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Show Of Hands July 11th, 2012 12:00am

Would you willingly pay 5% more taxes if it meant that you could specify the way that 50% of your total tax dollars were spent?

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07/21/12 7:11 pm

I would like to pay more
In taxes on education because it is an economic imperative.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/21/12 9:41 am

No. Democrats dont want to specify where 50% of THEIR tax dollars go. They want to decide where 100% of other peoples tax dollars go.

They are great at spending other peoples money.

EarlyBird Portland
07/20/12 11:38 pm

I can't believe so many said yes to this question!

kywrite augusta, ga
07/19/12 9:54 pm

Tiltonallstars, if healthcare is a right, health workers will wind up as slaves to the needy sick.

kywrite augusta, ga
07/19/12 9:53 pm

No -- too many tricky accounting games can be played with it. Anyway, if departments can risk the loss of 50% of revenue (as they might if this system were fairly implemented) then I'd say they could just all take a hit of 50% across the board.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
07/17/12 8:03 pm

If Healthcare is a right, and I , one of the productive Americans, am forced to pay for Your healthcare. What did I do to become indebted to you? If you get it for free, and I am paying for it and you are not, Obama has forced me into your debt.

07/15/12 7:47 pm

Geobelker, Obamacare is fascist legislation, that will lead to more expensive healthcare, with reduced quality, and eventually to rationing. It will kill people, and that's just simple economics. It aggravates all the problems it claims to alleviate. It's in no way heroic.

07/15/12 7:42 pm

No, as government is inherently wasteful, and completely ineffective at doing anything except causing problems and enriching bureaucrats.

Giving them more money is to waste it.

07/15/12 12:42 pm

That's a hard one.... Probably no

07/14/12 11:23 am

No absolutely not, that's what I should have now, I'm not going to pay a premium for something I should already have.....goes back to that "no taxation without representation" thing

07/14/12 8:13 am

Lots of angry emotional people on here. Much of it misdirected. You can have a conversation without being snarky and narcissistic.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/14/12 7:03 am

We don't decide where the money goes. They only tell us we do.
... Nor can we actually track the spending of it.
If they can't accomplish what we need with all the excessive taxation now, they damn sure won't get a yes vote from me on MORE.

07/14/12 2:41 am

That could be thousands of dollars that you could use to support yourself - go vote and get involved to decide where the money goes

07/13/12 11:13 pm

I would love that... Stem cell research ftw!!!

07/13/12 7:46 pm

Whoa awesome idea! Would totally be worth it because we would eventually have less taxes and no debt!!! Where do I sign?

n00dles Florida
07/13/12 6:01 pm

I would if the scumbags in dc could be trusted

07/13/12 5:45 pm

@doopy thanks for a comment that contributed so much to the discussion.

NYevo NY
07/13/12 4:58 pm

I would vote yes for this if i preferred anarchy

NYevo NY
07/13/12 4:52 pm

@Nyra: yeah and? Thats what we always do. Elect, re-elect, throw the bums out. Its all part of the system.

NJConserve New Jersey
07/13/12 4:11 pm

They'd just use the other 50% to spend on whatever you choose not to... Dumb idea.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/13/12 3:22 pm

No new taxes. Not for anything - ever.
Not for schools, kids, old people or puppies.
Lack of money is not the problem.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/13/12 12:34 pm

Yep, she's one of the heroes of the Red Army.

07/13/12 8:45 am

Oh and I don't know much about Harry Reid but nancy pelosi is one of the best reps in recent history. Pushing Obamacare through was heroic.

07/13/12 8:43 am

However I think the alternatives (Romney or Paul) are both going to make things far worse. So by voting for Obama I will be choosing the lesser of two evils

07/13/12 8:42 am

@growup I have said this many times. Barack Obama is a mediocre president who has gotten little done. However I support obamacare, and am also aware that congress is blocking Obama repeatedly. He only had 2 years with a friendly congress. So I would say Obama was a disappointment.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/13/12 5:13 am

I'd pay an extra 5% for 5 years, if it would go to reduce the debt, the government were FORCED to have and live within a budget AND if Congress were forced to a two term limit.

