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Show Of Hands April 10th, 2012 12:00am

Have you decided beyond a doubt which party's candidate you will be voting for in the 2012 Presidential election?

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04/24/12 5:47 am

Anyone but anyone is no way to decide the president of the United States - your ignorance disgusts me.

leadfoot Illinois
04/23/12 8:41 pm

the independent vote will help Obama get re-elected. democrats are united in one vote. republicans out number democrats but are split in too many options and therefor democrats will win. eg, demo vs. repub + ind + ind + other.

peaceandpi Massachusetts
04/22/12 11:10 am

President Obama. What are you guys' problems with him, anyway? (i actually am genuinly interested. That wasnt a retorical question(

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:51 am

i dont vote party, i vote quality candidate... which hasnt occurred in decades...

04/21/12 10:17 pm

Dumb question ABO
Anyone But Obama 2012!!

04/19/12 2:37 pm

No one, or maybe third party (Americans Elect, Gary Johnson, etc.) No thank you Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich.

04/17/12 7:06 pm

The key here is with the independents. A huge percentage of them have already decided and I'll bet they are not supporting Obama. Show Obama the door in November!

04/15/12 10:56 am

People never bother to analyze anything for them self, so why bother trying to teach them?

snafu Washington
04/14/12 11:06 pm

I won't be voting for Obama even though he'll be re-elected. People just don't see through the puppetry, he didn't do anything until a year or so before he had to start campaigning and it worked! Now people think he's the savior again.

BericD Texas
04/13/12 9:22 pm

I can't wait to vote for President Obama! He has done a fantastic job, and very clearly deserves re-election.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:28 pm

what is happening, and has always happened in American history, is when things get tight, someone our population scapegoat immigrants. apparently, even with history as a clear example, it is still happening in the 21st century.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/13/12 6:26 pm

uh, jopat. the rate of immigration right now is zero. check your facts buddy. we have the lowest net illegal immigration rate since the early 70's.

04/13/12 5:21 pm

OMG! Obama Must Go!
Gee- easiest question since I came here!

04/13/12 3:52 pm

RJ; Yeah I remember him doing the amnesty program so now because of that program they still come here thinking it will be done again, maybe two wrongs don't make a right!

04/13/12 3:49 pm

maybe you guys hadn't heard this but Obama has added through his draconian presidential orders 46 more billion dollars to business through 45,000 pages of new regulations. And Obama is NOTHING like Reagan! Reagan was a leader not a divider.

04/13/12 3:45 pm

macj503; have you or anyone you know ever gotten a job from the people? Being for the people is give us stuff, or better known as a big joke!

04/13/12 3:41 pm

Like Cars, electronics, washers dryers, furniture thats a lot of money! Maybe a job would be better!

04/13/12 3:40 pm

jonny323: yeah we know government creates jobs 16 trillion dollar deficit proves that! Private sector creates wealth and pays taxes for your public sector jobs. GIVE money to the poorest? You going to give them enough to buy consumer goods?

04/13/12 3:12 pm

Mitt Romney understands the economy and knows how to create an atmosphere which encourages job creation!

04/13/12 5:22 am

@bhtim. You must be a fool. Who voted for Obama thinking he was a Republican? Or a Libertarian? I'm sorry if you were tricked into voting for a pragmatic centrist by pretty lights and soothing music. Breathe, think, THEN vote!

04/13/12 5:11 am

Four more years! Colbert 2016!

04/13/12 4:42 am

Because they are the ones that would spend more of it. The more wealthy you are the larger percentage of money you save. Our largely uneven distribution of wealth causes money to disappear from the economy.

04/13/12 4:40 am

@rightway the economy is doing poorly because the money is concentrated in the "job creators" hands and they aren't letting go of it. The easiest way to get out of a recession is to increase velocity(the amount of times each dollar is spent) which happens when you give money to the poorest people...

04/13/12 4:36 am

@ronpaul the government most certainly creates jobs, ever hear of public sector?

04/13/12 1:59 am

"Environment for job creation" is code for; deregulation of vital policies, slashing pivotal programs, cutting taxes for the omnipotent "job creators" and draconian budget cutting. I'm for the people, not the corporate beast.

04/13/12 1:56 am

Obama is the embodiment of Reagan to a certain extent. Obama if you follow most of his policies, has been governing from the center right, that's why the GOP shifts to the extreme right. What else can they do?

04/12/12 10:02 pm

Nvm RightWay that was at someone else

04/12/12 10:02 pm

@RightWay - The government doesn't create jobs. The free market does.

because South Dakota
04/12/12 9:54 pm

I voted obama in 2008. I will vote for anybody but him in 2012.

Shellyleft Vermont
04/12/12 8:30 pm

I think Ron Paul fans are leaning towards President Obama. Mitt should ask Paul to be VP. If not, President Obama will win. He will probably win anyway.

NYevo NY
04/12/12 8:26 pm

Someone should dig up that video footage and play it in a loop for a few months. I think there should be a penalty for having broken the law, but we can find a way to make better use out of the existing condition

RJ1969 SoCal
04/12/12 8:16 pm

‎"I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and who have lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally. " - Ronald Reagan, Presidential debate, Oct. 28th 1984

Topgun California
04/12/12 5:39 pm

I think I'll vote for the guy that has had a real job and took an economics class before. (all but Obama)

04/12/12 3:47 pm

Mitt is a fiscal hawk and he knows how to create jobs so as a President he will know how to create an environment for job creation. Because remember the government doesn't create jobs, private sector does. Mitt 2012!

04/12/12 3:28 pm

I would vote for anyone whose last name is not obama

spursnation Virginia
04/12/12 3:02 pm

Read my name thats who I am voting for

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
04/12/12 2:32 pm

the self proclaimed independants that said no are freaking retarded. how can you not know, at this point?