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Show Of Hands July 25th, 2011 12:00am

If the U.S. was drawn into a WWIII type of global military conflict, would you voluntarily enlist in a branch of the Armed Forces?

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08/07/11 12:01 pm

wow democrats look at your chart, pretty shameful....19 percent we should have never done away with the draft!

08/07/11 10:31 am

I did it before, I'd do it again. Persian Gulf 90-91

08/07/11 5:13 am


Thank you for your service in Vietnam! I'd volunteer, and be there right next to ya!

08/06/11 10:24 pm

I wouldn't go to fight, because I don't work well with groups ( something I am trying to get over) but I would do stuff here to help.

08/06/11 1:11 pm

Everyone wants freedom but doesn't want to pay for it. Awesome. Thanked for the military

08/06/11 2:52 am

I'm 64 and spent three years in Viet Nam. I've worked in the middle east and Africa. I would volunteer but obviously I would be lonely.

08/05/11 2:24 pm

wow, ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you! if only Germany waited 70 years! these results sicken me!

08/04/11 11:58 pm

I wouldn't only cause im a girl, girls should not be in the army

08/04/11 1:02 pm

I hope many of the people who said no are saying no to wars like Iraq and Afgan. I'd prefer not to be there. But if our country is attacked with intent to destroy it, you mean you'll just lay there and die?

08/04/11 12:58 pm

it appears America is on the downward slide. I said no cause I'm too old to fight, but I would certainly do whatever I could at home to support our country and preserve our way of life.

08/04/11 12:53 am

I'll die fighting for the last true Christian nation on earth, if not for Christianity itself.

Kels.USMC? West Virginia
08/03/11 11:33 pm

I am too man. Same age also. I love my country and I'll die fighting for you guys at all costs. Best place on Earth.

08/03/11 7:56 pm

I'm not a patriot, at least in the same sense as the typical American, but I possibly would.

08/03/11 2:13 pm

never ending war.......jeez!

08/03/11 2:11 pm

As long as I'm on the subject why don't we have a "war tax" to pay as we go? it would also put pressure on these morons that like never war, I'm just sayn.....

08/03/11 2:06 pm

maybe this country should institute the draft again. I think it is abhorrent that so few have given so much. when you have skin in the game reality sets in. God bless our Military! And thank you all!

08/03/11 10:38 am

I would in a heart beat, I serve my country in the political arena, and I would give anything to serve in the arena of combat.

Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:29 am

No but God bless the souls that would! You guys are awesome :D

08/01/11 5:49 pm

Says all you need to know about voting Democrat

08/01/11 12:29 am

I would do it in a heart beat, I'm only 15 but I'm going to join the USMC once I graduate from college anyway

daddy_bubb Colorado
07/31/11 9:15 pm

Wow ! This saddens me . I have and would again in a heart beat . Most of you would think to yourself's " not my problem " . Sad and disgusting . Some are saying " I don't like America " . Let me ask you this one question . Who makes up America ? All of us in it !

Fantasma New Jersey
07/31/11 7:50 pm

I would definitely not side with the U.S. If our country can't even settle a debt dispute, how will they win a global war?

obe1 Utah
07/31/11 11:27 am

well if your not rooting for the home team get out of the stadium.

07/31/11 9:37 am

I do not like the US we have become to self absorbed not as a country but as individuals and do not deserve what we have the debt limit thing in Washington is the perfect example we have lost what we had during WW2 and will lose if we get involved I'm siding with China

kaythep25 Wisconsin
07/31/11 12:01 am

We would stand no chance in a WWIII because it would be a nuclear war

benbargold Massachusetts
07/29/11 9:28 am

I am young between 10-15
So all I would do is bring a lot of food and water into the basement, and hide until it's over! If I were older maybe I would enlist

07/29/11 9:25 am

Locke....if communism and socialism aren't in your words "evil" then why don't they work? Why are the people miserable? Why is everyone poor? And I disagree, they are dictorial. Why haven't these types of govs flourished as the republics have throughout history?

