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If asked by a friend, would you lie about your weight? (UserQ)

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/02/11 9:17 am

Actually when I tell my weight people are shocked I weigh so much. Mussel weighs more than fat. Haven't been working out too much lately due to health really need to get with it again.
5"2' 147

10/30/11 7:52 pm

6'8" 245lbs I don't think I'd need to lie :)

10/30/11 9:38 am

I'm skinny so it don't matter

10/29/11 12:25 pm

No I'm not ashamed of my weight

10/29/11 9:30 am

Everyone who said no are lying

10/28/11 8:36 pm

what friends? I'm broke and unemployed

10/28/11 5:52 am

Even though I weigh 112 and am 5 ft. 4 in.(I'm a gymnast, okay), I would still lie a little bit about my weight.

10/27/11 7:45 pm

I'd change the numbers a little bit

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/27/11 8:49 am

Peaceful be very careful of herbalife have you'd blood sugars checked please.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/27/11 8:46 am

@nater the tape worm "diet" has been around a long time. They do not just like fat. They also like mussel. You know that one that can go slow or fast. You can hear it go thump thump. It pumps your blood. It starts working within weeks of conception. Tape worms like eating your heart too.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/27/11 4:36 am

@bellaj Being with SoH as long as I have (only ~6 months), I'd say that LuTang is either imitating Vangaurde, or he had a SERIOUS typo.


10/27/11 3:29 am

More females would lie? Um, not surprising. (;

10/27/11 3:28 am

No way. I'm not ashamed to be over 200 lbs any more than I'm ashamed to be 6' 3".

chefsusie California
10/27/11 12:37 am

5'6 126lbs. Btw. When I was on dating sites, so many men lied about weight AND height. Great! A lie I can catch you in! Way to start a relationship!

10/26/11 11:39 pm

Honest. I would never lie about my weight. ????

10/26/11 10:29 pm

@ lutang no way is that true

10/26/11 10:27 pm

I meant pounds not ponds

10/26/11 10:27 pm

I weigh 120 ponds and I'm 5'2

kandykane California
10/26/11 9:15 pm

I would think down of a person(other than someone like doctor, close friend/family etc.) rude enough to ask that straight out, but I wouldn't lie.

10/26/11 8:54 pm

nope I am 5'8 and about 170

10/26/11 8:43 pm

I've tried to steer away from tape-worming but bulimia is sooo controversial!!! it's like come on! ya know?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/26/11 8:33 pm

@nater Dude! Are you serious!? That is insane and crazy in my opinion. Much safer ways to lose fat.


10/26/11 8:12 pm

if you lie about your weight then ur prolly a fatty. I have a few great diets that have worked for me. for example: tape worms are a good way to shed a few lbs. why exercise when you can have a parasite suck the fat out of ur ass for ya?

10/26/11 8:02 pm

No, I am 14 and weigh 101!

10/26/11 7:03 pm

I love how majority said no, meaning they'd tell the truth-how can they tell the truth about their weight when they lie about telling the truth!! Women especially will lie about their weight no matter what especially to a friend and on a license.

10/26/11 6:15 pm

I'm 5feet and 145lbs! and proud! I have been through hell this year and so how found time to watch my weight

dylansl Texas
10/26/11 5:45 pm

It doesn't matter your gonna lie anyway.

10/26/11 5:28 pm

@lutang u sure u wrote that write? That's not ripped that's anorexic
And yeah I probably would whenever I tell ppl how much I weigh they tell me I look less so y should I let them know how heavy I rly am

10/26/11 5:09 pm

I lost 113 lbs last week. Now I'm 6' and 56 lbs. I'm RIPPED!!!!

10/26/11 5:01 pm

a friend already loves you no matter what weight you are. If they run away after you tell them the truth, they are not your friend, or at least not worth having

10/26/11 4:56 pm

Why would I lie about that? I am underweight and even if I wasn't I wouldn't lie
about it especially to a friend.

10/26/11 2:37 pm

No. I'm underweight so lying wouldn't b about being overweight. Plus, I've had 5 kids so im prou of my weight. :)

DamageInc California
10/26/11 12:38 pm

Why would my friend ask me to lie about my weight?
Just in case, that was a joke. I know what the question is, but it is worded oddly so it sounds like your friend is asking you to lie.

10/26/11 12:24 pm

I'm 6'1, 250 lbs. Sure, I'd like to lose some weight, but why lie about it?

10/26/11 12:20 pm

It's great to see so many people not ashamed of their weight! Unless their lying. I say, if you know your overweight, stop going to McDonalds and do something about it! Then wonder why your friend is so curious about your weight.

Peaceful Minnesota
10/26/11 11:43 am

No I wouldn't lie but idt anybody's gona ask. I am overweight but I just started doing Herbalife 8 days ago & I've lost 8 lbs
Laker~shame on u for bullying a13-yr-old!
Softball~chin up, it does get better! My 7th grader is made fun of, too. If you want to bulk up, you need a LOT of protein & weights

10/26/11 11:35 am

The weight scale is too mainstream.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
10/26/11 11:05 am

If I told you a weird store scale said I weighed 103 lbs., I wouldn't be lying...But the scale was about 25 lbs off. :) .

lindyj New Hampshire
10/26/11 9:46 am

I'd perhaps not answer because the question is a little rude. But I wouldn't lie about my weight or age because unless the person asking is blind it's pretty obvious I'm not 21 and 100 pounds. 48 and 144

10/26/11 9:46 am

5' 8". 158 lbs. 12% body fat.

Pretty darn good for a 38 yr old!

No reason to lie about anything.