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When you attended, was it called Middle School or Jr. High School?

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07/09/11 11:31 pm

Before I moved to Iowa it was called junior high. In Iowa it's called middle school. Personally I like junior high better. It makes you sound older!

07/09/11 2:38 pm

they mean the same thing where I live. we use both interchangeably.

07/08/11 12:41 am

It's both. 6th Grade is considered 'Middle School', then 7th and 8th is 'Jr. High'. I don't understand why, but that's just what everyone says :P

afeliciano Florida
07/03/11 5:38 pm

In Florida, it's called Middle School. Grades 6-8

07/01/11 7:41 pm

this poll in biased because you have to use an electronic to view and post. Older people (most) don't use electronics as much. Older people went to "jr. high" and younger people now go to "middle school".

06/29/11 5:09 pm


I love wisconasin!!

06/29/11 5:08 pm


Same in wisconsin!!

06/29/11 11:58 am

I attendend an "academy", but it was only called that so we could get grants and such.

06/27/11 11:32 pm

call it whatever you want was a nightmare. I moved from Pennsylvania to California at that time and the culture shock almost killed me!!

06/27/11 9:25 am

for me it was middle school from 6-7 grade and jr high from 8-9

06/26/11 3:00 pm

middle school is grades 6-8 in connecicut

06/25/11 1:11 pm

7-9 Middle School for me

mememms WI
06/25/11 8:41 am

Middle school here in Wisconsin for me.

06/25/11 6:54 am

PreK-5 for me was elementary, 6-8 middle, 9-12 is high. Though next year my highschool is doing something dumb. "freshman academy" to shove all the freshmen into one one wing of the building cause they are immature.

06/24/11 6:08 pm

my state says middle school..but I don't know anyone from Kansas who calls it that..

06/24/11 4:37 am

elementary - 1st-6th.
jr. high - 7th&8th
highschool - 9th-12th

06/23/11 10:06 pm

Both. Middle school was 6th-7th. Junior high was 8th-9th.

Drummin Michigan
06/23/11 9:15 pm

im in middle school, its seventh and eighth grade only.

06/23/11 12:47 pm

For me... K-6 was elementary. 7-9 was middle. And 10-12 was high school. But 9th grade was a weird year; even though we were considered middle schoolers, our grades went on our high school record.

06/23/11 6:45 am

They aren't the same. Middle school contains 6th grade, jr. high doesn't.

06/23/11 1:45 am

Was Middle School, then High.

LSUstang05 Texas
06/22/11 11:02 pm

Middle school for me was 5-6th grade and Jr High was 7-8 grade. So I guess I went to both lol

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
06/22/11 7:55 pm

I think it just depends at my school it's jr high and it's all one school, but the other schools in my county and around it is called a middle school.

hfhdhd Pennsylvania
06/22/11 7:20 pm

I went a place with middle school in the fuckin name

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
06/22/11 12:15 pm

I went to middle school and then Jr High.

tatert0ts California
06/22/11 7:58 am

The place I went to had jr. High in it's name... But I prefer middle school.

lovableme California
06/22/11 5:21 am

I've heard it called both, but I guess middle school is used more

bambi069 Anacortes
06/22/11 2:50 am

This is not a fair question I live in an area where you go to elementary school, middle school, jr high and then to high school. So in fact it is both.

06/22/11 1:39 am

In Hawaii '89-90 it was intermediate school

laduena New Jersey
06/22/11 12:44 am

We didn't call it anything it was grade school.

06/22/11 12:29 am

in Ohio 7,8 were jr high. in ga 6-8 was middile

Jarky Illinois
06/21/11 10:42 pm

This is a stupid question for comments! We don't need comments for this one!!!

06/21/11 10:18 pm

I went to both: middle for 6-7 and jr. high for 8-9

06/21/11 9:43 pm

Nice! In Kitsap County,WA, it's called junior high.

aznhottchik Eastern Washington
06/21/11 9:27 pm

In Bothell, WA it was jr high. In Spokane, WA it is middle school.

homeagain NWA
06/21/11 8:22 pm

I went to both middle school and jr high in the same town

andi24 Ohio
06/21/11 8:03 pm

I didn't have either I went to private schools so it was "grade" school to high school

06/21/11 7:55 pm

While I was in school it was
k-5 elementary
6-8 middle
9-12 high
Since I left they have changed it to
K-6 elementary
7 and 8 intermediate
And 9-12 high

kandykane California
06/21/11 7:41 pm

Well, I have friends whose elementary schools go to 6th grade. And my cousin goes to a private school which is up to 8th. My mom says she called it jr high. My dad says his high school started in 10th grade and my mom was really surprised. I don't know if intermediate is different besides the name

kandykane California
06/21/11 7:37 pm

Wow I didn't know there were so many different types of school systems!
I always assumed old people (30 +) call it jr high, and nowadays it's called middle school
But anyways, here us how we do it in CA: K-5 elementary
6-8 middle
9-12 high school

06/21/11 5:44 pm

Weird, I went to a jr high school, but the results on my state favor middle school. :-/

catey Pennsylvania
06/21/11 4:47 pm

My schools are elementary- K-6 and Jr. Sr. High School. 7-12

06/21/11 3:47 pm

I went in IL and we had elementary k-8 and HS 9-12.

sharp Oregon
06/21/11 3:37 pm

Mine was neither. I'm really upset that I didn't get the middle school experience, because it was grades third through eighth. It was really easy to trip on the little kids. They were also pretty annoying.:l

BamBam Utah
06/21/11 3:28 pm

Here in Northern Utah we have
K-5 Elementry
6-7 Middle
8-9 Junior High
10-12 High

06/21/11 2:54 pm

There should be an option for both...
Telluride Middle School, then Lee Jr. High in LA.

06/21/11 2:40 pm

In Brooklyn, NY it was always Jr. High. I don't know if it's still called junior high because I no longer live there.