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NBC was discovered to have altered and aired a recording of George Zimmerman talking to 911 prior to the shooting of Trayvon Martin (google it). Innocent mistake, or intentional race-baiting? (UserQ)

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04/11/12 3:47 pm

he got charged for murder today

PetePuma Oregon
04/10/12 8:35 pm

This entire situation is 98% purposely fouled by media. It was a local item, perhaps a State item. But, it is NOT a national item. Had the "races" been reversed, we never would have heard about it.

snafu Washington
04/09/12 1:01 pm

They should publicly apologize for their "little mistake" between news media blowing the situation way out of proportion and the famous people (can't remember who it was) Tweeting false addresses for the shooter, people reacted like a pack of wild animals.

04/09/12 7:22 am

It's easier for most people to accept the media snippets and make an opinion rather than open their field of view to see the full story. Fully agree, GunnySgt!!

04/09/12 6:42 am

If you don't think ANYTHING that is put on public television is not politically of financially choreographed, you are naive or just plain ignorant of the real world.

04/07/12 5:03 pm

Firing one producer will have no appreciable affect on the bias and sensationalism that's rampant in "journalism" today. The industry is dominated by Machiavellian, opinionated and cynical people.

2Bfree New York
04/07/12 6:34 am

Divide and conquer. They want us at each other's throats. We are fighting the wrong people and need to stand against the tyrants!

I hope I don't get drone attacked after posting this.

adalla Virginia
04/07/12 4:01 am

Breaking news... The producer responsible for the alteration has been fired. Exactly what needed to happen. Case closed

adalla Virginia
04/07/12 3:56 am

If Trayvon had been shot while assaulting Zimmerman, ie while on top of him there would have been both splatter and arterial bleed. And maybe you guys clean up patients in the air force, but I've never seen it done in my 15 years as an LEO. Certainly not before crime scene photos were taken

04/06/12 9:47 pm

Rosebud I was just stating the fox news shows I watch from time to time

Rosebud Ohio
04/06/12 8:37 pm

Forte- why are you comparing news shows to opinion pieces?

04/06/12 8:03 pm

Yeah I know he is no longer on that is why I said "when he (was) on"

04/06/12 7:47 pm

By the way Glen's gone from Fox they realized he was a doomsdayer

04/06/12 7:47 pm

Maybe you have such a left leaning view you aren't capable of seeing fair and balanced, just a thought.....

04/06/12 7:44 pm

Jopat I watch fox news time to time such as the Red Eye and O'reilly Factor and Glen Beck when he was on, and I heard my share of altered news catering to and bias toward the right wing

04/06/12 7:33 pm

Airforce how long on average would a clean up like zimmerman's take?

04/06/12 7:24 pm

@adalla actually if wounds aren't life threatening "clean up" is exactly what we do. That's first responder stuff...

04/06/12 7:21 pm

@truenuff yes it does lol

04/06/12 7:11 pm

swimguy be very you watch Fox everyday? I suspect you are a Media Matters guy but good news there is help for you!

04/06/12 6:25 pm

What has Fox lied about? Do you have any specifics?

04/06/12 6:04 pm

the liberal media has been lying for years. the liberal idiots just keep following them like sheep.

swimguy Illinois
04/06/12 6:00 pm

nbc lied once, fox lies every day. this was rase-baiting but it was not nessesary, zimmerman is guilty.

04/06/12 5:16 pm

adalla you just trying to stir up the crap? Let it go! We will get the real answer soon enough. I bet you are hurt they didn't call for your professional opinion.....

04/06/12 4:54 pm

@adalla a close range gunshot to a human doesn't usually produce blood splatter at the entry side.

adalla Virginia
04/06/12 3:03 pm

And forgive me for being graphic, but close range gunshots almost always leave the shooter completely covered in blood splatter. I saw nothing on him at all

adalla Virginia
04/06/12 3:02 pm

The video didn't need doctoring.. It showed no serious injuries, period. If his nose were broken he would have had white gauze rolls in his nostrils. If he had a laceration on his head it would have been bandaged. And EMS crews do not "clean up" subjects on scene.

adalla Virginia
04/06/12 2:58 pm

You see how non-committal that answer is in context though? He is not certain of this subject's race and only speculates because he's asked. And he's only asked because its routine for the dispatch operator to get a physical description to give to the responding officers.