07/29/11 5:45 am below statement and the fact that no one is fighting any wars for any valid reasons that I can support. It is all about oil, or money, or economic power.

07/29/11 5:44 am

I have served in the military, but knowing from first-hand experience what I know now...that neither the military nor the government really has your back in return for you risking your life to defend way would I go back voluntarily.

07/29/11 1:29 am

I understand that America is not Communist. I personally dislike communism. But if you study political science you will see that these systems are viable and legitimate governments. It's not as if they are Nazis, fascists, or and other dictatorial regime

07/29/11 1:27 am

@indep: Socialism: the social equality of a society and the fair treatment of all citizens within that society. Sometimes it is confused with Communism which is economic equality. Neither of these is evil! Idk why people seem to believe that these words are made into insults. They are ways of life

07/28/11 4:42 pm

Depends on what the conflict is about, who else is fighting, and what's at stake.

07/28/11 4:40 pm

Mystweaver and mrs storey....that was my point. I'm not throwing around a term I know nothing about. That is the very essence of socialism.....entitlement. I don't throw it around loosely. And when I read mrs storey's comment that's how it came across. If you have a better def, enlighten me.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/28/11 3:34 pm

I LOVE AMERICA! And I would like to thank every vet on here for sacrificing so much for our freedom. THANK YOU. A million times, thank you.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/28/11 3:33 pm

, not just for others, but for themselves, as well. I think being mean to people who answered no to this question is un-American, because it's their choice, and their right to make that choice.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/28/11 3:32 pm

Of the freedom that being an American gives you. Everyone does. That doesn't mean you're self centered or have a sense of entitlement. The soldiers who fight are taking advantage if their freedom just as much as the people who don't fight. They're just working harder to make sure that freedom exists

Stephiee Mississippi
07/28/11 3:29 pm

I don't think people should be openly ridiculed for saying no to this question. It's their choice, which, as I've said a million times before, is what America is all about. Just because you wouldn't volunteer to fight, doesn't mean you're un-American or a socialist! It means you're taking advantage

Stephiee Mississippi
07/28/11 3:27 pm

I said no because I'm a 20 year old girl who avoids confrontation at all costs and gets dizzy at the sight of blood. I'm not cut out for the military. I'm all about peace & harmony. But, I support the people who are cut out for it, and am thankful beyond comprehension for said individuals. However,

07/28/11 10:40 am

@mrsstorey: it's not socialism. Righties throw around that term like they actually know what it means... It is, however, the height of hubris and entitlement to expect others to protect your ass while you tell them it's fine for them to do so! If you're not part of the solution...

07/28/11 9:40 am

I fully support small and medium sized businesses. When corporations get too powerful, like fortune 500, they are able to affect laws and policies in a detrimental way to American citizens. And they crush smaller businesses.

07/28/11 8:03 am

@Skeptisys, I just posted what CNN Money said, when I checked it out yesterday at work. I'm glad you're on GE too.
I fully admit my bias - I'm 3rd generation oil & gas, been working in it for 31 years.

Overmind Texas
07/28/11 6:53 am

A man who has nothing can still offer his life.

Overmind Texas
07/28/11 6:49 am

People are only imagining the combat, and how, to them, this seems useless. I'm sure much more people would sign up if, say, China were actually invading.

07/28/11 5:11 am

No but I would be able too anyway

07/28/11 1:53 am

most of you don't have the stones to do this sort of thing anyway! nonetheless, thank a Vet for fighting for your right to say all the stuff you want... right here! Isn't it beautiful!

07/28/11 12:07 am

@thekilling: we don't sign up to kill. We sign up to defend

TheKilling New Jersey
07/27/11 11:23 pm

but if i was a little younger the air force would be bad ass

TheKilling New Jersey
07/27/11 11:22 pm

funny how most Christians would be the first to sign up to kill