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Show Of Hands December 15th, 2011 12:00am

Do you support or oppose SOPA (the "Stop Online Piracy Act")? Google it if you are not familiar.

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dr.paul201 Pennsylvania
01/01/12 9:56 am

Help Ron Paul Get into presidency so he can veto any unconstitutional bills like these!!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/28/11 7:51 pm

While I support innovators maintaining control of their innovations, this legislation will be another example of the law of unintended consequences. It will drive more jobs overseas, and it isn't limited enough in size and scope of application to adequately address the issue.

12/27/11 9:51 am

All who support this really should just die

12/25/11 10:35 am

SOPA will be the downfall of the internet ...

12/25/11 2:08 am

I want to meet the 9 people in my state who support this, and chain them in my basement until they come to their senses.

ScrippsOne Michigan
12/21/11 4:07 pm

SOPA, along with the Protect IP Act, are the worst things to happen to America and the world right now -- fundamentally and economically!!! No governmental or political body should even be considering putting conditions or sanctions on the Internet... It's just too risky!!!

12/20/11 12:41 pm

This bill shifts the burden of proof from the government to the people and gives the government the right to search and seizure without warrants of the court. This is a blatant and clear violation of the constitution. Copyrights are meant to further the arts, not profits.

lucyLocket Virginia
12/19/11 8:12 pm

Supporters should strongly consider major concerns of engineers and the people who actually built the Internet and those who are seeing the bigger picture on how SOPA could be abused.

12/19/11 8:41 am

The arguments against SOPA are all using the "slippery slope" method. If the government stops people from illegally downloading movies what's going to stop them from shutting down all our internets?!? Calm down people.

12/19/11 1:44 am

How can anyone support this?!

dylansl Texas
12/18/11 9:31 pm

The Internet is just information. I would steal your idea like I'd build my house like yours or get the same cars as you or even take your program and edit it for the better.

dlyliny1 New York
12/18/11 7:33 pm

@nb35819, I read the statistics. I merely object to your gross generalization about people over 40. You may notice I have not made ridiculous generalizations about people under 21. Take it from an "old geezer"... going thru life wedded to stupid stereotypes will never serve you well. Merry Xmas ????!

nb35819 Atlanta
12/18/11 6:38 pm

@dlyliny1 the data shows, you're the one that needs to quit ring arrogant and ignoring the data in front of your face. Just because YOU understand technology doesn't mean the rest of your age group can.

bmgx Michigan
12/18/11 1:59 pm

Once SOPA blocks one or two websites, what's gonna stop them from blocking a bunch of others that could infringe on our freedoms ?

12/18/11 8:15 am

Look, SOPA wouldn't stop piracy. It would just censor the legal Internet in a way similar to Iran and china.

12/18/11 6:55 am

1st amendment freedom of speech

12/18/11 5:36 am

downloading media has been around as long as the Internet...I suppose the government needs to get along before they try to regulate it...

dlyliny1 New York
12/17/11 11:35 pm

@nb35819, I'm one of the "old geezers" to whom you referred (I'm 48) and I can use BOTH IE AND Safari. I can ALSO use Opera and Firefox! I've been "online" since likely before you were born (1992-ish, when "chat rooms" were called bulletin boards or Use Groups) so quit being an arrogant little puke.

dlyliny1 New York
12/17/11 11:25 pm

I'd rather have more ppl working for the USDA to monitor food safety.

dlyliny1 New York
12/17/11 11:25 pm

If it resulted in being able to control trademark/copyright infringement and media/software piracy, I'd be all for it (stealing is stealing...same as walking into Walmart and taking a DVD). I do not, however, support the creation of yet another useless gov't dept to monitor and enforce this.

nb35819 Atlanta
12/17/11 8:26 pm

Look at the age filter. A bunch of geezers support it and they probably ant even use Internet explorer.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
12/17/11 2:40 pm

This isn't about paying for content it means you cant use content you paid for a video for youtube even though you bought the song this will make it so your video gets taken down for having it.

