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Show Of Hands May 28th, 2012 12:00am

If you see that a movie has won a prize from a film festival like Sundance or Cannes, does that make you more likely to watch it, or less likely?

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06/05/12 7:05 pm

Usually means it's b o r i n g.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
06/04/12 10:35 pm

Maybe more. Probably doesn't have a huge effect.

JawaKitty Montana
06/04/12 9:54 pm

Less. Those awards tell me it's generally some weird hipster, indie movie.

shilove145 Maryland
06/03/12 12:57 am

@Trav..less likely to watch because 99% of films that have won an award from sundance SUCK...THAT'S why lol my views are almost always opposite that of's a marketing conspiracy (awards) lol

Nerdz Texas
06/02/12 10:17 pm

it won an award so it makes me wanna watch it

05/31/12 7:21 am

Personally don't care... I've learned to never go with what the critics rate it but to go with audience...

BigUgly Texas
05/30/12 8:34 am

"indifferent" should have been an option. Jeez, I've been away from this app for 5 days and the questions have gone to hell.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
05/30/12 6:52 am

@Trav: ok. using your logic, I should go see a movie because it won an award from NAMBLA.

lmurder MDK
05/29/12 4:40 pm

@cvs go back to community college and learn some bigger words if you're going to eat at the grown ups table.

trav Instagram, travisdover
05/29/12 3:09 pm

I don't understand why anyone would be less likely to watch a movie that won an award

05/29/12 12:19 pm

depends if it sounds interesting..but the independent movies are usually better than the crap Hollywood has been pumping out recently

schnoodled Washington
05/29/12 10:10 am

Neither. I base my choices on my personal opinion of the trailer. Sometimes I'll check viewer reviews like rotten tomatoes.

05/29/12 9:32 am

I feel that both Cannes and sun dance are less commercial than oscar winning movies. So the quality is higher but this not always the case.

05/29/12 5:55 am

@pinky exactly, most of the time those film festival "awards" mean nothing. though ocassioanall a great one will win like Juno

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/29/12 4:00 am

Less. Those prizes are little more than folks patting each other on the back.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/29/12 1:45 am

I say less simply because most films I've watched that win those awards or the Oscar for Best Picture end up being movies I wish I hadn't wasted 2 hours of my life on, so awards are a good indicator that I won't like the film. Then again, I'm not a film buff by any stretch of the imagination.

05/29/12 12:35 am

Is there a "don't care" option?

AnnieM The Island
05/28/12 11:14 pm

Also, my dad refuses to see foreign films and often the only way he knows it's foreign is if the cover of the DVD says it won best foreign film or something. He also tends to assume that *any* film at Cannes or Sundance is foreign, so yeah, a lot of people would be less likely to see it.

AnnieM The Island
05/28/12 11:12 pm

Polarized- I have family members that won't see movies that have won Oscars for Best Picture and the like because they claim that they never like those movies. I imagine there are a fair number of people that feel the same way about the more independent films. ...

AnnieM The Island
05/28/12 11:10 pm

I said "more" but really I'd have to say neither. when it comes to independent films I'm more likely to base my interest on the movie's subject matter and what I've heard about it from peers.

polarized Tennessee
05/28/12 10:43 pm

why would I be less likely to see a movie that has won awards???

FaceMoose Over There
05/28/12 9:43 pm

I love British films the most. They have much more substance and wit than most American flicks do. Example: the UK version of Death at a Funeral was hilarious and moving. The later USA version of the same movie was complete crap and a disgrace that should never have been made.

FaceMoose Over There
05/28/12 9:40 pm

I have found that the award winners end up being some of my fav movies. Not because they won awards, but because they are genuinely good. Good enough to, I dunno, win an award! But the awards do nothing for me except draw my attention to a potentially good movie.

05/28/12 9:01 pm

no influence. I care about critical reviews and what I see in previews way more than some film festival. I will say that I am very picky about movies & will not see a movie that isn't either getting excellent reviews or recommended by friends

05/28/12 8:54 pm

Actually, there isn't much influenxe

beatlesrock Indiana
05/28/12 8:50 pm

It would make an impact. A bunch of crappy things get awards,like Twilight.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/28/12 8:50 pm

Yeah. My industry has awards too. Bull s h i t.

05/28/12 8:49 pm

you guys, winning a prize at a film festival is not a "review", at least get your kneejerk anti-intellectualism in order.

05/28/12 8:41 pm

I could see it making someone more likely or no impact, but not less likely. that makes no sense to me.

lmurder MDK
05/28/12 8:17 pm

Less less less. I am my own best critic. I don't need reviews or someone else's opinion.
Especially some French men half a world away who think what they say means something.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/28/12 8:12 pm

It really has no bearing on whether or not I watch it-- so I chose 'less'.

05/28/12 8:09 pm

Why would it make you less likely? Republicans, explain yourselves.

LicensedNe North Carolina
05/28/12 7:55 pm

It may make me more likely, but I probably still wont watch it.

EarlyBird Portland
05/28/12 6:48 pm

I don't like the movies that win those awards. A little to artsy.

05/28/12 6:03 pm

Dumb question why really on critics there way to critical lol corny joke

05/28/12 5:50 pm

Much less, as French folks don't really know a good movie if you trotted it out in front of them. Seriously.

david suburban DC
05/28/12 5:29 pm

Just one more proof that we need 3 answer choices: Y N and Who gives a shit.

05/28/12 4:41 pm

For the record, Pulp Fiction won Cannes when it came out (which Bruce Willis was part of). Not all those films are necessarily "artsy" just not typical Hollywood.

because South Dakota
05/28/12 3:45 pm

I don't think Bruce Willis movies do well at sundance or Cannes, critics tend to go with artsy/fartsy over true entertainment. so. . . my answer is no

05/28/12 3:00 pm is this a political question to where you guys have to point out Republicans?

raywygo Pittsburgh
05/28/12 2:57 pm

If only the movies that won those awards we're actually good

05/28/12 2:21 pm

It certainly helps but I've also seen my share of crap movies that won awards.

SwolePatro Georgia
05/28/12 2:09 pm

Exactly. I chose less but what I meant was it doesn't make a difference. That's a better option than less likely