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Show Of Hands January 13th, 2012 12:00am

Jane downloads an album of mp3s off of BitTorrent. John walks out of a local retailer with a CD of the same songs tucked under his shirt. Both equally wrong?

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Sami-Sama Nevada
01/26/12 5:00 pm

Honestly, I do what Jane did a lot. But what John did wasn't just not supporting the singer(s)/band, but he also hurt the store he stole the CD from.

01/24/12 7:03 pm

John is stupid Jane is smart

yesmaam socal
01/23/12 5:13 pm

I'm more with Jane. That just proves John is just plain dumb and doesn't know his resources.

01/22/12 5:26 pm

Stealing is stealing, regardless of the format of the music.

01/21/12 9:21 pm

No. Not even close. The local retailer has an investment in the physical cd that cannot be cloned by a click of the mouse. The retailer suffers a real loss.

Modish Westros
01/21/12 7:21 pm

No, because if you physically stole the album, stealing from the store's profit

01/21/12 5:46 am

is bad as it sounds, I would never steal from a store, but I have downloaded music. I think most people that do download, do it because they don't think they will receive a consequence.

01/20/12 3:12 pm

Both equally wrong, just like stealing movies or downloading pirated films

01/20/12 1:23 pm

But it is not unless I sell it for a gain. Or if I record the song off the radio is that also stealing? There are artist's that have proven that you can give a song away and make money. Rember that the music and movie have fought radio tv VCR's tape players they have even fought sheet music.

QConserv California
01/20/12 9:26 am

@Maxums, actually that's copyright infringement ;D

01/20/12 2:22 am

If my friend has a BMW. And use my own tools and materials to Reproduce it have I stolen from BMW? I just use his as a reference.

01/19/12 10:07 pm

yes both are stealing

01/18/12 1:38 pm

@petra if I worked for a company that made most of the money for my work I wouldn't have a problem with people downloading music. Now if they hopped the fence at my concert is be a bit more upset.

BadBadger Georgia
01/18/12 12:19 pm

True, Zero. Any of the music worth stealing was done by old farts who are either rich, or too old to remember that they have royalties coming. lol

01/17/12 8:58 pm

Why the hell would either of them be getting music any ways? Our generations music is complete, untalented, auto-tuned, garbage.

BadBadger Georgia
01/17/12 7:13 pm

Both are equally wrong, but are very different actions with very different effects.

BadBadger Georgia
01/17/12 7:12 pm

Josh, what an astounding observation!

Petra63 Maryland
01/17/12 6:42 pm

A lot of thieves here, how about you work for free on a daily basis and see how you pay your bills! And please, don't give me the "they are rich" argument and that it wouldn't hurt them because that just doesn't fly anymore!

Petra63 Maryland
01/17/12 6:39 pm

Either way it is stealing! We all want to get paid for the work that we do. It's the same for the music business.

josephgene Washington
01/17/12 5:41 pm

Copying a product without license is illegal. Stealing is stealing, derps

01/17/12 4:29 pm

when he walks out with the cd he hurts the store more than the artist. when she downloads she only affects the artist and recording company and let's face it it's not like they're exactly hurting financially

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/17/12 2:39 pm

@jeshaynes, if the pursuit of information is a right, what if someone wanted to exercise their "right" to obtain your credit card info, ss#, moms maiden name, bank acct #,DOB? It's all just information, correct? Would you deny them their "right"? Or would you think they want to steal from you?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/16/12 5:45 pm

Not enough information. Some artists give their music away online.

01/16/12 2:28 pm

There are unlimited copies on the Internet. There are not unlimited physical copies in stores.

buddyboy Florida
01/16/12 12:42 pm

Illegally downloading a song is just as bad. You are ripping off the artist and all the others tht put the album together either way. Therefore, they r both equally as bad.

EnginE3r Texas
01/16/12 11:12 am

Simply downloading an album from any Internet source is not stealing, but actually taking a physical product from a store that bought it to sell to it's customers IS unarguably stealing

01/16/12 10:42 am

If Jane is less evil for stealing something over the Internet, then consider an insult over the Internet as less evil.

jakersw22 Michigan
01/15/12 10:17 pm

I'm not going to pretend its right, but I still do it.

01/15/12 5:05 pm

its pursuit of information of course it's a right

01/15/12 4:34 pm

just because somebody makes money, doesn't give you the RIGHT to steal. especially on something you don't need like food or shelter. seriously something is wrong with you if you think that's OK

01/15/12 2:56 pm

It's not up to you to say they profit too much anyway, or you wouldn't have bought it if you had to pay, or that you're helping their popularity. Not up to you to decide how much they should charge for their product. If you're so smart, produce your own music and give it away for no profit.

01/15/12 2:56 pm

It's amazing how downloaders try to justify their acts and can't admit they're doing something wrong. If you're enjoying a good or service produced by another person without paying and without their consent, you're stealing. No way around it.

01/15/12 1:52 pm

lower the prices of songs. artists and studios are super rich already with the threat of pirating.

01/15/12 12:30 pm

Jane is stealing from the artist. John is stealing from the artist and the store

Gingerred primum non nocere
01/15/12 12:29 pm

Jane's way is a little better for the environment in the end, so I say marginally less bad. I think the music industry should utilize more digital options.

01/15/12 12:16 pm

If I had to steal, I'd rather steal from the super rich record labels than the struggles local music store.

ProfDG I Want Truth
01/15/12 7:17 am

You can rationalize all you want, but both are stealing. Both take something that does not belong to them.

01/15/12 6:53 am

John is taking a physical thing

01/15/12 6:49 am

Unlike most kids my age, I actually do pay for my music because if I like it enough to get it, then I shouldn't be stealing from the artists I like. you can't just circumnavigate paying, it's stealing.

01/15/12 6:43 am

Because something that you don't have to buy is expensive, it is okay to steal it?

dogsaver new Jersey
01/15/12 4:19 am

In order to stop the thieft of music, the industry has to admit they are grossly over charging and lower the price of a cd to an affordable one and one that makes stealing not worth the effort. For me $.25 a song, $2.50 to $5 for a CD tops.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
01/15/12 2:29 am

Think about the creativity and work the artist put into their trade. Our society needs to reinstate a sense of shame for it's members who cheat and steal.

latebird SOH Bunker
01/15/12 12:21 am

The cd is official and has a case and more

mim formerly 97123
01/14/12 11:16 pm

Don't you remember copying cassette tapes in the 80s? No one cared one iota about that.

01/14/12 10:40 pm

If you like it a lot you'll probably buy the real deal. Others will hear it and buy it. No one would have 10000 songs if they had to pay 15000. They'll buy like 200 worth because they really like it. The record companies are unfair and evil anyway. They are unfair now. Go back to the 70s, man.

Maverick Problem Solver
01/14/12 10:32 pm

@onema- exactly! But, you have to admit, it is rather amusing to read all of the comments trying to explain the classic.... "it's not what it looks like"

01/14/12 9:58 pm

All of you saying that digital theft is less wrong b/c of the greater manufacturing costs in a physical CD product--consider this: is it equally wrong to steal a new porshe or a piece of crap '87 honda?? One is worth more in pure materials but the act of theft itself is equal.