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Show Of Hands January 5th, 2013 12:00am

Your favorite player leaves your favorite team for their arch rival. Still cheer for him?

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cato Santa Barbara, California
01/14/13 4:37 pm

My favorite player is Barry Sanders. Yes I continue to cheer him on even though he hasn't touched a football in 15 years. ????

BuckHunter Cheesehead Country
01/13/13 7:23 am

Brett Favre is dead to me.

01/11/13 10:08 am

Case in point: Jerry rice played for the raiders in their most recent supper bowl, I cheered HIM on.

01/11/13 12:42 am

I won't cheer for him/her, unless I think they're better than their team

cairo2 UVM
01/10/13 4:24 pm

Though their role on the team, and how long they have played on it, affects how much my opinion of them goes down. If they are a major component, it would go down further than a small role player.

cairo2 UVM
01/10/13 4:21 pm Sorry, I understand it is part of sports to change teams, but I care deeply about loyalty, and not just in sports. In sports it largely plays out as greater admiration for people who stay with their current team & turn down larger contracts offered by rivals.

01/09/13 6:19 am

I'm an Astros has happened every year my entire life...

01/09/13 4:47 am

I was ok when Favre went to the Jets, but when he went to Minnesota, it was a slap in the face.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/08/13 1:47 pm

Whoa, boys. Play nice.

Besides, the Bruins are gonna smack both your teams around from one zone to the other.

01/07/13 9:15 pm

Brett Gardner is a good dude.
Much respect for him.

jinger New York City
01/07/13 8:01 pm

I would cheer for the player (Brett Gardner) not the team.
Go Brett!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/07/13 7:18 pm

This is exactly what ruined football for me. Neal Smith went to Denver and the NFL was never the same.

dooles07 Massachusetts
01/07/13 10:39 am

Yes, if it is your true favorite player then yes. Only a true fan cheers for a player other than a "star" on the team.

01/07/13 9:44 am

I'm a Yankees fan, so obviously I can't stand the sox. So in regards to youkilis, I'm pretty torn. I've never liked him, and still don't, even though he's a Yankee. It's weird, I didn't mind Damon as much.

01/07/13 9:38 am

If they willfully leave the team, it should be a crime to still support them.
Lebron is the epitome of a traitor.

01/07/13 5:31 am

Kobe's never moving to the celtics so I'm not worried

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/06/13 11:56 pm

breesus would never leave the saints. trick question. :p

NN03 Seattle, WA
01/06/13 11:16 pm

Common Seattle still likes Ichiro after he moved to the Yankees! But if seattle ever plays New York I hope seattle kicks some ass!

01/06/13 9:25 pm

Depends. If they are a talented athlete and a good person, and it wasn't their fault that they were traded, I'll follow them to their new team.

01/06/13 8:19 pm

My thoughts exactly. Like, EXACTLY.

01/06/13 7:58 pm

I would be angry with him, but I would still support him. My favorite players aren't just those who play for my team, they are players whose skill and style I admire on any team.

juicee California
01/06/13 6:49 pm

Sure when Shaq left the lakers I still cheered for him :) didn't cheer when he was drunk ! Lol

01/06/13 5:27 pm

Put the NFL polls back up so I can gloat and rub this win in their face!!!!!

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
01/06/13 5:15 pm

I would cheer for him to do a good job and to stay safe but I will still cheer for my team.

hippiedude fields of green
01/06/13 4:52 pm

Lindros was my favorite but when he left I still loved him. I hate the Rangers and I dont think he belonged in Dallas but i think if you are a true fan of a player, you love them no matter where they go even if you dont like the team.

01/06/13 4:27 pm

As a Giants fan, I hated Barry Bonds and refused to cheer my team as long as he was on it. He's a lying d-bag steroid user who sullied the reputation of the team and the game. I wish they'd take his worthless record away and ban him from the HOF for cheating.

timeout Boston Strong
01/06/13 4:26 pm

Yeah Damon is a scumbag... Unlike Kevin Youkilis who just signed with the Yanks.. He'll get a good reception here.

01/06/13 4:23 pm

I was too, because I was a kid who idolized him. I never cheered for him again. Now that I'm older, I still think he did a stupid thing, but I understand why.

01/06/13 4:19 pm

I won't cheer for him, but I will still respect his achievements. You can't blame a player for being on a team you hate, you just wish they were still on yours.

01/06/13 3:50 pm

Still pissed Johnny Damon left the sox for the yanks :(

01/06/13 3:31 pm

If not, doesn't show true fanship of that player. Kurt Warner left St. Louis for Arizona.. Still cheered for him.
If Derek Jeter would leave NYY for BOS. I would cheer for him to do well (and his team to suck)

MrWolfe Nashville
01/06/13 3:17 pm

Sometimes. I rooted for Steve McNair when he played for the Ravens. Class act that did a ton for the community here despite his sad & tragic personal decisions.

01/06/13 3:12 pm

In game seven of the Stanley cup of course

01/06/13 3:12 pm

Marion Hosa is a great example. And I died laughing when he lost to his old team the next year.

hippiedude fields of green
01/06/13 2:28 pm

Lindros was my favorite but when he left I still loved him. I hate the Rangers and I dont think he belonged in Dallas but i think if you are a true fan of a player, you love them no matter where they go even if you dont like the team.

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
01/06/13 1:00 pm

Who's wishing? Its merely an observation of his fragility. The kid gets concussed every time he sneezes.

01/06/13 12:34 pm

In no way are the Angels a rival to the Cardinals

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
01/06/13 12:21 pm

Wooooah. Never wish injury like that. Btw he has had 9months of rest. His head will be fine

tommysq Chicagoland
01/06/13 12:21 pm

His mullet worked better in Europe.

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
01/06/13 12:08 pm

Woohoo! Start the countdown to Sid the kid's next concussion! (P.S. GO FLYERS!)

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
01/06/13 12:03 pm

Sure, with chants of "trai-tor trai-tor trai-tor!"

tcadez Minnesnowta
01/06/13 11:56 am

I couldn't give less of a damn either way. I just came to count the Brett Favre posts. 5 by my count.