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Show Of Hands January 5th, 2013 12:00am

Do you drink one or more carbonated drinks per day?

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01/10/13 8:29 pm

I can go without it for a long time but if I drink some, I get addicted and I can't stop for a few weeks but once I run out of pop it takes 3 days before I could stay with basically just water forever.

01/09/13 8:07 pm

Only 28% of those under 21 drink soda... Bullshit!

01/07/13 9:08 pm

What do you think lol?

sgkitty new york
01/07/13 4:19 pm

I do not drink anything that is non-carbonated. Diet Pepsi, Champagne and Club Soda...that's it. Even plain water upsets my stomach without bubbles.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/07/13 3:48 pm

Yes, I am addicted.

rpanuli Tahoe
01/07/13 12:05 am

Does beer count?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/06/13 11:59 pm

anyway, coke and other drinks alike still sort of are the drinks of choice, aren't they? at least in america.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/06/13 11:58 pm

I don't know, I just think a lot of people closer to my age drink soda and eat junk food all the time, while older people tend to be more health conscious. I sort of expected the age filters to be the other way around.

Itabliss Hello
01/06/13 9:21 pm

I didn't get them when I cut them out. then again, I still usually have a cup of coffee a day. Not every day, but most days.

Itabliss Hello
01/06/13 9:18 pm

Why? People who are older grew up with Coca Cola being the drink of choice. I don't think it's surprising at all.

Itabliss Hello
01/06/13 9:16 pm

I quit drinking soda nearly 9 years ago. I still have one on occasion, but its more like a rare treat now. Once I realized the empty calories drinking it made me consume, it was a no brainer. And I just can't do the diet stuff, it's sickeningly sweet and disgusting.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
01/06/13 8:52 pm

Our Earth Fare that carries it is not in a Latino area, but now that you mention might be cheaper in some of our Latino grocery stores.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
01/06/13 8:50 pm

Quit the stuff 2 months ago, a lot easier then i thought. Use to love my soda but no more its better this way.

01/06/13 8:38 pm

Wasn't allowed pop as a kid so when I moved out I started drinking it all the time.

01/06/13 8:01 pm

I used to. Then I completely stopped because its absolutely terrible for you and it made me feel like shit. Glad I stopped

malibog 12309
01/06/13 7:59 pm

The only carbonated beverage I drink is beer. Any soda type beverage is too sweet.

01/06/13 7:41 pm

How is it possible that the majority do not? Every one I know does.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/06/13 7:37 pm

I'm surprised people who are older drink more. I don't drink carbonated drinks every day, but when I do, I usually have several.

01/06/13 7:03 pm

One a day is excessive in my opinion.

01/06/13 6:57 pm

Does beer count? It is carbonated.

01/06/13 6:45 pm

One or two a week. I'm a teenage athlete I can't prohibit my performance with something like soda. It's just the start if winter track in a week I won't have any for the rest of the season.

01/06/13 6:33 pm

Me too but I choose Diet Coke. I know it is horrible for me but I need the caffeine. It is my BAD habit. I did give it up when I was pregnant but went back out of weakness. It is an expensive habit that I need to give up.

cduttwolf New York
01/06/13 5:48 pm

Half of one a day at least. At most 2. And only non-caffeinated unless I'm at a party or something.

cduttwolf New York
01/06/13 5:46 pm

It burns my throat too, and I got into the horrible habit of swishing it around in my mouth before swallowing to avoid that lol. Probably REALLY bad for my teeth... Lol.

zourn Texas
01/06/13 5:32 pm

Only drink water when I'm running, mowing, or working in the heat for long hours. Otherwise all I drink is soda.

01/06/13 4:16 pm

I can't remember the last time I had one.

01/06/13 3:54 pm

Did you get caffeine headaches at first?

01/06/13 3:32 pm

With the amount of soda products out there, I'm not sure I believe this poll

FaceMoose Over There
01/06/13 3:29 pm

I actually really dislike carbonated drinks. It burns my throat, and I don't enjoy the sensation. That's why I tend to stay away from them unless my other beverage options are likely to taste like lake water.

FaceMoose Over There
01/06/13 3:25 pm

I drink a soda maybe every couple of weeks. Never at home. If I do drink soda it will be while eating out and even then it depends on which city I am in at the time. The town I live in has terrible water, so I try to drink soda if out in public when around here.

Doctorsgirl Alaska
01/06/13 3:19 pm

Nope, my beverage intake is pretty boring, water and tea.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
01/06/13 3:18 pm

Bad time to ask. Not for enough into the new year for everyone to have given up on their resolutions.

01/06/13 2:30 pm

I typically only drink soda at like parties and restaurants

ziggy Arkansas
01/06/13 2:26 pm

I've completely cut soft drinks out of my diet.

01/06/13 1:16 pm

The choices for this question should have been, 'one' or 'more than one' instead of 'yes' or 'no', because there is a difference between drinking one in moderation, or having more in excess.

tommysq Chicagoland
01/06/13 1:13 pm

One a week. It's the number one reason why people are so fat and/or unhealthy.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
01/06/13 12:35 pm

Only said no because I'm pregnant. After pregnancy/nursing is over I bet I go back to my Diet Coke.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
01/06/13 12:30 pm

That includes champagne including Gentle Sparkling Wines: prosecco. (My favorite)

01/06/13 12:25 pm

Would that be Champagne? Or is Champagne only Champagne when made in Champagne?

ElizabethL BOS . NC
01/06/13 12:23 pm

Sparkling wine*

01/06/13 12:19 pm

Wine is generally not carbonated.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
01/06/13 11:43 am

I hope most if you are taking into account that wine, beer, sparkling water, and energy drinks are indeed carbonated.

01/06/13 11:20 am

I drink carbonated water everyday. The question probably should have been more specific.

Drpaulitics San Diego, CA
01/06/13 11:06 am

I know I drink too much soda when I thought the choices were going to be "1 drink" or "more than 1 drink"! Lol

01/06/13 11:05 am

Pop is my vice. I drink several a day. I need the caffeine and I don't like coffee. Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper are what I prefer.