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07/23/12 7:56 am

I really hope this question is asked again in the dead of winter and Tony posts the results of this in the blog a few days after posting the poll. I want to see how much it changes, if at all!

Comet? Tennessee
07/22/12 9:05 pm

I am always in the last. Thank you are completely idiot!

niteowl Hold Fast
07/22/12 8:26 pm

I like both but drink more iced tea. I'm a big fan of Lipton Cold Brew.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/22/12 2:42 pm


"Texas tea". As in, "black gold".
Loves it!

wirenerd Somersworth
07/22/12 7:02 am

Cran-Apple-Ginger iced tea from White Heron Tea Company based out of Rollinsford NH. Best tea ever! Every ingredient is certified organic, grown in NH by family owned farms. Every ingredient is dried and ground in the prep room at the store, so it's certified homemade. DELICIOUS!!!

Flooded Virginia
07/22/12 12:25 am

Both, and without any sugar or creme. I just want my straight up yea, hot or cold

07/21/12 10:52 pm

Answer could be seasonally biased. Ice tea now. Hot tea in the winter.

ahsu Ohio
07/21/12 9:20 pm

TBH this question is silly. I drink both and like both equally. Of course weather can play a role in the decision as well. But if I really was forced to choose, it'd be hot tea. Not the pansy tea people think is tea, where it's all diluted and weak. I like the strong bitter teas!

KudosToYou California
07/21/12 8:30 pm

My favorite cup of tea is an Earl Grey Latte, so hot tea wins for me, but tea is delicious either way.

KudosToYou California
07/21/12 8:29 pm

Lol, give some iced tea to Brits who never had any.

07/21/12 8:26 pm

If you think of iced tea as tasteless, come down here to SC and try some. Then answer.

07/21/12 8:20 pm

If you live in the South and prefer hot tea, you either ain't from around here or are weird.

Sundance State of Confusion
07/21/12 6:31 pm

Neither! We are Mormons. Tannic acid is also not good for you, neither is that much caffeine.

awesome543 Michigan
07/21/12 1:07 pm

With sugar
Without sugar
No ice
But it better damn be cold as antarctica!!!!!!!

Comet? Tennessee
07/21/12 9:15 am

@DRJNW, if you add a lemon in it, you will change your mind to drink.

07/21/12 7:48 am

I don't like it hot.
I don't like it cold.
I don't like it with or with out sugar!
I will not drink tea!
I will not drink it Jas I Am! Lol
Yea I'm super bored ^_^

kandykane California
07/21/12 5:44 am

I never really drink western teas, with milk or sugar. I've only tried iced tea twice, I think. So when I drink tea, it's always Asian and hot. Except sometimes I drink cold corn tea in the morning when it's left over from the night before. :)

EarlyBird Portland
07/21/12 1:58 am

B3N- how do you drink when it's scorching hot? I dislike hot drinks, soups, etc.

Hope Minneapolis
07/21/12 12:53 am

I said iced but ask me again in 6 mos. I constantly hav the kettle on in the wintertime much more so than iced in summer. I love sun tea tho! & just plain please. No sweetener/dairy of any kind in any of it. Tea does just fine on its own. Only good stuff! Good job on gettin the colors backwards :)

NotQuiteWhite Earth
07/20/12 11:38 pm

I prefer all my hot drinks scorching and my cold drinks room temp- so hot.

07/20/12 11:36 pm

I like both, but drink hot tea more often. Iced tea wires me up for some reason, more than coffee or hot tea. Hot tea is so restorative, and I don't use sugar!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/20/12 10:20 pm

Not the medicinal properties love not hate likes to refer too.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/20/12 10:19 pm

Yerba mate and Rooibos can be boiled for hours without turning bitter, or soaked overnight to infuse flavor. They also have medicinal properties.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/20/12 10:17 pm

Tea is always good. However, I like the true herbal teas that don't get bitter when you leave them in overnight etc. Yerba mate tea from South America, Rooibos from Southern Africa and Earl Grey are good in more ways than one. Chai is also tea... Chai tea is saying tea tea.

ncbuc Get Over It
07/20/12 8:19 pm

Don't really like either but I only drink iced when no other choice. I don't care for hot drinks. Maybe hot chocolate in winter once every decade. Or hot this hot German wine concotion I've had which is pretty good.

07/20/12 7:38 pm

Ditto jonathanp. I don't drink tea either. I only answered to see what everyone else said. There should be a way to remove your vote after casting it, not just change your vote.

07/20/12 7:33 pm

I drink hot tea everyday. Iced tea seems bland in flavor in comparison

07/20/12 6:12 pm

Both but it's been over 90 degrees in the mountains of wy for the entire summer so iced right now

07/20/12 6:04 pm

Sweet iced tea! The drink of the south!

countrytboy Georgia
07/20/12 5:05 pm

Iced sweet tea. Best drink out there!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/20/12 4:21 pm

Ice-T of course. Vanilla is even more bland than his name suggests.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/20/12 4:11 pm

Next question:

Ice-T or Vanilla Ice?

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/20/12 3:45 pm

Iced tea, no sugar. I try not to drink too many calories.

hvp828 Carolina girl
07/20/12 3:09 pm

Both. Hot green tea in the morning & sweet tea at lunch.

07/20/12 2:08 pm

Actually it's sweet tea, thank you