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Mitt Romney or Rick Perry? (other match-ups later)

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09/09/11 2:27 pm

Kam1, people like you are the reason why Bush II was elected to office.

09/09/11 2:26 pm

Romney is definitely the lesser of the two evils!

09/07/11 9:08 pm

Perry ruined all the job opportunitys in texas.

09/04/11 11:08 pm

Mitt romney because its my history techers cousin

09/03/11 9:39 am

modern rock...why is it that if someone actually lives out their Christian faith and allows it to be visible in their life, they are accused of forcing it on people? religious tolerance for everything besides Christianity is what is forced on people

09/03/11 9:26 am

Are you kidding me...we need our financial problems fixed, NOW,before it's too late to be fixed. I think people will look past Perry's social stances (which I agree with for the most part) to elect someone with real solutions.

09/03/11 6:28 am

if perry is the republican nominee, I think that guarantees Obama wins a 2nd term. evolution and science will sink perry and most of the republicans

modernrock Ohio
09/01/11 1:48 am

Felix, you talk about the "sanctity of The Constitution and its writers".. Then you talk about total removal of any religious reference in politics..pretty sure America was based on the idea of a God. "In God We Trust." The writers of the Constitution believed it. But they never forced it on you.

trav Instagram, travisdover
08/31/11 6:44 pm

Wow, half of the comments on this are from Felix. Don't get banned, meow!

Seriously though, I wouldn't vote for anyone who doesn't believe in evolution.

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/31/11 6:08 am

How are they forcing it on you? They are telling you who they are and what they believe? Do politicians not have First Amendment rights? Cmon dude, they aren't making you do anything. They aren't making laws to force you to do anything. They are expressing themselvesw

08/30/11 9:51 pm

burnsey...religion is forced on us every time a politician associates his/her religious beliefs with his/her public service...actual or proposed. Dick Perry and Michelle Bachmann are both guilty of doing that.

08/30/11 9:48 pm

The GOP would very much like those loopholes/deductions to remain in place...they have so stated...and acted.

08/30/11 9:47 pm

I'm all for eliminating any and all loopholes that enable a Warren Buffett to pay a lower percentage of his income in taxes than his secretary and office janitor do.

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/30/11 9:45 pm

Being a believer in Jesus, I use that to try and conduct myself in ways that I should according to that belief. That doesn't mean that I will try and control others. It means my faith is a guide for they ways I should be and think.

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/30/11 9:43 pm

Didn't I just state I wouldn't force it on you. It's not real if you force it. But don't expect me not to believe or be outspoken about it.

jesusrepor Illinois
08/30/11 5:51 pm

Burnsey refusing on giving up the prospects of being able to tyrannize us with your religious views?

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/30/11 6:10 am

First off, the more you make, the higher your percentage. Second, I'm all for eliminating many loopholes. Third, they did force the administration to negotiate. Fourth, God is a part of my decision making in all things because that is my faith. I'm not forcing it on you, but I'm not giving it up.

08/29/11 10:21 pm

...and stop conjuring God in your politics GOPers....don't wanna hear it.

08/29/11 10:19 pm

I perceive you tea party wieners as promoting injustice and inequality ..while giving lip service to it as you routinely espouse the sanctity of The Constitution and it's are heretical and hypocritical .

08/29/11 10:17 pm

justice is about equality. that the rich pay less taxes proportionately than i do is unjust...

08/29/11 10:15 pm

pay the same percentage that I do

08/29/11 10:15 pm

when the rich pay the same PERCENTAGE of their income in taxes I may listen to your economic views burnsey....otherwise you seem ignorant of the cocept of EQUALITY.

08/29/11 10:13 pm

smarters....darned iPad

08/29/11 10:12 pm

...they didn't stand up....they sat on their hands and on the hands of their smatters and betters.

08/29/11 10:10 pm

burnsey...I can guarantee you that Obama will be re-elected....when the time comes, you remember that I said so..

08/29/11 10:09 pm

burnsey...I see that you're a learned economist as well as...

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/29/11 9:55 pm

The debt debate? I do want more of that!!! More fight for what people elected them to do! They were elected to stop the spending spree! And they stood up!

08/29/11 9:44 pm

....'good people' indeed...

08/29/11 9:43 pm

...could their us vs. them mentality be any more apparent ?...

08/29/11 9:43 pm

...their reply?.."because our non (lds) member neighbors will take it away from us."

08/29/11 9:41 pm

...why they didn't participate more fully in the home food storage program...

08/29/11 9:41 pm a recent lds church newsletter, which is placed on my door monthly, members were asked...

08/29/11 9:39 pm

...and linton, it was religious devotion which kept all those parents and their children inside what would become their crematorium...utterly tragic and useless loss of life ..

08/29/11 9:37 pm

...I assure you that my thoughts are 'in a row' before I post my response(s) rock

08/29/11 9:36 pm

...and I post several posts because of the character limit per post....

08/29/11 9:35 pm

Mormons are lunatics....good lunatics and bad lunatics....I've lived in their midst and under their authoritarian thumb for fifty yeas rock.

08/29/11 9:33 pm

nuttery...dammit...scuse iPad's autothpell

08/29/11 9:32 pm

buttery....scuse my fat fingers

08/29/11 9:32 pm

linton...I agree. still, it was religious buttery which precipitated the whole debacle....the first domino.

08/29/11 9:20 pm

@felixdacat: I love how you put Koresh on your list of religion relating to body counts. Koresh was looney, but Reno and the ATF were at fault there inmho. And these words are even coming from a Clinton supporter, not a militia member.

modernrock Ohio
08/29/11 5:24 pm

Hoo boy, take a breath! You do know there is a 300 character limit? You post something and then you think of another thing, and then another thing, and then another thing etc. A bit ranty. Also, you have no right calling any one a critic after that thread. Mormons are great people.

08/29/11 4:58 pm

...think of that three trillion as a TAX.....on ALL of America....sweet.

08/29/11 4:57 pm

the idiots cost the market three TRILLION dollars in capitalization...

08/29/11 4:56 pm

the debt ceiling debacle is a preview of what you can expect from a GOP dominated government......want more of that do ya?

08/29/11 4:55 pm

....they think he's not conservative enough....not extreeeeeeeme enough...for the NUTS.

08/29/11 4:52 pm

...and go figger, his fellow Mormons in Utah hate his guts.