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Do you shop around for the cheapest gas prices?

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03/06/12 9:36 pm

Don't pay attention to the price at all. What's the use?

abrakadabra Ohio
03/05/12 3:59 am

Obama likes electric!!! So I am for CHANGE! Republicans & Bush still controls gas prices read about it, Bush owns an oil company! I'm sure that's why we pay so much for gas still! When bush was in office gas was $5 a gallon but now it's less than $3!!!

chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:20 pm

should I start shopping for gas in Canada?

02/27/12 3:31 am

I would and have driven a mile in the wrong direction for cheaper gas. It's all about the principal. If everyone did this gas would be $.99 per gallon.

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:35 am

I know where the cheapest gas is, I wouldn't drive far out of the way to find cheaper though

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
02/25/12 7:52 pm

yes, but I'm not anal about it. you can drive yourself nuts. bottom line: since I'm not on obama's welfare, I need gas to get to work.

02/24/12 12:15 pm

The gas prices can be as much as 25cent difference round here. I don't go out of my way, but when I know I'll be in a cheaper area soon, I'll wait to fill up

02/23/12 6:08 pm

What drives me nuts is the top grade in Dallas is 92 or 93 octane and when I get to Abilene, the top grade is more expensive, but it is only 91. these days, I drive a truck that takes 87.

02/23/12 5:10 pm

Happy2, agreed. driving around to save .10 a gal is doesn't make any cents.......see what i did ;)

huckeberry Indiana
02/23/12 5:07 pm

Thorntons = cheapest in the mid-west. first to go down, last to go up, unlike Speedway who reacts quickly to increasing crude.

02/23/12 7:46 am

My next car will be electric so... Can't get cheaper gas than that!

rangeman Lafayette IN.
02/22/12 9:04 pm

Other stations I don't use, Admiral and Clark.

02/22/12 8:45 pm

With the gas prices in NYS insanely high compared to the national average, absolutely. Typically, I pay attention to prices I see when I drive-then I go to the cheapest place for gas. Thank God for carpool though!!

02/22/12 6:41 pm

GunnySgt, thank you for your listing. It makes me realize though how regional stations are since I don't recognize some you listed. I know Marathon, Amerada Hess, Valero, and CitGo (used to be Cities Service Gas & Oil, a utility). I know Kroger as a grocer, and Amerada as a natural gas purchaser.

applestar Florida
02/22/12 6:38 pm

I watch as I drive every day so that I know where to go when I get low.

Happy2 California
02/22/12 4:59 pm

@SDLA I'm in CA too (SF) my point was that saving a dime a gallon on it Civic's 12 gallon tank really isn't worth the time and effort.

02/22/12 4:49 pm

Shopping gas prices is the silliest thing ever. by the time you drive across town to save 20 cents you've spent your savings. best thing you can do to save is always fill up to make less trips to the station...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/22/12 4:33 pm

Always check the date of entries in electronic gas price registries. Some places submit their prices during a "half day" sale and do not report hiked prices for a couple of days. This is irritating if you make a detour. Now I only consider current prices on the GPS or phone etc.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/22/12 4:32 pm

@DenverDM, cheap gas: Citgo($$ for Chavez btw), Kroger or for that matter any gas sold by grocery stores, BJ's, Marathon, Hess, WAWA, Kangaroo, Valero. Those are the ones I can think of off top of my head. They either don't put any GOOD additives in , or none at all into their gas.

02/22/12 2:03 pm

I live in a podunk town and all 3 gas stations have the same price and I'm not driving 30 miles to buy gas

Nadinochka Narnia
02/22/12 11:47 am

The town where I work has the cheapest gas in a 100-mile radius - too bad I don't have a car!

02/22/12 9:53 am

i always use Chevron for my car, the truck i dont care as much. had a friend that had a '60 impala and swore that chevron was the only gas that didn't cause adverse effects.

02/22/12 9:12 am

Too busy to waste time trying to save 3cents a gallon

02/22/12 6:35 am

TBLightnin you sound like a car person (which I'm not), and I've already said I'm probably too cynical, being in oil & gas and working with these guys every day... Anyway, you like Shell & BP-Amoco, who don't you like? Who's gasoline do you consider the cheap stuff?

02/22/12 6:18 am

@bella- oregon and new jersey are the only two states that do not allow people to pump their own gas. When all the states began losing full service stations the unemployment rate went through the roof... So they made the law so the gas attendees could go back to work instead of getting an Ed.

02/22/12 5:39 am

The biggest difference in my area is about 2cents, so, no. I don't.

02/22/12 4:50 am

Gas buddy this pole should be sloped since most pep here use smart phones .

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
02/22/12 2:00 am

Add me to the list of Gas Buddy users. Seriously love that app. However, I bet my gas would be even cheaper if I could pump it myself. I miss Tennessee more than words can say...

02/22/12 1:52 am

I don't have time to waste gas searching for gas.

02/22/12 1:23 am

Happy2, gas is expensive here in CA. That's over $50 bucks to fill up a honda civic!

Happy2 California
02/22/12 12:57 am

Why drive around to save a few bucks? It's not like gas is expensive. I wonder if the same people who shop for gas do the same with milk or coffee? i.e. Drive to several grocery stores or coffee shops to save a nickel.

02/22/12 12:49 am

I don't shop for gas =^-^=

02/21/12 11:54 pm

@middlOroad yea same here! I moved from Washington though. Weird.. xp

02/21/12 11:48 pm

It is a stupid law, for whatever reason.

02/21/12 11:48 pm

I moved here from MO, and got out to pump my gas and some girl said I could not do it. I thought she was joking at first. could not believe it. I don't like having to wait around for the wankers when they get busy.

02/21/12 11:46 pm

If you have to drive very far to get a better price, you might not be saving money anymore.

02/21/12 11:39 pm

Why is OR one of the only states with gas station attendants?? Ive always wondered that....

02/21/12 11:38 pm

Nope. Shell is my place!!! :D

02/21/12 11:32 pm

Gasbuddy app!!! love it! it's saved me a ton of money!

jamesmay Tampa
02/21/12 11:00 pm

Well, severandy, they kinda do have "feelings" and it's called engine fatigue. Cheap gas leave deposits on your valves and corrosion on your injectors causing worse gas mileage and shorter life span. Places like shell and BP add stuff to the fuel to help reduce that while cheap ones don't.

02/21/12 10:40 pm

gotta fillip on wed. prices go up thurs. and fri., but go down mon. and tues.