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Show Of Hands January 4th, 2013 12:00am

Do you believe in true "love at first sight"?

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RayX quit
01/13/13 4:02 pm

In college it happened to me three times in one week.
i believe!

01/10/13 6:47 pm

Sorry for sounding stupid guys but what is lust? •-•

patjc123 Monmouth County, NJ
01/10/13 4:10 pm

My grandparents saw each other, and love happened, and they were married for 60 years until death did them part. Yes, I'm a believer.

EnginE3r Texas
01/10/13 8:04 am

I believe in being attracted at first sight, but loving someone will happen after you get to know them.

01/08/13 8:33 am

You know you will be surprised, everyone is beautiful for someone.

01/07/13 8:18 pm

Ya it never specified to exclude kids.

sarakay Down the Bayou
01/07/13 8:11 pm

I think I will change my answer. Didn't think if it that way.

01/07/13 4:19 am

i believein repressed love @ first sight. like u see someone and u want to be friends but u realize you love them later toom me 2 years for that to happen

kiera 55124
01/06/13 10:31 pm

It's never happened with a man. With my kids, that's a completely different story

dotails DotUrTsAndCrossUrEyes
01/06/13 9:13 pm

Love is a limited word in english if you mean infatuation then yes if you mean the action the yes. If you mean finding a soulmate by mearly looking ate their body, no.

01/06/13 5:43 pm

I met this girl a couple months ago and on the same knight I met 7 or 8 new girls. According to one of my friends that knows here she is obsessed with me and she says it was love at first site. When my friend told me this I didn't remember who this girl is. One sided love at first site yes.

01/06/13 5:24 pm

No! Who sees a fat person & falls in love? And the good looking you have to work for!

susanr Colorado
01/06/13 3:12 pm

No. You may be strongly attracted to them, but you really don't know who they are yet.

tommysq Chicagoland
01/06/13 1:15 pm

I believe in I'd like to hit that in first sight. Love? Love takes time.

01/06/13 12:52 pm

I'd love to believe in it.

mcspee Indiana
01/06/13 10:53 am

Enduring love seems to be the problem

01/06/13 10:02 am

No. Love isn't about looks.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
01/06/13 8:56 am

It was most definitely not lust at first sight. But undeniable love, which has never faltered since that day.

thehopedivision Atlanta
01/06/13 8:54 am

I was in love with dat ass and dem titties at first sight. Been happily married for 8 years now.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
01/06/13 8:53 am

When I saw the love of my life, it was most definitely love at first sight.

01/06/13 7:44 am

@10110100 I was gonna say that! But oh, I get by with a little help from my friends.

01/06/13 2:26 am

yes, im certain that it happens all the time.

gamestress Texas
01/05/13 11:51 pm

It's never happened to me, and I think it's rare, but I think it does happen.

01/05/13 11:17 pm

Attraction or lust at first sight, but love, no.

jamesssss St. Louis, MO
01/05/13 11:10 pm

I was shown pictures of a cute, single girl but wasn't I interested. Saw her in person unexpectedly, one night and couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Two and a half years later, we married :)

madeit Houston Area
01/05/13 11:07 pm

That's not love, that's attraction, which is fine, but real love takes sacrifice, commitment, forgiveness and hard work.

acavemand The Burgh
01/05/13 10:48 pm

others their lives. All over the course of (I think) 5 days between two minors. The only good result was that it made the Capulets and Montagues stop fighting. Purely fictitious but nonetheless completely devoid of true love.

acavemand The Burgh
01/05/13 10:45 pm

Bull crap @cornybread. They met at a party, thought the other one was hot, had sex, Romeo whooped Tybalt's ass, they decide to elope, and then all hell breaks loose and they end up dead. They were so lustful that their youthful, teenage hormones made them act irrationally and it cost them and many..

FAPmachine Pennsylvania
01/05/13 9:24 pm

What about love at first taste?

DaKernal Colorado
01/05/13 9:18 pm

Doesn't our relativistic culture teach us that we must have meaningless sex over a number of years, do what we want in the relationship, and move on to the next best thing before we fall in love?

widdy76 always here
01/05/13 9:13 pm

I voted yes- the day I met my husband There was a very strong, unmistakable connection between us. Sparks-fireworks-chemistry- whatever you want to call it. We took time dating, but there was no denying what we both felt.

01/05/13 8:34 pm

Infatuation at first sight, yes, however true love takes a bit more time. It's a commitment.

01/05/13 8:26 pm

It seems like every time I want to say something in a comment, the person before me has just said the same thing.

wears Tennessee
01/05/13 8:15 pm

Lust at first site not love.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
01/05/13 7:47 pm

Other men have loved their children at first sight.

We are designed to love and to be loved. That process is strengthened over time, but it can start instantly.

satguy08 California
01/05/13 7:44 pm

My great sadness is the future I will be all alone. We are fighting cancer, and I sob for the battle will be lost, and much of me will die with her, for she completes me.

01/05/13 6:27 pm

The first time I held each of my babies. :)

kubu1218 Texas
01/05/13 6:00 pm

Maybe when/if it ever happens to me I'll believe in it.

01/05/13 5:23 pm

Nah. Well. Mabe. I know that you definetly need to interact with the person. No matter the looks, they always become more attractive after you talk to them. Witch proves that looks arent everything. So i cant really say that love on first sight is real

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/05/13 5:21 pm

I loved your post at first sight!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/05/13 5:00 pm

Yes, not at first sight, but at first conversation - close enough. Basically, until proven otherwise, I'm willing to believe she's as perfect as she seems . It works the other way too. Every teenage boy learns early on, if she seems good to go, for god's sake, stop talking before you screw it up.