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Do you think the average American is stupid or smart?

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07/26/12 1:53 am

To everyone who is saying that a majority of the US being stupid is statistically impossible, remember that the rest of the world exists.

ChromeRunner Connecticut
07/26/12 12:27 am

Although there are many, MANY people who don't have the brightest minds - it's just not fair I say the average American is stupid. The great deal of us are hard working people who did decent through school. Some are just misinformed or don't know how to identify the (some) dirty liars in Washington

07/25/12 7:51 am

Stupid and getting worse. It makes them all that much easier to exploit.

07/22/12 8:52 am

Politics in general are dumb. Rich people lying through their teeth just to get elected. Voting, where not even 1/3rd of our registered voters participate.

07/21/12 7:21 pm

Rich get richer, and the dumb get dumber. It's obvious.

Topgun California
07/20/12 10:21 pm

People can be as stupid or smart as they want based on what they put their time towards.

Topgun California
07/20/12 10:20 pm

Americans are smarter than the average person in the world.

mlutze North Carolina
07/20/12 7:57 pm

Obama's approval rating proves a good portion of the citizenry is rather stupid. How anyone other than his wife supports him is beyond explanation.

hexin Wisconsin
07/20/12 5:21 pm

I'm sorry, you're all idiots. I'm Mexican so I can say that. Oh wait, we're pretty dumb too... I'd say humanity in general is pretty stupid.

kywrite augusta, ga
07/19/12 9:32 pm

Stupid autocorrect - that's ChipmOnk FTW

madeit Houston Area
07/19/12 9:53 am

Of course, everybody thinks it's the other guy who is stupid!

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/19/12 1:08 am

Wouldn't the average American be neither stupid nor smart, but just average?

07/19/12 12:11 am

I never met a "average" person. There are Americans who cannot read or write who are smarter than I am. Pigeonholing people should be illegal.

07/18/12 1:57 pm

Naturally, I think I am smarter than everyone. Looks like about 75% think the same thing. Since I know that makes no sense, I know I am still smarter than everyone. Bwahahaha

bkelldance Illinois
07/18/12 9:07 am

I think the average American is stupid going by the average grades at my school. I however, am above average so the above average are awesome.

ishady 86451132020
07/18/12 8:44 am

The lazy like the part time smoke jumpers who risked their lives to save the homes in Colorado. He wants to give them health care. Those lazy people?!!

07/18/12 5:14 am

@Drew41. Please make a list of the ways Obama has hurt America and post it. Maybe I'm just uninformed. Get your head out of your rear and read a book without pictures every now and then. Hint: Well-resourced books have what's called a bib-lio-graphy.

07/17/12 9:35 pm

I frequently lose faith in humanity because of things on Facebook, other Internet sites, etc.

07/17/12 9:33 pm

So true... America really is stupid. The majority cares more about celebrities than the betterment of America... If we vote Obama in again I will lose all faith in the people.!! Not to mention all the money in my wallet cause Obama wants to give it to the lazy.

07/17/12 7:27 pm

Look. Who we elected.....enough said.

07/17/12 3:16 pm

I hope most Americans don't have your train of thought...

ishady 86451132020
07/17/12 11:14 am

Hey someone has to serve the fat Americans their daily calorie overdose.Long live the burger flippers!

07/17/12 9:16 am

You missed something.. A lot of people either don't make it or don't even go to community college. They just go flip burgers at McDonalds or wait on tables while I go there and be like, "hey Johnny! I'd like a number six with pickles and no onions. Oh wait, you added the change wrong.

kirksten Columbia, MO
07/17/12 8:52 am

Public schools don't effectively tach because they don't want to hurt the students feelings. Instead we want to make it ok for adults to live at home until they're 30 so they can go to community college. Unfortunately, Americans are getting stupider.

EnginE3r Texas
07/17/12 8:29 am

If the question is asking if the average American knows a lot then yes. If it is asking if the average American is wise, then sadly, no, not as much.

Flooded Virginia
07/17/12 7:31 am

depends: are we talking about common sense or book smarts? Big difference :)

darthapple Texas
07/17/12 2:06 am

I think the majority is smart but the stupid minority is loud.

07/17/12 12:28 am

A person that is aware of their ignorance and does nothing to improve their understanding of a subject that would benefit their life is ignorant and stupid.

FakeSound Arizona
07/16/12 9:22 pm

The average American isn't stupid; the average American is just incredibly ignorant is all.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/16/12 9:14 pm

The same person who calls others stupid calls the President of the United States a communist. That's hilarious!

DirtyHarry Louisiana
07/16/12 8:57 pm

The average American has to be stupid because Obama was elected President and he is a damn communist.

07/16/12 8:15 pm

no one of the populace should be ostentatious about their unwavering stupidity.

07/16/12 8:09 pm

especially the damn plebs in the south

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 8:07 pm

kooladeh8er - I think I love you.

07/16/12 7:58 pm

the plebs have become dumber than pack mules.

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 7:37 pm

lol. how funny are these results? the entire country is stupid?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/16/12 6:57 pm

I think that the average American is smart, but doesn't apply their wisdom as they should.

hapiotter2 Utah
07/16/12 6:25 pm

Just because people disagree with you does not mean they are stupid.

07/16/12 5:45 pm

Sorry I used a word 1letter longer. Also everyone on this app is on either a phone or a phone-like device. And by more productive, you're probably going to play WOW. I'm in high school and currently doing summer homework for next year's honors English class: 3 books w/ split journals.

Terrence Utah
07/16/12 5:40 pm

Metzae I like your comment though, well said.

Terrence Utah
07/16/12 5:38 pm

I don't think all or most Americans are completely stupid. Just a good number are ignorant/thick headed.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/16/12 5:20 pm

Hey wait a minute?! Koolaid is taking a play out of my book! How dare she!

Happy Hong Kong
07/16/12 5:20 pm

...and about half the population are below that average.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/16/12 5:12 pm

Cpayne - Great. You've found another to play with and I can go off to more productive things in life.

It was fun!

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/16/12 5:03 pm

I'm "typing". On a phone. Get hip.

07/16/12 5:02 pm

Not necessarily. Don't make assumptions like that