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03/11/12 3:11 pm

bottle caps and guitar picks :)

03/10/12 11:02 am

shot glasses from everywhere!

03/09/12 2:41 pm

I collect fishing lures. Weird I know.

03/07/12 3:23 pm

ponies. my little ponies. I am unashamed of this.

03/07/12 4:50 am

No, but I do collect junk (hoarding). I'm just too lazy to sell it on eBay and won't have yard sales because I keep thinking how much I would lose by not selling it on eBay. DUH huh? (;

03/07/12 2:28 am

Dryer Lint. Eventually, I will have enough to make a new blanket.

03/04/12 3:58 pm


LUCKY DUCKY!!!! (no pun intended)

I collect pencils:D the smencils are my favorite.

03/02/12 7:17 pm

Vinyl records that the whole family still listens to. (:

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/01/12 12:50 am

Trinity. Try googling the university of Oregon they have a lot of duck stuff. We are NOT duck fans

02/29/12 9:24 pm

I collect Strange items in Team Fortress 2. A bit embarrassing, I'll admit.

02/29/12 9:18 pm

Rubber duckies! Lol :) no joke I have clothes, office supplies, posters, iPhone backgrounds, and about 100 actual rubber duck

02/29/12 8:48 pm

snow globes, wine bottle corks (though I don't drink), scarves and postcards

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/29/12 5:15 pm

There's an episode of "Hoarders" in here somewhere.

02/29/12 3:03 pm

I'd like to collect firearms.

02/29/12 2:59 pm

I collect glass soda bottles

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
02/29/12 2:45 pm

Apple products. have everything but a MacBook. Confess to a little Toshiba notebook which I hide upstairs so no one can see it. :)

02/29/12 2:25 pm

Mine are expensive and go bang...

02/29/12 2:14 pm

Apps, Pokemon cards/games, ( a few years ago)
Detention slips

02/29/12 7:20 am

Oh how I miss my Yu-Gi-Oh days.... Good times.

02/29/12 6:11 am

I have a collection of frog trinkets. I stopped buying them years ago but people still get them for me. Let me know they care about me and love me

02/29/12 5:49 am

I'm amazed that people don't consider their music 'collections' collections...

02/29/12 1:53 am

I like to collect magnets. i decided years ago that whenever I go somewhere, I will always try to find a magnet to buy and place on my fridge. They're a nice way to display my adventures since they're cheap and only take up fridge space. =)

02/28/12 11:56 pm

Oh. I guess I have quite a collection of coins from lots of different countries.

Rosebud Ohio
02/28/12 11:49 pm

Ok thinking about it, I have a lot of "collections", but I try not to label them as that because I have a hoarding tendency. We took out 2 trash bags today... I can't get rid of something if it can be useful somehow. I have stamps, fortune cookie fortunes, antiques of any kind, ect.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
02/28/12 11:24 pm

Yarn, but it trickles away because it gets used. Currency from all over the world. I plan on collecting cats when I'm an old lady.

02/28/12 10:50 pm

Why Ambergosa, Sharpies? That is truly unique!

jmu1888 DC
02/28/12 10:21 pm

Shot glasses from all the different cities I visit

BadBadger Georgia
02/28/12 10:03 pm

When I was a young pup, and away from home missing my mum, I used to collect call.

Segrid New Mexico
02/28/12 9:34 pm

@obie thanks for the chuckle! I collect it too but call it enchantment, hence my state's slogan.