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Do you think you are overall better off (financially, physically, emotionally, etc.) than your parents were at your age? (UserQ)

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04/22/12 8:50 pm

When my dad was my age he had 2 bachelors, 2 masters and working on his phd. So I'm pretty sure he was much better off then I am now.

mac Oregon
04/22/12 8:06 am

Not financially, definitely all other factors better than they had it. My parents helped me grow into a professional, they made more money in the trades, I have a better lifestyle, minus the advantages of cash.

04/21/12 9:10 pm

Nope- (& since I'm a republican)- I'll say they're better than I'll ever be- Thank you Mr & Mrs E. A. Krummenacher Jr! (mom & dad!)

04/21/12 6:17 pm

My parents were too young and naive. They still treat finances like teenagers.

04/21/12 3:27 pm

My mom was a spoiled whore and my dad weighed twelve pounds. I am better off.

04/21/12 1:33 pm

Not at all. Both of then worked on a farm at my age so they were definitly more physically fit than I am and they were definitly more mentally healthy than I am.

04/21/12 9:10 am

No, I'm twenty years old, still living at home, working a practically minimum wage part time job(that I don't enjoy), and I'm single. When my parents were my age they were married both working jobs they enjoyed, and my grandmother moved in with them because she couldn't afford to live on her own.

Nerdz Texas
04/20/12 11:00 pm

I am in good shape and my parents were both poor as they grew up, but I am not so I will say yes

tuvwxyz New York
04/20/12 7:26 pm

Yes financially and physical but mentally, I'm not so sure...

04/20/12 5:22 pm

Financially-yes my parents were never well off
Physically-yes my dad was fat
Emotionally- yes both were insecure in their towns.Now they are financially, physically, and emotionally well off and have paved that way for me, their stories are awe inspiring. Thanks mom & dad for giving me a great life!

04/20/12 2:50 pm

Well my parents were both fully employed and more fit at my age. Whereas I'm still a student and added a couple pounds in college haha.

04/20/12 1:23 pm

Oh yea, I have 3 bachelors degrees and my father was going to night school to get his BA. In summary, i have more education but I am not as healthy or as financially well off.

04/20/12 1:12 pm

Financially I make 25% more than my father did at my age in 1990, but according to CPI, inflation has been 78% since then. I am definitely not better off financially. Physically it is pretty close but he was less stressed so I have to give him the edge there too. Who knows emotionally.

04/20/12 8:00 am

Oh geez that's three different questions

04/20/12 7:14 am

and educationally my dad has a master's degree at a Ivy league college, my mom has a nursing degree. My dad invested his money well so he is living very well financially in his retirement..Me? I'm scared shitless that I'll be eating catfood.....

04/20/12 7:08 am

My mom had 4 grown kids, one a teenager (me) she went back to work as a nurse (she was one before she had kids then she was a stay at home mom), my dad worked at GM as a mechanical engineer. HELL no.

04/20/12 7:00 am

Considering the fact that my parents were both straight A students at fantastic private schools, then I'd have to answer with an astounding no.
However, My mom did end up a high strung nut and my dad a type b burnout. So we'll see.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/20/12 6:58 am

bhtim good point, and no, that makes it much worse here in the U.S.. That's mostly a "patriot" act, Cheney/Ashcroft/Ridge thing though. People, at least in Europe are not as afraid. It's much easier to travel within the EU than it was before the EU.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
04/20/12 5:12 am

Emotionally and financially, hell no. Physically, I have no idea. I guess, since they were hippies and drank and did drugs all the time and I don't, but otherwise, I haven't a clue.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/20/12 4:36 am

Have yet to experience permanent, full time employment.

RebeccaL California
04/20/12 4:14 am

physically - worse (FMS). financially worse. My parents owned a home, something we will never own as long as we stay in CA.

snafu Washington
04/20/12 12:37 am

Yes, at my age my mom was pregnant with her 7th child, my dad had a crappy traveling salesman job and they all lived in a 4 bedroom house and had 1 car.
My husband and I have a couple of dogs, a 3 bdr house, 2 cars, stable jobs and things are just getting better.

04/20/12 12:35 am

I think my parents were better off in the sense that they didn't have to rely on credit cards and loans. They saved for what they wanted, and then bought it. I buy what I want, and then pay it off later. :)

Rosebud Ohio
04/19/12 9:51 pm

So emotionally is probably a yes too. Plus they didn't have their first baby for... 3-5 more years. Man do kids bring joy! Physically- well, they were both athletes, my dad ended up turning pro. So physically, them. The rest... Probably me.

Rosebud Ohio
04/19/12 9:48 pm

I know my husband is. Hell, we're better off than they are now...
I'm not sure. They were both sophomores in college. Fiscally, yes. My dad was on a spots scholarship but otherwise very poor. My mom was running on bad financial advice from her father. And they hadn't met the love of their lives yet!

04/19/12 9:32 pm

Yes. I think most of us under 40 are realizing the NEED to spend less and save more (no S. Security, no reliance on home for $), make better health choices (no medicare, rising HC costs), and become better educated (jobs go overseas, high unemployment) than our folks.

because South Dakota
04/19/12 9:21 pm

zod. the world might be safer, at the cost of freedom and indivuality. does that make it better?

cato Santa Barbara, California
04/19/12 8:51 pm

Yes. I am far more focused and educated then they were.

04/19/12 8:44 pm

raphael237... it should restore faith in conservatism.

04/19/12 8:41 pm

My parents and my husband's parents were conservative with money and have done well in retirement and the legacy they'll leave behind. my husband and I have no kids or debt and are on track to be retired by the time I'm 50.

04/19/12 8:23 pm

Parents worked hard to move up

04/19/12 8:21 pm

Financially yes. Prob tied emotionally and worse off physically.

AnnieM The Island
04/19/12 8:07 pm

While my life is not peachy-keen by any stretch, I am very happily married, living within my means comfortably and my child wants for nothing.

AnnieM The Island
04/19/12 8:06 pm

At my age my mom was a young, divorced mother of three working 2-3 jobs to make both ends meet and my dad was injured, living off workman's comp unable to pay his medical bills, let alone any of the others and stuck having surgery every few months.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
04/19/12 7:58 pm

Financially and physically yes but emotionally no. I'm somewhat depressed but oh well.

04/19/12 7:43 pm

we need to go back to the 50's

04/19/12 7:18 pm

Academically, but that's about it.

Lolnope Somewhere silly
04/19/12 7:17 pm

My dad's dad had just died, and my mom loved in the semi-ghettos of northern Spain. Yup, I'd say so.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/19/12 6:52 pm

Overall about he same, maybe a little better off financially, a little less healthy, probably a wash emotionally as well. The world's a better, safer place. We seem less civil than in their day, but we aren't shooting each other over racial equality or the draft either.

osouless Whats Next
04/19/12 6:46 pm

I'm 16 so financially isnt a part of it, emotional I have no clue, and physically is a no

eradicator JC
04/19/12 6:46 pm

Emotionally and physically, yes. Not as well-off financially, but I'll take the 2 out of 3 any day.

Azazel210 San Antonio
04/19/12 6:41 pm

Although I'm not that we'll off my parents had to worry about being killed or abducted everyday so I guess yea