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gogators Florida
08/03/12 5:56 pm

Locte smokes pot too, he's no saint

08/03/12 9:33 am

Phelps used to live like 20 minutes away from me

08/01/12 8:46 pm

Ms aine- phelps smoked weed and it made him lazy and unmotivated .....sarcasm

08/01/12 8:46 pm

Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time!

08/01/12 5:18 pm

Phelps lost me when he was stupid enough to get caught smoking marijuana after the last Olympics.

We need good heroes for our children. Real heroes that make our children want to BE something, not HAVE something. It makes me mad to think about it again

latebird SOH Bunker
07/31/12 7:19 pm

Phelps still had the bet leg on the us team so

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:40 am

The French have always been good. Yannick Agnel is a beast, don't blame Lochte.

07/31/12 6:39 am

Phelps because Lochte fucked it up for us.

mrhelpurbiz Indiana
07/31/12 12:53 am

Lochte is an idiot. I wonder how many vote changes have occurred since he's been performing below expectations in the games? Let's ask that!

BushyTop Seattle, WA
07/30/12 10:39 pm

Lochte is a punk. He comes across like his whole goal is to show Phelps up. Like he's annoyed at the fact that Phelps had the single greatest performance of any athlete in any sport of any Olympics. The grill is embarrassing. It's associated with ignorant rappers, not athletes representing a country

07/30/12 7:26 pm

I think lochst needs to grow up a little he's a really good swimmer but he should realize he's representing our country and his actions reflect on it... I'm not trashing him it's just well you know

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/30/12 7:22 pm

Lol, more girls would choose lochte...

nerdy Massachusetts
07/30/12 1:40 pm

Lochte is a great swimmer but a toolbag. Grillz? Really? At the Olympics? He is racing for our country, how embarrassing. Phelps all the way.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/12 1:27 pm

Everybody's hating on the grill. It's his thing. People have things that's just THEIR thing. When my boat rows, we wear alternating colored bandanas. When Lochte wins, he wears grills. I think we need to chill, I don't see anybody that just won an Olympic race on here....

timeout Boston Strong
07/30/12 1:05 pm

Folks we were not expected to win this event the fact that we came in a strong second is good. No one screwed up. The 100 is not Lochte event. Both these guys should do fine.

07/30/12 12:00 pm

I think Lochte is SUPER attractive.. Like a Greek God.. His smile and bod are to die for ..... BUT none of that matters when he's wearing 'grillz' on the medal stand! Talk about tasteless and immature.. He's representing THE USA and he looks ridiculous. *shudders*

07/30/12 11:33 am

I don't hate Lochte because he blew the relay. I hate him because he's a tool. Wearing a friggin grill on the medal stand? He's a national embarrassment. Swimming doesn't need a "Happy Gilmore". Show some class Lochte. Be a good sport and win or lose with some dignity.

07/30/12 10:13 am

I think Lochte did his best on the relay.... He was just no match for the other guy....

07/30/12 10:09 am

Lochte is great, so is Phelps. Lochte Screwed up but that is no reason to hate him, he is still a great swimmer on par with Phelps. I still prefer Phelps.

davidlattimer Arizona
07/30/12 9:27 am

for those of you saying oh he's not good cause of that relay its no surprise 2008 was the first olympics the french lost that race in a very long time and it wasn't phelps that made them win it at all it was lezak

07/30/12 9:17 am

It's one thing to lose a race but to lose a race for a team!!? I see where Lochte's priorities are at!
It's more the coaches fault for using lochte!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/30/12 8:56 am

Lochte? No. He's good, but no Phelps good. locate had a perfect lead, but he blew it. Sometimes the underdog isn't do good. But the bright side? He'll be much better next year, and in the other competitions. It was the French this time, it was payback.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/12 8:50 am

He's been lighting up more than before these Olympics. Weed has nothing to do with it, the fact he don't train hard does.

07/30/12 7:46 am

Lochte also seems like a bit of a douche. That grill? Not classy in the least.

07/30/12 7:45 am

While Ryan Lochte has doubtless worked hard for these Olympics, I really hope Phelps doesn't bomb his last games. I think he deserves at least one gold.

yepnope Maryland
07/30/12 7:39 am

Andrew, you just called one of the best athletes in recorded history a disgrace? I understand why some people don't like him (he's arrogant) but he is no disgrace.

gtnlkyinky Kentucky
07/30/12 5:12 am

Phelps is one of the best Olympians of all time!!! He's got the medals to prove it!

andrew2052 New York
07/30/12 4:20 am

Wile phelps was getting high and hanging put, Lochte was working out and training to be the best. Phelps should have never went in. He is a disgrace. .

07/30/12 12:52 am

Phelps is easier to pronounce so I'm going with Phelps. (:

HAUSTYLE California
07/29/12 11:49 pm

and Ryan lochte lossed the men's relay tonight. Ryan you blow nuts. silver isn't bad though... but we had the gold in our grasps and you f u c ked it up. Phelps!!!!!

HAUSTYLE California
07/29/12 11:45 pm

Phelps smokes weed and still kicks the worlds ass. that's how I feel everyday I blaze. Phelps for sure.

kris55 Alabama
07/29/12 11:38 pm

Ryan lochte is a classless douche.

07/29/12 10:37 pm

@Hononegah: Mark Spitz put the sport of swimming on the map.

Michael Phelps rekindled interest and made it relevant to a new generation.

07/29/12 10:32 pm

I suspect Lochte was so out of gas from beating Phelps in the individual that he gave away a lead in the relay.

Their rivalry will push each other.

peacenskis Alaska
07/29/12 9:40 pm

Love them both! I picked Phelps since I've admired him longer, but they are both great. Bottom line: USA

Wes28 CBus
07/29/12 8:38 pm

Phelps! Jeeze he has won tons of gold medals for the Us, just because he is a little older this year does not mean we should forget his past!

adamw Ohio
07/29/12 8:35 pm

I chose phelps because we can't just forget how good he was even if he hasn't done as well recently

07/29/12 8:16 pm

Used to be phelps but he doesn't seem to care anymore

07/29/12 7:59 pm

Lochte is full of him self he has no class and is arrogant it's sad

14573 Scary Numbers
07/29/12 7:22 pm

I was fine with phelps till he lost, heck he didn't even medal, and when an interviewer met with him he seemed completely apathetic to the loss. It seems he just doesn't even care anymore...

hononegah Illinois
07/29/12 7:18 pm

Phelps may have lost but he was the man who put the sport on the map and is expected at least 3 golds

07/29/12 7:11 pm

He has a reason to be arrogant. He's by far the most decorated Olympian ever.

07/29/12 7:04 pm

I use to LOVE phelps but after what he did I'm all 4 lochte but he didn't take his part in the relay

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/29/12 6:50 pm

@optimist6: And the Chinese, so far...

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/29/12 6:38 pm

Either way, America rules the pools!

because South Dakota
07/29/12 5:45 pm

Phelps smokes the Ganja . makes him the better person, not afraid to try new things in life.