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Do you answer blocked or unknown phone calls or let them go straight to voice mail? (UserQ)

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06/10/12 6:34 am

I answer them because I have a lot of people I nanny for (it's my main source of income) and the families give out my information so usually when it's an unfamiliar number, it's a new client :)

JAsher Fishers, IN
06/06/12 11:38 pm

LOL @ Mr. Coyote being on the DNC list...that's about as affective as a "No Soliciting" sign in front of your house; people see its there, but they don't give a crap and ring your doorbell trying to peddle their goods out anyway.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
06/05/12 4:15 pm

I signed with the no call registry, so if its unkoen its probably worth answering

Nerdz Texas
06/02/12 10:19 pm

I like to answer all my calls

06/01/12 2:17 pm

I always have one from out of state!!!!!
It bugs me so freaking bad!!!!!!

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
06/01/12 1:22 pm

When someone prank calls me, i go on my computer, open itunes, find the loudest song i have, turn the volume all the way up and blast it in the microphone. Good times

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
05/31/12 10:06 pm

Voicemail. I'm not comfortable with answering numbers I don't know. If it's important enough, they'll leave me a voicemail or text me.

05/31/12 9:24 pm

If one calls me I say "mikes rape clinic. You rape it, we scrape it" it's bad but they stop calling

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/31/12 8:54 pm

I don't answer because my phone is for me and my convenience. Because we carry our phones with us now I think it's the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise, you're available to everyone 24/7 and only God deserves that kind of devotion.

yellow Kansas
05/31/12 7:18 pm

If you screw with salesmen, charities, an politicians and waist their time when they call you. They never call back, but if you hang up or don't answer they will keep calling.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/31/12 5:51 pm

@surgeon: Your medical staff should be taking care of that for you. You have more important things to take care of. Have the office staff leave voicemails. If the family doesn't call back, they will be red in the face when confronted with their mistake when it causes unnecessary delays in care.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/31/12 5:50 pm

I screen all my cell calls to voicemail. If it is something important they will leave a voicemail and I will call back within 5 minutes unless I am in court. Pretty simple and works well.

ilikepie Pieland
05/31/12 5:45 pm

don't even let it go 2 voicemail just decline the call

05/31/12 5:08 pm

Answer- I answer nice & tell them to take me off their calling list- if they keep trying- I LOVE cussing at them! I feel GREAT afterwards!

05/31/12 4:21 pm

I still have a home phone and I block all private calls. on my cell phone I ignore.

05/31/12 2:55 pm

I don't answer most calls unless it's my wife, my mom or my job.

05/31/12 7:51 am

@ surgeon you get charities, politicians, credit card companies and the like harrasing the time you get a REAL call, you are either ready to either go off, hang up or just not answer at all..That no call list don't work..politicians are exempt from it..and they are the absolute WORST

05/31/12 5:52 am

You people are why I have to call family members 3-4 times to get consents and discuss plan of care...then you show up at the hospital at 6pm on Saturday night and want to talk to the doctor who has been calling you for 2 days like I dont have a family at home...grow up and answer ur phone

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/31/12 4:22 am

Either somebody's spoofing them, or they need a better system to call people back so that they don't call someone else. :)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/31/12 4:21 am

Kingdom, Kingdom of Swaziland, Ireland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Macao, Bahrain, Qatar, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Zimbabwe, and Trinidad and Tobago."

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/31/12 4:21 am

@blutuesday here's a quote from the Wikipedia page, "999 is an official emergency telephone number in a number of countries which allows the caller to contact emergency services for urgent assistance.

States using 999 include the United…

05/31/12 1:00 am

I bitch bump their asses right to voicemail.

sidd3 Arizona
05/31/12 12:27 am

for a while I had a copy of the "psychiatric hotline" recording on my vm. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it.

JamesMadison La Palma
05/30/12 10:46 pm

If its telemarketers i just cuss em out

05/30/12 10:15 pm

I never answer if I don't know who it is. If it's important, leave a message.

05/30/12 9:58 pm

AT&T won't let me block the bastards. Anyone who calls me with a blocked number will find out I consider it harassment and doing so a second time can make a police report.

05/30/12 9:24 pm

I have not answered an unknown ID caller in over a decade. Always straight to voicemail. One number called for over a year and never left a message.

kellyjelly Maryland
05/30/12 9:13 pm

i have my voice recorded on my voicemail, so i answer in weird accents and make them confused. and if theyre robots i pretend to be old and confused and make them wait forever. its fun.

05/30/12 8:37 pm

My asshole ex blocks his number so I NEVER answer.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
05/30/12 8:11 pm

I usually don't but if I'm bored I will. I love the refinance ones. I act all excited and tell them if I'm approved for a refinance will they also approve me for a home loan cause nobody else will with a credit score of 520. They mostly hang up on me then. Lol

05/30/12 7:30 pm

I act weird to make them confussed and frustarated

blutuesday California
05/30/12 7:25 pm

And "999" area codes don't get answered either. Totally bogus #s.

blutuesday California
05/30/12 7:22 pm

We rarely answer the land line at our house, no matter what displays on Caller ID. I never answer my cell phone if the number is blocked in any way.

snafu Washington
05/30/12 7:07 pm

I'm the queen of screening calls. I don't like talking on the phone and I don't like answering it if I don't have to.

05/30/12 6:53 pm

Figure if they don't care enough to leave a message, I don't care enough to answer the phone for them

2katz I live in Nebraska
05/30/12 5:51 pm

Answering let's telemarketers and robo callers know that they've reached a "live" line, and that someone is home at that particular time. They collect that info. Answering just to give them some crap only gets you more calls. Its like replying to a spam email to tell them to stop.

Bekka Just relaxing...
05/30/12 5:49 pm

If it is important, they'll leave a message!

2katz I live in Nebraska
05/30/12 5:46 pm

Even better: I only use my cell phone for real life. My home "landline" number is listed so it is my "telemarketer catcher." Its voicemail tells my cell number to call but the robo calls never hear it. I'm very selective who gets my cell number.

05/30/12 5:46 pm

I answer so I can tell them to stop calling. We had debt collectors call for the people that had the number before is for about a year and a half. I got so tired of the voicemails for them that I almost changed my number.

Wert A picture of my junk
05/30/12 5:05 pm

If i'm in a mood to piss someone of, i answer them.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
05/30/12 4:45 pm

Optimist, did you mean political? Just curious

lmurder MDK
05/30/12 4:30 pm

If its important they'll leave a message.

redebbm 91709
05/30/12 3:44 pm

I hate it. I keep getting calls from unknown and other states and they never leave a voicemail but insist on calling over and over.

14573 Scary Numbers
05/30/12 3:29 pm

Oh, but it's so much fun to mess with them.

05/30/12 3:15 pm

answer the phone as "Thanks for calling the city police department may I help you" they hang up 90% of the time.

05/30/12 3:10 pm

wow!! both parties. agree on something!