FrankZappa New York
12/17/11 12:18 pm

Check out the story of MEGAUPLOAD, it's an example of how giant media companies are given the upper hand over real content creators. It's become so easy, and cheap, to create music, videos, music videos, etc., but these artists don't have the resources to fight the rich conglomerates yelling fire.

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/17/11 11:41 am

In the text of the bill, it also has language that will restrict seniors from ordering drugs from pharmacies in Canada. What kind of BS is that? You know who's paying off congress for this crap, don't you? It's all about controlling the masses. George Orwell had it right all along.

d2acc1 Ohio
12/17/11 11:35 am

To those supporting this, if it passes, you can say goodbye to Facebook, twitter, YouTube, reddit, tumblr, and really any other website you use.

12/17/11 11:10 am

I hate piracy and copyright infringement, but this bill makes it illegal to even LINK to an infringing site. I mean seriously, that's crazy. You might not even realize.

BadBadger Georgia
12/17/11 8:48 am

@red65coupe, Re: FrankZappa, You are "in the sacred presence of the Latex Solar Beef." Bow down!

12/17/11 12:52 am

this is actually pretty scary...It really paints a picture for our future and the govts role or "agenda" in it...They are progressively trying to control EVERY aspect of our lives, drain us financially, brainwash us, and eventually I believe "freedom of speech"....will not be as free

12/17/11 12:36 am

Mostly oppose it. Hate the people who oppose it without actually reading the bill.(they yammer misinformation) Basically SOPA is meant to go after sites like Pirates Bay. But still I would rather not see The Great Firewall of America.

Ethan182 Missouri
12/16/11 10:34 pm

You mean I have to pay for music now?... Damn... At least I still have porn.

helloWorld Triggered SJW
12/16/11 9:40 pm

I think that content creators should be fairly paid/credited for their work. It's not fair that honest people have to pay more than dishonest people. If you created a movie, video, etc. and charged for the viewing of it, would you want it to be distributed without your permission?

12/16/11 8:41 pm

If Google, Amazon, Mozilla, and dozens of other major online and tech companies openly oppose it, then it must be a bad thing. Bottom line: Congress is trying to control the Internet.

FrankZappa New York
12/16/11 6:37 pm

I think the point is more that you can use Johnny Depp as an avatar, or Natalie Portmann, or whoever.

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/16/11 6:07 pm

Hell no I don't support it, I like being able to watch Johnny Depp movies on Netflix.

12/16/11 5:14 pm

Age filters. That's why this is even being considered a "bill". Stupid.

purpledragon Pennsylvania
12/16/11 3:57 pm

Tony, you need a hug for posting this question.

*high fives everyone that answered No*

12/16/11 3:41 pm

You call it piracy
We call it freedom

12/16/11 1:24 pm

Funny people make censoring Internet republican/democrat issue and not an issue of us giving up liberties.

Br@ndon Your Soul
12/16/11 1:07 pm

Whats next, censoring peoples lives?

12/16/11 12:58 pm

I love how some people only see a bill as a threat on freedom when it comes from a Dem. yet when a reasonable Indy tries to explain how an (R) sponsored bill could erode freedom, deaf ears.

rosebud. Ohio
12/16/11 12:41 pm

Murphy- there are anti-piracy laws already here. They cannot control what is located in other countries. We can't go to France and shut down a company that is against OUR laws. Same as the Internet. If they are allowed to censer one site, how do we know they cannot do so with all others?

12/16/11 12:34 pm

lmao You criminals...

12/16/11 11:08 am

@Frankzappa wow didn't even know that...i had just heard of him a week i feel stupid...interesting though

yepnope Maryland
12/16/11 10:47 am

This is attempting to destroy one of the things that makes the Internet so useful and powerful; this will really hurt us as a country if it passes. There the govt goes again trying to replace an exceptional idea with mediocrity.