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Show Of Hands December 3rd, 2011 12:00am

Would you rather be identified as the cause of intense pain to your circle of 10 closest friends, or the anonymous cause of death for 1 total stranger?

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jakugbe Texas
12/14/11 8:37 pm

what kind of question is this? I cause pain to my friends for free! that's why they like me :)

12/13/11 6:01 pm

@HearMeNow its an opinion app. You cannot necessarily be wrong in your choice.

12/13/11 6:00 pm

I don't have enough friends! *sniffle*

12/11/11 12:10 pm

I do not care for this question.

12/10/11 9:02 pm

Pain can be mended, death is forever

12/08/11 4:58 pm

Life is precious. Pain is temporary.

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/07/11 1:21 pm

Wow, just realized the poor and the young got it wrong too.
Old rich Republicans are the only ones who answered correctly.
I sure wouldn't have guessed that. SMH

12/07/11 12:22 pm

Hurr democrats got dis wrong durrr. In case you were blind or something all the filters are pretty much tied. And there is no wrong answer only your opinion.

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/07/11 7:12 am

Wow, Democrats got this one wrong. SMH

gradsmart Boston, MA
12/06/11 2:27 pm

Al3cn - or this is a social maturity test. If everyone caused a death rather than hurt their friends, then we'd all be dead. And what you said about IQ makes no sense. IQ is not related to your survivorship rate in the way you described.

Pre Michigan
12/06/11 1:56 pm

And I am pretty sure this isn't an IQ test... My IQ is higher than average but I still voted the way I did... >_>

Pre Michigan
12/06/11 1:54 pm

I don't know if I could live with myself knowing that I caused someone to die... I don't care if it's a stranger. They have friends, family and a whole life... And to rather take all of that way rather than lose a few friends? That's cold.

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/06/11 12:46 pm

Who comes up with these questions?

12/06/11 7:46 am

Also, This is more of an iq test. It's evolutionarily novel to care about strangers. In other words, it is not selfish and/or does not benefit your survival to spare the stranger. Ppl with higher iqs are statistically more likely to take evolutionarily novel stances. Credibility=MS in neuroscience.

12/06/11 7:31 am

Ya. Sad results. Shows what's wrong with the world. Ppl can't even agree on easy questions of morality. I'm especially disappointed in my fellow democrats.

12/06/11 1:58 am

don't dislike the innocent question, dislike the heartless results; with that, keep an eye on your "fellow Americans" who would rather cause death to you. THATS what's upsetting, not the question...In my opinion that is

12/05/11 11:19 pm

I was totally shocked to see that people would rather have someone DIE than have 10 people suffer pain. Sad.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
12/05/11 12:24 pm

Hmmmmm. Interesting. It's 50 / 50 all around. I said death

12/05/11 10:00 am

I'd personally rather be dead than in severe pain. I'm a paramedic and have seen first hand that there are worse things than death. euthanasia is sometimes justified.

BroncosRN9 Illinois
12/05/11 12:48 am

I can't believe you people would kill me just so your friends don't have to be in pain for awhile. And that half the country would do the same to you, reader of my comment

12/04/11 9:55 pm

Maybe you'd kill a stranger who was working on a suicide?

12/04/11 8:34 pm

FYI...I'm a somewhat young republican female who makes over 50k per year...just so happens that I'm also honest with myself...

12/04/11 8:32 pm

What if the pain caused to your friends was severe enough to make them wish they were dead? What if it was bad enough to make them take their own lives? Now you're responsible for 10 deaths. I have to go with the greater good here...sorry stranger.

12/04/11 8:19 pm

That must be the most interesting map ever

12/04/11 8:19 pm

I don't think a lot of people here have 10 friends.

12/04/11 7:40 pm

Pain and death don't compare. Taking a life...uh...can't even think about it. Hate this question but have to choose the first one

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/04/11 7:31 pm

With the current results: Young democrat women with less than a $50,000 income are more likely to kill. Surprising!

swimguy Illinois
12/04/11 5:40 pm

God aside, why would you end a life just to prevent PAIN-not death to people you know. that is just terriblw, utterly tarible

Br@ndon Your Soul
12/04/11 1:20 pm

@Hazhap...Me too! Even if they're strangers, no one has the right to kill.

NotAsheep Nevada
12/04/11 6:17 am

I'm totally shocked at the number of people who could so easily choose to make someone die.

thinkpol Pennsylvania
12/03/11 11:05 pm

Thankfully I'm very close to my friends and have already experienced their tremendous capacity to forgive.

Priceless Kentucky
12/03/11 10:55 pm

joists n others, r u so young that u don't think u hav caused gret pain 2 family/ friends thru ur choices n actions? tony, keep asking the hard choicest questions.... life is not easy so keep on keeping it real!

Priceless Kentucky
12/03/11 10:55 pm

joists n others, r u so young that u don't think u hav caused gret pain 2 family/ friends thru ur choices n actions? tony, keep asking the hard choicest questions.... life is not easy so keep on keeping it real!

12/03/11 9:21 pm

this reminds me off the movie the box or the button, cant remember the title.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/03/11 7:45 pm

Unbelievable results. I bet the people that said they would kill a stranger would also kill a stranger over their favorite pet. It shows the decline of our culture. Now that we have removed God we have successfully created heartless, mean, passive aggressive cowards.

12/03/11 7:33 pm

"Dear God: I know you said 'love thy neighbor' but I don't know them bastards, so &$@# it. Here comes another soul; catch!"

graciebug Kentucky
12/03/11 6:56 pm

Pain is temporary. Death is final. I never want to cause a death.

12/03/11 6:54 pm

I don't want to answer this question, but I wanted to see the results so I did.

DavesNotHere where am I
12/03/11 5:36 pm

Tiny, I don't the question because it's a lose-lose situation. How do you answer this if you wouldn't do either? Of course, I have the option to not answer, but that would mean my streak of answering every poll since I d/loaded app would be over. I can't do that.

EarlyBird Portland
12/03/11 4:08 pm

Tony, I like the question for the reasons u stated. Interesting that the ppl complaining took the time to vote and comment rather than pass on answering at all

yoggsaron Las Vegas
12/03/11 3:49 pm

I for one love the question id like more like. One where you have to sit back and think for a while instead of just the one you like most. Both sides are bad i had to think for a good 30mins. Id rather make it up to my friends the rest of my life them never be able to; to the family i hurt.

leftocentr Oregon
12/03/11 3:39 pm

Death to the unknown. Would not even blink in the decision. My friends are my family.

12/03/11 3:26 pm

"Dear God: I know that through your grace my friends pain would go away, but I'm weak so I killed a random Christian instead. Hope we're still cool. luvvies, me"

12/03/11 2:58 pm

I never met Hitler, thus I count him as a stranger :)

12/03/11 2:50 pm

if u dont like the question you dont have to answer.