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Show Of Hands February 11th, 2012 12:00am

Should "war savings" - tax money no longer being spent in the Middle East - be re-invested into domestic programs like highways and education, or saved to decrease the deficit?

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Mythic California
02/23/12 12:53 am

And finally: What is your basis for believing that it's right to forcibly take another's property?

Mythic California
02/23/12 12:52 am

To those that suggest "investing" it: How much deficit is too much deficit? Have you ever considered the possibility of such a thing? Why do you feel that you know, or the gov't knows, what's the best way to spend other peoples' money.

02/18/12 10:20 am

Can't we do both with much moolah. Like divide it. No?

falco South Carolina
02/17/12 9:25 pm

invest in the right way like a pipeline and building a strong space/science program and military

02/13/12 8:25 pm

congress has a spending problem. they don't have a revenue problem.

02/13/12 6:15 pm

Yes, let's ignore the future generations, continue to waste money and energy on old inefficient infrastructure, and give the savings to the rich and oil companies as tax cuts.

02/13/12 4:42 pm


02/13/12 2:58 am

... or simply not confiscated from the people. that's the best option.

02/13/12 12:02 am

You people realize we are in trillions of dollars in debt for our transportation system? To repair it would cost more than our national debt currently is. Pay off China or rebuild our country....real tough decision.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 6:39 pm

BTW, since you must have failed basic US civics, congress is responsible for expenditures.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 6:39 pm

how would the economy be "flying high" exactly? how does that work?

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 6:38 pm

actually very well where I'm at. the desert....not so much.

mcdkm Houston
02/12/12 6:19 pm

RJ - if there was a return for all Obama has been spending the economy would be flying high. The Dems just keep handing money out to freeloaders so they will vote for them to keep it coming. Cali "invests" more than any other state - how's that working for you?

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 5:36 pm

because you think the national economy works like your home finances?

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 5:36 pm

can you imagine any business that, after sales fall, they decide to cut down on advertising, close up shop during peak business hours, and let their shop deteriorate below what their competitors offer? And you want to do this with our country? why?

RJ1969 SoCal
02/12/12 5:26 pm

really? so, there's no economic return?

bnnt Los Angeles
02/12/12 3:23 pm

No the government doesn't "invest", it either spends other peoples money or it doesn't.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/12/12 1:02 pm

Soccerstud, our schools are not suffering from lack of money going to "Education." They're suffering from the liberal teaching ideas, retained lousy teachers thanks to the union that supported Obama, and absurd restrictions and regulations and having to fear lawsuits. And uninvolved parents.

02/12/12 12:39 pm

make Congress and Obama pay into the healthcare system, take away a few of their benefits, and why can'twe downsize Congress??how many aides do they need? can we cut their pay???

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/12/12 10:38 am

spoiler, didn't work when Hussein tried the first time and won't work a second time. Government run stimulus NEVER works. plus we have ZERO MONEY, we are broke, we are borrowing money we can't pay back.

asstickler Michigan
02/12/12 8:41 am

@HolyBabble - you know that thing you do when you pop in and say whichever proportion you don't agree with are idiots isn't clever or cool?

NYevo NY
02/12/12 8:19 am

I'd make spending cuts and freezes on people using social programs and minor tax increases on the upper and middle class. Everyone chips in now while we still have a choice, so that many don't have to suffer greatly, later. Like Greece is

NYevo NY
02/12/12 8:09 am

Its hard to reinvest borrowed money.

02/12/12 8:01 am

Just because you were going to spend the money doesn't mean that now you need to invest it. Get rid of our stinking debt!

spoiler Michigan
02/12/12 7:51 am

Smart investments are good all around. Throwing tax payer dollars at the deficit is a total waste.

spoiler Michigan
02/12/12 7:50 am

Bbkk- you miss a huge detail. Investing in infrastructure not only creates jobs and a better economy but will reduce the deficit in the long run.

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/12/12 5:52 am

not to mention we aren't saving money on war. we are barrowing money to fund the war. remember people, we owe almost 16 trillion. Hussain said it was unpatriotic when we owed 9 trillion.

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/12/12 5:18 am

good job AGAIN dems. here is a short lesson. when you don't have money and have the chance you stop spending on something (ie a car payment) you then take that money and pay down other bill you have. you don't spend it on a new boat.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
02/12/12 5:06 am

Chop down the deficit. We shouldn't do anything else with it. No more government programs!

02/12/12 3:37 am

Our schools are suffering severely... enough said.

Happy Hong Kong
02/12/12 2:19 am

I thought that the current (horrendous) budget projections assumed not spending this money. If it is spent then we will be in a worse situation than the awful one already projected.

BadBadger Georgia
02/11/12 11:57 pm

At the rate we are going, we will very soon be to a point when every other issue in the country becomes meaningless.

02/11/12 11:55 pm

No EPIC, it shows that Democrats will spend this nation into oblivion.

BadBadger Georgia
02/11/12 11:52 pm

. . . but instead, use it for ANY reason that doesn't, I honestly don't want to hear them complain about the deficit, or wars, ever again. I believe the current deficit is by far the biggest threat to this country.

BadBadger Georgia
02/11/12 11:52 pm

When its the liberals' turn to complain about the debt and deficit, one of the more attributed causes I hear is Bush's wars. If they don't take this opportunity to use this "wasted" money to pay down the debt,

02/11/12 11:37 pm

@DeadEyeEri - republicans have proven to be the "spend on war, charge it to later generation while cutting taxes that could pay for it" party.. stop being ignorant to the facts!!!

sohuser California
02/11/12 11:31 pm

@epic how does saving money, and paying our bills mean we want war.

02/11/12 10:47 pm

Too much money has been spent on education. Stop spending.

02/11/12 10:46 pm

This just proves republicans just WANT war

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/11/12 9:45 pm

Either way the Democrats will find a way to suck it up and donate it to Obamas campaign.
There. I've made my token conservative a-hole comment for the day. I feel do much better now.

shanana illinois
02/11/12 9:25 pm

It's not really "saving" money, sadly it's just paying back money we've already spent...

02/11/12 9:22 pm

@roybiker I agree. I get worried when the words government and investment are put together.

Wes28 CBus
02/11/12 9:01 pm


02/11/12 8:23 pm

Everyone that whined Bush created this debt crisis by getting us into wars we could not afford should advocate not spending this "peace dividend".

02/11/12 7:09 pm

Only the private sector creates wealth. Without wealth creation there is no wealth to spread around & everyone is poor. Money has to stay away from government & in private hands.

02/11/12 7:05 pm

Obama has put us $4 trillion more in debt. The government now accounts for 24% of the economy. We should be swimming in jobs.

02/11/12 7:02 pm

I guess we should be like Greece, Italy and Portugal. They have borrowed for decades and "invested". They must all be employed and wealthy, right? No, they have very high unemployment with a low standard of living.

02/11/12 6:26 pm

I put save but that is, of course, a pipe dream.