I'd do it for 10 years if we could immediately fire Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

07/12/12 10:02 pm

If I could specify 100%, then maybe.

tayfray2 Tennessee
07/12/12 8:56 pm

Yes and as for why: two words, tax refund! Boom! And I win the interwebz

tayfray2 Tennessee
07/12/12 8:56 pm

Yes and as for why: two words, tax refund! Boom! And I win the interwebz

GrowUp Minnesota
07/12/12 8:52 pm

MrO promised transparency, yet allows the liar Mr Holder to hide the shameful actions of Fast & Furious behind Executive Privilege.

What happened to transparency?

Geobelker, I'll anxiously await your attempt to respond to these lies from MrO.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/12/12 8:50 pm

Geobelker ... MrO said ... "not one dime" of taxes on those making less than $250k. It is simply not true. He's already raised taxes on EVERY taxpayer, not just the wealthy.

MrO said he'd close Gitmo within one year. He promised to cut the deficit in half, yet will nearly double it. MrO must go

GrowUp Minnesota
07/12/12 8:43 pm

FakeSound ... the question isn't has Mr Romney ever failed, the question is ... Has MrO ever succeeded at anything?

All of the racists voted MrO into office because of the color of his skin, knowing that he'd never accomplished anything of value. It's time to fix the mistake. MrO must go!

GrowUp Minnesota
07/12/12 8:40 pm

FakeSound ... The Salt Lake Olympics under MrO would have been a failure, but at least we'd have known who to blame.

As it was, Mr Romney cut waste and fraud. He got the budget under control, and pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

This isn't the Democrat goal, but it's what the country needs

07/12/12 8:19 pm

@NYevo Yeah but that constitution and those branches are there
To Serve the people
And do what's best for them
And helps them to Be
Able to pursue happieness and
All that crap if they can't do that get rid of em and reelect or restart the government and mold it into what our country needs

07/12/12 8:18 pm

Not paying a nickel more. Feds do not need any more tax receipts. Reduce the deficit by cutting spending. Just like at home.

FakeSound Arizona
07/12/12 7:18 pm

Funny how Republicans never mention Romney's failed investments, i.e, Konarka and the other investments from Romney's Green Energy Fund. Yes, sometimes good intentions fail on BOTH SIDES. Don't be fooled by pundits playing politics to blame bad judgment in particular either candidates.

FakeSound Arizona
07/12/12 7:05 pm

Taxes are lower than they've been in decades right now. To still be paying LESS than what people used to pay AND get to choose where 50% of it goes? HELL YEAH!!!

07/12/12 5:41 pm

@stossel why switch president Obama's name around like that? And no one answered my question...

07/12/12 11:10 am

It's our money, and we have no clue what it is spent on other than what the fly by media tells us. You hear about all this waste. What you don't hear is who was responsible for the waste. People should be prosecuted for wasting millions of tax payer dollars.. Obama and solyndra?? Really!!!

07/12/12 11:06 am

Our current government has no idea how to spend it... That why our debt is so large and continues to grow. Our branches have failed us. We have to vote the right people in if you want it to change. We are all headed for some real tough times. Thanks government! We should protest all spending.

NYevo NY
07/12/12 8:08 am

You are aware that our government was created by our founding fathers and given power by our constitution, right? Stop trying to get big, country-wide decisions made by the individual. We formed the 3 branches of Government for a reason. Stop disrespecting our traditions and history

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/12/12 6:51 am

@All_Republicans: You realize this would be your golden opportunity to reduce the deficit and debt.

07/12/12 2:41 am

It does seem rediculouse to pay a tax to determine how your tax dollar is spent, but as it is I dont agree with how 95% of my tax dollar is spent so I guess it would be an improvement

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/12/12 2:34 am

I said yes because I'd make sure that it's going to something useful. Not to preserving a damn field mouse's habitat.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/11/12 11:21 pm

Geobelker, give me numbers. A lot can mean anything from 1 to well over a billion.

FNBS Tennessee
07/11/12 11:01 pm

I thought our representation was to do convey our wishes when it comes to these things. The 5% is like a tax on me to have a say so. That's just stupid!

2katz I live in Nebraska
07/11/12 9:42 pm

I said no because that would never happen anyway, so dumb question.

cobra302 Massachusetts
07/11/12 9:28 pm

Stossel wants to be pay off our dept. to bad we won't be able to when another country walks in and takes over. Fund the military, veterans, and their family's.

because South Dakota
07/11/12 9:13 pm

but true, could you trust the government to comply with their promises? certainly not Hussein b. obum. and for that matter I wouldn't trust Congress (or scotus.after their recent pandering decision) Americans, its time for a revolution.