.

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
01/06/13 12:10 pm

Ah. Early bird reads all posts. No! Hand sanitizer is in the map pocket of the drivers door. ????LOL????

EarlyBird Portland
01/06/13 12:05 pm

Tucked in nicely, right next to your hand sanitizer? :-)

EarlyBird Portland
01/06/13 12:02 pm

Did. You. Really?

tommysq Chicagoland
01/06/13 11:58 am

I bought a used car with in dash. So. Much. Better. I gave away my Garmin.