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Show Of Hands June 30th, 2012 12:00am

Would you want to live in a neighborhood with strictly enforced Homeowner's Association rules (e.g. no basketball hoops, only certain paint colors, no street parking, etc.)?

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nFavOfSecess Texas
07/09/12 10:17 am

Now I ask, if I can't keep my personal property (a working $30K car) in the driveway at the address I reside without being fined or harassed by some damn HOA with too much power, then WHERE am I expected to keep it?
In my asss?

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/09/12 10:13 am

I rent and my landlord informed me that he'd been getting harassed for me having a car in the driveway that has been there since I bought my new one. A car that I gave my daughter who can't drive it for another year. Car looks and runs perfectly but because I don't drive it, I have to remove it.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/09/12 10:10 am

HOA's should be dismantled.

Comprised of nosey neighbors who feel they have a right to butt into others personal business and tell them what to to do and how it should be done.

EarlyBird Portland
07/05/12 9:54 pm

I'd keep an open mind while house hunting. When I found the house I wanted, I'd weigh the pros and cons of the housing association, and then decide.

07/05/12 7:40 pm

If people do whatever they want with their house and it looks terrible, it'll be their headache to deal with when they wanna sell it. I see it as if it is not physically harming you, GIZZ OFF!!!!!

07/05/12 3:08 pm

Would never do that. Boring. And reeks of control issues.

07/05/12 12:08 am

Been there... Done that! Never again.

@Mythic: I worked for a home builder in Texas. Every new community has an HOA. A company representative chaired the HOA for the 3 - 5 years it took to build out the community and then finally turned it over to the residents.

Mythic California
07/04/12 5:46 pm

Nice is a subjective term. At what point is it nice enough and who makes that determination?

Komm No. I am your father
07/04/12 5:43 pm

Why would you "buy" property if your going to let some dummy tell you what you can or can not do with it?


07/04/12 4:42 pm

Yes and I do. It keeps properties looking nice.

Mythic California
07/04/12 3:08 pm

@Silent, Not true whatsoever, there are plenty of non-HOA housing developments that are exquisitely manicured without the use of the least bit of force. What do you value more: freedom and property rights, or aesthetics and conformity?

Silent Jacksonville, FL
07/04/12 2:31 pm

Absolutely. Without rules a neighborhood will rot and allow anyone to do or more likely not do what they should. The people today are lazy. If they would just lay off about the weeds that won't go away between my walk and my street I would be more for them. =)

Mythic California
07/04/12 1:50 pm

Who wants to add another layer of gov't and a strict one at that? You have essentially zero property rights with a HOA.

07/03/12 12:37 pm

note that way more wealthy people advocate it -- is that because they currently live in one and it's not a bad trade-off for the exclusivity of their neighborhoods?

07/03/12 9:45 am

not my property not my bitchin butwax

07/02/12 11:53 pm

Wtf kind of hostile ass environment is that?!

07/02/12 3:28 pm

The only rule that I know of ( that is not obvious ) is your lawn can't be longer than 4 inches tall

PetePuma Oregon
07/02/12 1:22 pm

Your house, your land, your decisions. The only exceptions are for activities that are harmful to your neighbors (ie: making bombs, having radioactive material, etc). As for painting, yard decor, or such, nope, do as you like.

07/02/12 8:35 am

I do now! It keeps people from doing crazy stuff like royal blue & orange shutters can get a little ridiculous at times what they nitpick over, but it keeps the neighborhood looking nice.

07/02/12 5:08 am

Kinda kills the point of freedom.
Just a tad

07/01/12 9:21 pm

Yes it keeps the trash out

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/01/12 5:31 pm

I live in one now. I like it for a few reasons, like keeping yards clean etc., but they go too far sometimes.

07/01/12 5:24 pm

This is funny so the Dems are not for the HOA but they are ok with an out of control Government telling them how to live and taking over their health care lol.

07/01/12 4:11 pm

Snafu... Nothing other then their parents will keep those kids in check...

ncbuc Get Over It
07/01/12 2:28 pm

Nope. But do. But mine is not strict, strictly enforced, or expensive. It is just common sense rules in ours. Some are outrageous in all respects. Those people are nuckinfuts.

BriD Illinois
07/01/12 2:16 pm

HELL NO! Can anyone say "stepford"....Ugh!

snafu Washington
07/01/12 11:22 am

My initial thought is to say no, I don't want my neighbors to dictate what I do with my house and those fees can be expensive but if it means that this will also keep noisy, destructive neighborhood kids in check then yes!

07/01/12 11:00 am

I live in an HOA community and it isn't too bad. Just keep your grass cut, trim the shrubs, fix your fence if it is falling apart. You know, all the things people shouldn't need to be reminded to do. I have never had any problems with my HOA.

07/01/12 10:55 am

I've lived in both. The HOA communities were always better kept. Do I like the fees? No. Do I like the curb appeal? Absolutely

kanji401 SoCal gal
07/01/12 9:09 am

I have lived in both and live in one now. I don't mind it because the neighborhood always looks beautiful and it keeps the property values up..

kanji401 SoCal gal
07/01/12 9:09 am

I have lived in both and live in one now. I don't mind it because the neighborhood always looks beautiful and it keeps the property values up..

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/01/12 9:02 am

NO! I hate the miserable old people that run the HOA's. They have nothing better to do than to piss their neighbors off an make their lives as miserable as their own. If you're one of those people, GET A LIFE!!!

FearToFall what is this for
07/01/12 8:00 am

...Yet we get in trouble about our grass being too long or our trashcan being outside.

FearToFall what is this for
07/01/12 8:00 am

Unfortunately, we already do live in one. But you can get away with a lot without getting into too much trouble, like our neighbours who built a basketball court in their backyard. They built it, got questioned about it, played dumb, and eight years later, it's still here.

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/01/12 6:48 am

I live in one and I hate it. Once a month I get a letter advising me that a weed is out of place. Power hungry morons.

07/01/12 6:43 am

I said no because I wouldn't like some of the rules, but others I would. Like right now I wish some of my neighbors were forced to mow their yards, clean up their landscaping, & pick up the junk around their house. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood, but there's always some bad apples

07/01/12 5:52 am

seriously, everything was a fight in that place..I don't mind rules, that's why HOAs are there. But damn, be there when you're supposed to & and don't go overboard on them

07/01/12 5:46 am

I did..and it was terrible. they wouldn't let my mother put up her "vote for Louise Slaughter" signs..ohhhhh the agony <sarcasm>

07/01/12 5:23 am

I've lived in both kinds of neighborhoods....don't mind a few "rules" if it means people have a little pride in their property....don't like rules then don't live there!

07/01/12 5:06 am

No basketball hoops! No way!

07/01/12 2:41 am

As long as sgeisler doesn't live near me, then no hoa for me

centexken Republic of Texas
07/01/12 2:13 am

When I bought my ranch last year I stayed away from HOA controlled land. Yes, there are small ranches that are under HOA rules.

goldy California
07/01/12 1:58 am

BadBadger: Haha! Yes! My thought exactly.

BadBadger Georgia
06/30/12 11:27 pm

MRM, HOAs are as American as it gets. Which is to say, it's un-American.

06/30/12 11:07 pm

I wouldn't mind regulation. Peace. Plus the possibility of screwing with them every once in a while.

Just's only 1 have the rest of the world..

sgeisler18 Illinois
06/30/12 10:40 pm

I would want the freedom to paint my house pink and neon yellow if I want to, darn it! Not that I would do that, but. . .