04/06/12 12:57 pm

Yeah he said "he looks black" i paraphrased the article, I could not remember verbatim. Also The video from abc was not doctored you could not see the scar on the regular video only on the high definition enhanced video. If abc did any doctoring of the video it was to make it hd to see the scar.

cowboy Proud Father
04/06/12 9:55 am

Yes. Zimmerman only mentioned race after being asked by the dispatcher, which NBC edited out. And by the way, Zimmerman said "he looks black". Someone should be fired at NBC. Not to mention the doctored video from Abc, which blurred out Zimmerman's injuries. Nobody was fired for that either.

04/06/12 9:52 am

Adlla NBC did not put together words that weren't said, every word , as a matter of fact, every phrase Z said was intact.

04/06/12 9:39 am

Adlla reread the the article the operator asked " does he look black, white, or Hispanic?" and he responded he's black. NBC only edited out that one question the operator asked. he did not mention Martin's race till after he was asked.

cowboy Proud Father
04/06/12 9:20 am

@vertias I heard the tape too. Zimmerman said punks, not coons.

04/06/12 8:58 am

@brrrrr, the editing issue wasn't about the "coons" remark. Like some others have mentioned, the call was "shortened" and the operator's request for racial i.d. was cut out. Sounds like NBC got caught trying to pull a "Murdoch."

adalla Virginia
04/06/12 6:59 am

@Forte667 - they absolutely altered what he said. He did not mention race when he told the dispatcher why he was calling. He was uncertain of the kid's race when directly asked. Clearly he was not focused on his race. By putting together phrases that weren't said together they changed the meaning

04/06/12 1:18 am

try listening to the tape while considering the possibility of it being "fucking punks". once you hear punks it's hard to go back to hearing coons.

burnsey89 Louisiana
04/05/12 11:47 pm

Veritas, they played the enhanced version on CNN. It's definitely not coons. It was cold. Another news program also said it was unseasonably cold and raining that night.

blizzle California
04/05/12 9:18 pm

Honestly, I don't see why people are trying to make this case a race issue. It's about justice, and anyone trying to stir the racial pot is just looking for drama for whatever reason. Black, white, yellow, purple, doesn't matter. Kids should be gunned down.

04/05/12 7:54 pm

NBC issued a press release that said they made a mistake. They did not tell their viewers that. And this was no mistake.

04/05/12 7:51 pm

Most people I know don't consider them a legitimate news operation.

04/05/12 7:50 pm

NBC. should be brought up on charges of inciting a riot as well as Sharpton, if there is one once the investigation is finalized. They should also have to operate like a pac for the president since they use public airwaves they should have to give equal time to opposition.

04/05/12 7:39 pm

Hick we have allheard your stuff efore the government skews the numbers, all administration have done it, maybe just not to the extent Obama has. Fox put all the numbers in the mix, you know the people that have given up, not getting a weekly check, part timers that want full time.

04/05/12 7:36 pm

I think fox would be more likely to make them
Look worse to make Obama look worse

04/05/12 6:18 pm

Fox has the right approach on unemployment. Sorry

04/05/12 6:09 pm

"Intentional race baiting" is not an accurate description. It's media sensationalism and from editing an audio file, to phone hacking to Fox distorting graphics to make it look like the unemployment rate has not changed when it has gone down, it's wrong. There is no such thing as unbiased news.

04/05/12 5:27 pm

here in LA when a trigger happy Hispanic shoots a black drug dealer nobody takes any notice.....?

04/05/12 5:05 pm

@casie they actually never told him not to follow, they said "we don't need you to do that", and was under no legal obligation to follow the operators commands as they are not sworn officers. Yes it makes him look bad but it's not illegal to follow someone. Also he only shot once

04/05/12 5:03 pm

And he did refer to martins race... After the operator asked