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10/10/11 8:44 pm

@arkantos Only two of the Beatles are dead, idiot!

emsies Seattle
10/03/11 1:03 am

I love how there are 121 comments on this...

10/02/11 4:19 am

The screaming at the end of "Hey Jude" is hilarious

c00kies California
10/01/11 11:21 pm

just ignore vanguarde. trolls will be trolls. you're just egging him on

09/29/11 6:08 am

Vanguarde is an f-ing rock star around here! He takes more hits than Obama and keeps on rockin'.

f-ing love it.

09/29/11 3:11 am

Vanguard you are a creep who has been be Ned from multiple gaming (dungeons and dragon stuff) sites for the weird crap you write on here.

09/29/11 12:17 am

Hey Vanguarde, don't make it bad. Take another shot, and make it better! #HeyJude #AllDayLong

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
09/28/11 11:04 pm


09/27/11 10:51 pm

let it be...let it bee...let it be, ohhh let it beee, whispher words of wisdom LE IT BE

09/27/11 10:15 pm


09/27/11 9:29 pm

Someone asked Vanguarde what Vanguarde listens to on Vanguarde's iPhone. 1. I am using right now the iPhone 5, do to friends I have at Apple. Where I have a good amount if stock. It rocks. 2. Vanguarde does not listen to music - it is a waste of time better spent in the pursuit of profits.

Someone Wisconsin
09/27/11 8:22 pm

Both! The Beatles rock my socks.

angiebrite Gallifrey
09/27/11 8:17 pm

I love when everyone in the room chimes in for the na-na-nas in Hey Jude. It's the song that everyone can sing! Such musical bonding! I like both songs though

09/27/11 7:24 pm

Nanana nananana hey jude!

blutuesday California
09/27/11 7:02 pm

Very tough call...but attempting to learn to play Hey Jude on the guitar in 7th grade was an exercise in futility, so I'll say Let It Be.

Dyl Virginia
09/27/11 5:15 pm

I think Harrison is underrated. i like a lot of his songs like taxman and I need you. nut I love all the beatles songs, and I'm only 13.

imgoathead Florida
09/27/11 1:06 pm

I like this question... It's symbolic. 'Let it Be'-meaning is clear. 'Hey Jude', the opposite- "take a sad song & make it better". It really comes down to "do you let the world turn on it's own, or do you try to make a difference?" In light of this, I will "be the change I wish to see in the world"

09/27/11 10:41 am

false dichotomy. both!

09/27/11 10:28 am

Oh ... Let it be. Hey Jude ending bothers me. Too much. The simplicity of Let It Be is what makes it amazing.

09/27/11 10:27 am

People love to hate, but google the top10 most covered songs and 5 are contributed by Lennon/McCartney. Covered by Sinatra, Marley, Vedder, Grohl, Ray Charles, and of course Boyz II Men! They must've been doing something right!

09/27/11 9:29 am

How can I even choose between these two amazing songs???

09/27/11 9:07 am

cairochris, you mean McCartney and Starr. Lennon was shot to death, if you recall.

Peaceful Minnesota
09/27/11 7:41 am

My son's name is also Julian. We call him Jules, which is the original name of the song :)

09/27/11 7:37 am

na na nanana naaaaaaaa. too much fun and even I can remember those lyrics

09/27/11 4:12 am

Let It Be might be a better sounding song but Hey Jude is one of the rare works of art in regards to composition, tension building, a completely unique and opposite structure for a pop song.

09/27/11 1:41 am

Rock today - and music in general - would be much different without both the Stones & Beatles.

09/27/11 1:40 am

Essentially the Stones revolutionized performances & the Beatles revolutionized studio recording.

09/27/11 1:38 am

arkantos - only 2 are, McCartney & Lennon are alive. Overall, I prefer the Stones but one cannot deny the impact the Beatles had on studio recording.

09/27/11 12:55 am

Take a sad song and make it better.

09/27/11 12:54 am

Nice. I spoke too soon.

09/27/11 12:06 am

I can't stand bug music!

eradicator JC
09/26/11 11:57 pm

Yeh, I love the Beatles and I consider myself a knowledgeable and critical music consumer, but there I hardly ever listen to them. When I do, I skip to the weird Lennon tracks and the superb stuff Harrison contributed sporadically.

FrankZappa New York
09/26/11 11:53 pm

Primus vs. Mr. Bungle
Radiohead vs. Pink Floyd
Guthrie vs. Dylan
McCarthy vs. Tiffany

BadBadger Georgia
09/26/11 11:14 pm

Oh, and I'd have to say Let It Be, without a doubt. But Hey Jude was a great song. Probably even better. Yeah, no doubt about it. Then again ....

09/26/11 11:09 pm

Tough one. Both great.

mememms WI
09/26/11 11:05 pm

I don't like the Beatles at all.

BadBadger Georgia
09/26/11 11:03 pm

Thanks for making my point so well, ameriCANE.

BadBadger Georgia
09/26/11 11:02 pm

If for other reason, I like a question like this because it tends to separate the pleasant, thoughtful posters from ... the creepy ones under the bridge.

BadBadger Georgia
09/26/11 10:52 pm

@Tony: Nice soft question ... or so I would have thought. Good Lord! Some people would bitch if you hung 'em with a new rope! Keep 'em coming, dude!