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Show Of Hands September 2nd, 2012 12:00am

If you found a million dollars of what you thought to be "drug money" in a bag on the street, would you turn it in to authorities or keep it?

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09/08/12 10:03 pm

keep it. i dunno about all these paranoid ppl in th comments tho

09/06/12 10:38 am

Show me the $$ & I'll keep it no prob!

09/06/12 8:41 am

I would love to keep it, but I'd be paranoid. Hiding it, hearing it, like Poe's tell-tale heart. Turning it in would let me rest easy at night.

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
09/06/12 8:37 am

Who ever says they would turn it in is lying. I would love to see your little morals in shambles when there is a million big ones staring you in the face.

09/04/12 6:03 pm

I don't want no drug mafias after me

SillyNiner New York
09/04/12 2:36 pm

I would not want money like that & besides, people would be after you. No thank you

HGolightly California
09/04/12 1:16 pm

If its drug money a million dollars is not worth me looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.

Gingerred primum non nocere
09/04/12 9:58 am

Well the cops around here are on the take, so I don't think it'd be fair to turn it in. If the bag has no determinable owner, then why is turning it in the right thing to do? It doesn't belong to the government any more than it does me.

paul61 Arizona
09/04/12 4:24 am

Turn it in or keep it, the drug criminals will come after you.

09/04/12 1:27 am

It's mine... Anybody ask I see no evil I hear no evil I know no evil... Lol the drug dealers made there money the wrong way so I'm going to keep it the wrong way

kris55 Alabama
09/03/12 10:38 pm

If i knew i wouldnt get in trouble for it. Wouldnt have a problem keeping it....But id be too worried about getting killed or arrested to even touch the money.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
09/03/12 9:19 pm

Nothing good comes of ill-gotten gains.

09/03/12 8:41 pm

Lol republican vs democratic filter

taboo Louisiana
09/03/12 6:39 pm

they'll (drug dealers and cartels) kill you in a heart beat for a million

calloveca California
09/03/12 5:45 pm

lets be honest, people are way too desperate these days for money to turn something in like that.

09/03/12 5:01 pm

Put it in a safe deposit box, wait awhile and then when the smoke clears use it for my graduate school and donate the rest.

09/03/12 4:46 pm

Would not be able to sleep at night, would feel guilty. turn it in. Republicans are more honest, better morals.

09/03/12 4:11 pm

@MRM27: guess it depends on your financial position. While I'm generally broke, I'd be tempted to spend it. However that money is best spent on paying my regular monthly bills/ loans normally. Continue working and using my wages for starting a savings acct. and occasional wants.

09/03/12 2:18 pm

I would turn it in, you usually get rewards for returning that much money anyway. And people would be suspicious of how you sudddenly got all that money.

09/03/12 1:40 pm

besides being the right thing to do, i would always worry that some drug person would eventually find out and try to kill me, probably years later after i had spent it all.

09/03/12 1:18 pm

I agree Mr. Logic. I tell my students that a good night sleep is worth more than money. It's all about integrity.

Mr.logic California
09/03/12 8:14 am

I would turn it in. Sleep > money

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/03/12 7:49 am

@ronpaulgal: ....What? Good luck with that....

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/03/12 7:46 am

@planoneck: Totally different! A wallet has an ID. "Oh, this is John from up the street! Let me take it to him." However a BAG OF MONEY, not to mention a million dollars, is a BIT untraceable. You can't find the drug dealers same way they probably couldn't find you. And this is all IF it was drug $.

elleck SOH Fan Club
09/03/12 7:18 am

After much deliberation I'd turn it in because I couldn't live with myself spending it.

EarlyBird Portland
09/03/12 7:09 am

Even if you donate it, giving that much cash is going to raise red flags.

rangeman Lafayette IN.
09/03/12 7:04 am

Keep it, donate to a nonprofit rehabilitation org.

Alison Illinois
09/03/12 6:00 am

A few years ago I probably would have turned it in. Now? I would keep it. Every man for himself nowadays.

09/03/12 4:56 am

All drug money turned into the cops can and will be used for a "police retirement fund"

mwaters379 Connecticut
09/03/12 4:22 am

lost by drug dealer or grandma I would keep it.. Sorry just the reality of life.. Money is freedom and security.. I would keep every penny.. Make sure my family is taken care of... No one else will!!

Mister CA
09/03/12 2:59 am

I'd keep the money. If it is drug money, this isn't some guy selling pot to his friends. That's big boy drug cartel money. I would hold on to it for a while and spend it in small amounts or wash it at a casino or through loans to friends. If it was someones life savings I would return it.

Mister CA
09/03/12 2:53 am

@RonPaulGal - Are you saying you'd try & find the drug dealer & give'em their $$$ back? While I don't support the drug war, drug dealers especially millionaire Tony Montana types aren't model citizens. They know the risk they take. I wouldn't feel bad keeping their money vs an old man's life savings

09/03/12 2:04 am

In which we find the left is more likely to steal.

09/03/12 1:54 am

Ultimately, if returned to the police wouldn't they keep it in evidence storage for....well, ever? Until some crooked cops steal it anyway. Lol

09/03/12 1:51 am

Keep it, take it to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada and exchange the cash that way. Purchase large amounts of chips and cash them out after playing some craps for awhile. ;)

Planoneck Guam
09/03/12 1:36 am

I think the next time I find somebody's wallet lying on the ground, I'm going to keep it for myself, and rationalize this by telling myself its owner was probably involved in the drug trade. That seems like a healthy way of going through life I think.

nicoolio Oregon
09/03/12 1:27 am

I don't know whether or not I would really turn every penny in.....

09/03/12 12:23 am

If I had some way of knowing it was drug money, I would try to find who it belonged to and if I couldn't, then I'd keep it. I don't support the drug war, so I wouldn't turn it in to the cops because it would probably lead to an innocent person getting arrested.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
09/03/12 12:21 am

If i had reason to believe it was drug money yes I'm keeping it, if i believed it to be lost id turn it in. Sorry don't care much for criminals.

09/02/12 11:49 pm

Maybe there wouldn't be a million turned in....

09/02/12 10:22 pm

Now and days you need the money.

09/02/12 9:57 pm

I'm not afraid of the police authorities. I'm concerned about the drug dealers looking for it.

snafu Washington
09/02/12 9:53 pm

Look around. Pick it up. Look around discreetly. Walk away. Look around. Go home and look over my shoulder for a while then put it in a safe place and keep living my life as normal as possible for a while then move away.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/02/12 9:50 pm

@joyfully: well, yeah. If someone dropped a $20, I'd try and stop them too. Heck, even if they dropped a couple hundreds. But "finding" that much, no way. I'm not gonna wave it around, "Did anyone drop this?? Hello? Anyone?"

Nerdz Texas
09/02/12 9:48 pm

Honestly, I'd keep some of it. Then turn it in.