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Would it help or hurt our economy if we effectively closed our border to products manufactured overseas (or made import tariffs extremely high)? (UserQ)

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08/24/12 10:16 pm

LOL at the people who said this would work
Do you even know how the American economy works?

08/23/12 11:16 pm

I would like a global marketplace but the playing fields should be as level as possible.

arste New York
08/23/12 4:14 pm

It would suck at first but it would be better in the long run.

MasterMatt Oregon
08/23/12 12:27 pm

It would definatly hurt but I'd rather be more isolationist sometimes. It's a tough one.

StNik North Carolina
08/23/12 8:29 am

In no way does this help. 1) We don't have the ability to produce everything we buy. 2) Countries would respond in like fashion. 3) Cost for new domestic goods would be high.

4) All the rednecks who complained about "they took our jobs" would bitch about higher prices at Wal Mart.

theparker Pittsburgh
08/22/12 10:33 pm

Maybe it would hurt but this is needed in a different, less drastic form.

08/22/12 8:40 pm

Elyonsia. Too many reasons why isolation doesn't work. Free trade benefits both parties.

08/22/12 8:39 pm

Vote for Free Enterprise! Vote for Romney!

08/22/12 6:59 pm

we should do what Japan did. we need to isolate ourselves. if we isolate ourselves from foreign affairs, we can build up our own economy before trying to waste money on another country's. we have homeless and hungry people in our streets, we must help them to help everyone else!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/22/12 4:06 pm

@gollyg: And many other big cities. And, oh wait, places with higher standards of living and quality of ligexxx

08/22/12 2:58 pm

I've been over this sooooo many times in history class. If you close borders and ports, everything has to be manufactured here. Many goods don't come from here, like chocolate. And American get paid a minimum wage. In China, that dont happen. That makes the product cheaper

seann Ohio
08/22/12 2:44 pm

Everything gets worse before it gets any better, after the blunt beginning and economic hit we would be much much better off.

08/22/12 2:05 pm

Great political rhetoric, yet in reality it would set us back to the late '19th century America. In general, smaller living spaces, smaller expensive transit, extremely expensive homes per sq ft, food, utilities, etc. Wait! That's Europe and parts of NYC today! Go Globalization!

08/22/12 1:42 pm

No union forces a company overseas, greedy owners do.... Henry Ford knew best... Pay your employees enough to afford the product they make, in the end the money comes back to the employer.... Trickle down does not work, but building up from the bottom does!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/22/12 1:03 pm

...Not saying that all regulation is bad, but it should be done gently. Neither are unions bad in principle. But if their demands force a company overseas, both the union and the (now former) employees both lose out.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/22/12 1:02 pm

I think that the very high tax rate, combined with some overbearing regulatory requirements and greedy unions, equates to a tariff on US-made products...->

Aliggan China and Florida
08/22/12 12:38 pm

In the Reconstruction Era, following the American Civil War, the economy shot way up with the development of industry, infrastructure and very high tariffs. The American system was the envy of Russia, Germany, etc. It may not apply to today's terms, but it definitely isn't detrimental.

HGolightly California
08/22/12 11:27 am

It would hurt in the short term but in the long term would improve and be easier with efficiencies.

Genius Texas
08/22/12 10:34 am

Us Americans are virtually to good to do manufacturing work. That is why if we did a complete overhaul our economy will suffer a complete crash.

08/22/12 10:22 am

I like buying cheap and working in the service sector.

08/22/12 9:59 am

We close ours to imports, we can kiss our exports goodbye.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/22/12 9:49 am

It would probably hurt right now because costs would go up for the American people and add to the depression.

08/22/12 9:38 am

Maybe it would help over a long period of time but I don't think it would do anything but hurt right now

08/22/12 9:33 am

Thomas Jefferson's Embargo. End Of discussion. Your argument is invalid.

jamesmay Tampa
08/22/12 8:24 am

Steve Jobs said a great example (and I hate that this is the case) this iPhone would cost around $4000 if it were made in the US.

renormal redefining normal
08/22/12 8:23 am

It would be like tough love. Teach us to be self sufficient and imagine how many jobs that would provide for!

08/22/12 8:18 am

We already tried this in the early 1900's. It did NOT end well.

08/22/12 7:17 am

That doesnt just mean china either by the way that's just an example

08/22/12 7:16 am

I think buying imports is a good thing but the problem is that we sell goods to china they put it together and sell it back to us double and sometimes ten times what they paid us and it's our technology that made it possible

08/22/12 7:10 am

Ok i just re-read the question and it is a bit to restrictive in its wording, I guess we see what we want to see... So completely closing off trade would not work... But it does make for an interesting debate

08/22/12 6:54 am

We can't be isolationist but we HAVE To be protectionist!

08/22/12 6:53 am

Is ridiculous at worst and naive at best. Yes, it's a world economy but there have to be checks and balances to protect US... Or soon it will all crumble like a house of cards. AND if you think the republicans OR democrats as a whole are here to protect we the people.... U are also sadly mistaken

08/22/12 6:49 am

But keep buying the propaganda because you get a slightly Cheaper tv or cell phone, and when your neighbor takes to the streets to steal food or you lose YOUR job... Then tell me how great things are. All nations of the world are not equal, so the idea that completely deregulated free trade works

08/22/12 6:46 am

They choose to move overseas because per unit they make a few bucks more per unit, but because of the volume, it adds up to billions. If we continually have a large imbalance, only the few percent at the top will be ok, the middle class will disappear and we will look like a third world oligarchy

08/22/12 6:43 am

There are ways to balance trade, which include tariff rates introduced gradually, stopping tax breaks for companies that move overseas, giving tax breaks to companies that stay here and hire our workers. The funny thing is companies could manufacture here, NOT raise prices and still make a profit

08/22/12 6:39 am

Why does everyone argue the most extreme sides of an argument to prove a point? If two countries have a TRADE BALANCE, then tariff free trade is possible. If there is an extreme imbalance or high tariff rates are effectively charged to us (like with China) then we are hurt.

MadJefrson West Virginia
08/22/12 5:49 am

Help! We have to re-establish our manufacturing base. Without manufacturing our economy will never stabilize. And this comes from someone with a Masters degree and works in IT. So, I'm not just being self serving with my views.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/22/12 5:32 am

I don't think that kind of isolationism and protectionism would help us.

wiildkat Propertarian
08/22/12 5:01 am

Haha ya that would work. Check how smoot-hawley's worked out.

08/22/12 4:35 am

Prices would increase drastically like a tax.

KommsWife Indiana
08/22/12 3:29 am

Drhawkeye, how does that prove free trade dosnt work?

drhawkeye CA
08/22/12 3:20 am

Look in front of you and pickup the first manufactured product you see. There's a 98% chance it was made in China, 1% Taiwan, 1% Japan, and .009% made in America. There's also a .009% margin of error.

KommsWife Indiana
08/22/12 3:14 am

Sort of like European mercantilism back one the 1600s-1800s, pre capitalism vs socialism economic models