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If you can only keep one, do you hang on to your favorite pair of shoes or your favorite pair of jeans? (UserQ)

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DrKelly Wisconsin
01/07/12 10:16 am

It's too hard to find jeans I love. shoes shoes shoes!!

01/07/12 9:38 am

I can live without shoes, but all I need is a good pair of jeans, and my hunting boots.

EnginE3r Texas
01/06/12 10:37 pm

I don't really care about either and this question is probably aimed at girls

01/06/12 9:46 pm

I hate shoes. I will take them off at any opportunity.

mamita Alabama
01/06/12 4:30 am

Jeans for sure. It's hard finding jeans that fit good being I'm only 4'11 and I got a small waist n big hips/butt. I hate having a gap in the waist and sometimes I have it and they still too tight around mi butt.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
01/06/12 12:48 am

Jeans are harder to find for my fat gut than size 13 or 14 shoes

01/05/12 7:21 pm

I outgrow shoes like crazy. Plus I tear them up

01/05/12 2:47 pm

The question asks, "if you can only keep one"... What are you going to do with just one shoe?

i.Annie Ohio
01/05/12 11:33 am

Speaking as a woman, it's really hard for me to find jeans that fit perfectly and comfortably. When I do find a few pairs I hold on to them for a long time, bc I dread the days I have to hunt for new ones which can take up to a week to shop for. Shoes are easier to shop for so giving that up is easy

01/04/12 8:59 pm

You can take my shoes....and you can take my wife...but keep your hands off my Levi's!!!!

01/04/12 7:37 pm

I only have one pair of fucking shoes. I use my jeans for my job as a paleontologist in muddy areas. I only buy Wrangler (TM). All of my jeans are one size, shape, and color, unlike those faggot tight pants.

applestar Florida
01/04/12 7:04 pm

finding a good pair of jeans is hard. I wear them till I can't Nymore.

01/04/12 6:16 pm

Yup dont own a single pair of jeans

01/04/12 5:56 pm

i dont even wear jeans. <(^^,)>

01/04/12 5:05 pm

jeans are more flexible & you can get by with just one. you have different shoes for different needs

01/04/12 4:20 pm

I like the age filter on this one :)

Nerdz Texas
01/04/12 3:34 pm

jeans are just jeans and shoes are just shoes

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/04/12 3:34 pm

@sweetstuff Barefoot 50% of the time? Try 90% lol. I only wear shoes for outside, and even those are flimsy. Like 4mm thick rubber custom made by myself, for myself as my main shoes, and then other shoes for either heightened occasions, or work boots for construction site type places.


umizoomi Colorado
01/04/12 3:06 pm

My shoes have always been old tennis shoes... Easy to replace. My jeans however are a perfect fit... And it's soooo hard to find the "right" pair of jeans. So I say jeans.

01/04/12 1:02 pm

I walk barefoot 50% of the time and my 2 nd fav pair of shoes are still pretty awesome.

01/04/12 12:19 pm

I always wear shorts so I'll keep my shoes

01/04/12 11:24 am

I love my rainbows. Wear them everywhere even in winter so I'd say shoes

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/04/12 9:17 am

I have an old pair of boots that fit like a glove & are held together by sewn in dental floss, duct tape, scraps of leather patches, and a buncha Sticky-Ass glue. If my wife ever found them unattended, they'd end up in the fire pit. I can buy jeans anytime that fit & are comfortable & last 2 years.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
01/04/12 9:17 am

Don't wear jeans. Wear tights instead. More comfortable.

01/04/12 9:09 am

it's much harder to find a pair of jeans you can call a favorite than shoes. so, jeans!

hippiedude fields of green
01/04/12 9:04 am

My favorite jeans were only $25 and they are the comfiest things I have ever worn:)

01/04/12 8:33 am

Shoes. I don't own a single pair of jeans.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
01/04/12 8:08 am

I'm in flippy floppies all the time, & it's hard to find a good pair of jeans :)
So jeans :)

cabooseftw Illinois
01/04/12 7:52 am

I only have one pair of shoes, so I'll keep them.

david00127 Ohio
01/04/12 7:51 am

Well, I have like 5 pairs of jeans, but one pair of boots, one pair of tennis shoes, and one pair of dress shoes, and to give a pair of shoes up, I'd have to get more.

01/04/12 7:29 am

I have several high end running shoes, I can do without one

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
01/04/12 6:33 am

Split the baby much? Fact, my favorite shoes only work with my favorite jeans. I would have to surrender both.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/04/12 5:32 am

Shoe. Why? Because I'm fine in a survival situation being nude (!) but unless I wind up on a deserted sandy island, shoes are nearly mandatory due to the inhospitable terrain of forests.


Hope Minneapolis
01/04/12 1:30 am

My feet are too important. I work on my feet & i work out. Have tendinitis in my ankles. Broke my knee recently. Need good shoes. I paid $150 for my pr o New Balance. & I <3 my Skechers Shape-Ups! & Rockports rock! I don't have a fav pr o jeans right now bc I've retired 2 sizes in the last 2 1/2 mos

01/04/12 1:05 am

I think all girls know how hard it is to find that one perfect pair of jeans that makes you feel so comfortable and confident. So, jeans :)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/04/12 12:53 am

Nothing like a comfortable shoe. Never wore jeans till I lost my weight.

01/03/12 11:18 pm

Shoes are easy to find - but my favorite jeans are expensive, fit, and are more comfortable than sweatpants - not easy to find!

01/03/12 11:18 pm

@ tizzie, my feet have gotten bigger the last few decades. As a young adult I was an 8' middle age 8.5, older adult, I'm a 9 ;-/

01/03/12 11:14 pm

I am more attached to shoes.

01/03/12 10:55 pm

I don't wear jeans so I say shoes.

01/03/12 10:47 pm

Had to be a woman that submitted this question...